A summary - all hindi flicks from 2009 I've seen this year

Random order, maybe bit chronological.

New York - I didn't liked it. Of course, Neil and Irrfan were awesome but the rest of cast was below level of this two guys. Music didn't stunned me, the plot was not bad but the ending was too much like RDB - I hate such ones because they doesn't change anything...

Kaminey - Omkara hasn't stunned me but I thought maybe this one will be more fab. Duh, another dissapointment. Shahid was good but he could be better, same as Priyanka. Music? Good one.

Wake up S!d - the 2009 hindi movie which I liked the most. It's about person like me! Koko rocks, music is awesome. I did liked the plot, it's well done one, I liked neighbours of Aisha :D And Spongebob bedding!

Tum mile - 1st of all - Soha looks horrible. And it's my second movie with Emran so far (I've seen only Awarapan) and I don't like this guy. Music? Heard that is great - I don't think so.

Love Aaj Kal - I enjoyed it like Jab We Met, Deepika was really good - much better than in Bachna ae Haseeno. Saif was nice too. Ah, Rishi! This movie woudn't be the same without him^^ Music is awesome.

Billu [Barber] - As I ussualy dislike remakes, this one seems good (maybe because I haven't seen the original malayalam version). SRK is fab, same as Irrfan. Lara Dutta wa salso not bad, I liked kids here and from all item numbers, Kareena get best one.

Dil Bole Hadippa! - As I adore Rani and like Shahid, I was waiting for this one. I expect fun so I get one :)

What's Your Raashee? - I loved the concept. And I was dissapointed how they show my own zodiac sign - but in psyhical way she was just like me! Hurman wasn't that bad, Priyanka somehow managed to play 12 characters but, sorry girl - you're not Vikram.

Aladin - good begging, bad next hours. Ritiesh was fab, but the rest... Jacqueline was awful, Big B had an ADHD, Sanju was wasted. Music? Nothng special. Really inspired by Harry Potter.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani - 100% comedy. Katrina wasn't bad, I loved Ranbir's character! Songs? Tu jaane na and Teri hone laga rocks!

Dev D - Abhay is a fab actor, I liked this version much more than 2002 one.

Kambakkht Ishq - I didn't expect a lot from this movie, all I wanted was some hillarious entertaiment so I get one :)

Luck by Chance - I really, really liked it :) Farhan was awesome, same as Koko. I love Pyaar ki dastaan!

Life Partner - Genelia's character really reminded me Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega Sonali's one... I adore Poorza - I usually replace that word by one not-that pretty Polish:P Amrita was good but Prachi were dissapointing. I catched quote in Polish: 'Jak mo┼╝esz!', when some girl came angry to Govinda.

Quick Gun Murugun - Awesome! Hillarious xD


Teree Sang - bolly Juno? I liked it. Ruslaan (what a name...) was good, but the girl could learn more acting before appearing here. Kuku's parents was awesome!

Paa - second movie after WUS which I liked the most! It completely suprised me, great flick. The whole cast was brilliant! And music was good.

That's all which I've seen from 2009 in 2009. Actually, none of this movies leaved me with feeling 'God, this was amazing!'. Maybe next year?

50 worth while songs released in 2009

I won't gave you titles etc., just * - click on and you'll get all details :)
Including malluwood, kollywood, tollywood, bollywood, sandalwood.
100% subjective.
Here are songs released in 2009 and it doesn't mean that movie was released in 2009.

Enjoy karega ;)

* . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * .
* . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * .
* . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * .
* . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * .
* . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

You got only two hours - Prayanam (2009)

I don't know why I watched this one but it worth it :)

Malaysia. Batch of three mates comes to airport after some problems. They wait to their flight to another city.
Also two girls are there - they are coming to India for engagement one of them.
Guys does a bet and one of them, Dhurv (Manoj), bumps into Harika (Harika aka Payal Gosh). He fells in love in her but time for her flight is elapsing...

Awesome! Not that good as Kotha Bangaru Lokam, but worth a watch, especially if you think that Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana is just a exept in bloody South cinema.

Manoj - it was my 1st movie with him, he charmed me :) Harika was good. Mates? Yay, what a guys:P Brahmi had a good role.
Plot? I liked the idea of placing 3/4 of action on airport. Also the end is not that simple, climax is well done.
Music - I love Meghama truly. Rest of songs are also good.
Sum up? Kind of must-see, I think.

Rate - 4+
VM - 75%


Tamil thriller - Saroja (2008)

Seen by a mistake :P

Saroja is a daughter of a rich buinessman. He doesn't care at much at her.
Couple of mates goes to seen cricket match.
Saroja is kidnapped. What in common had they?

He, it's unfair! Why in soooo many tamil flicks second half is always so different than first?
I did liked all performances, Prakash was awesome^^
One of plots is totally ripped from KHNH... Overall - good, but bit boring.
Music? Nothing interesting.

John is everywhere!:

Rate - 3-
VM - 50%


Une admiration beaute

Maska - Maska

Composer - Chakri

Cast - Ram & Hansika Montwani

a) coppied a bit from Oops... I did it again
b) choreography! Nobody can dance like Ram^^
c) One of those not many good Chakri's compositions
d) Sunidhi Chauhan - I love her in telugu!
...what else?


Same producer, same director but anyway both flicks are superb! - Abhiyum Naanum (2008) and Mozhi (2007)

Abhiyum Naanum is about loving father, Mozhi - possible-imposible but anyway tought love.

Both are different but I loved them istantly, OK - Mozhi a bit more, it's (along with Varanam Ayiram my favorite tamil movie^^) better for me, maybe beacause there Trisha weren't in main role xD

I didn't claim Prakash character in AN as a supporting one. I think his feelings were much important than his daughter, this is his story, not hers. Trisha - after Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule she started acting! Prithvi SA here is very nice, he's true as a young dad. Ganesh Venkatram, the Sikh guy here, wasn't that fine as he could be. OK, that was his debut, but sorry - if you had to act, do it as much good you can.

M was awesome! Chemistry between Prakash and Pritvi is superb, they should do together tamil remake of Dostana (my plans for telugu one will be unveiled soon;)). Jyothika? For me this is her best performance. Brahmi seems strange with dubbing xD

Story? Ah^^ Dream of every cinemagoer, do not ask - see!

Rate - 5- for M, 4++ for AN
VM - 100% for M, 75% for AN


Une admiration beate

Dharma Chakram - Hello

Composer - ?

Cast - Venkatesh & Ramya Krishna

a) it's hilarious!
b) choreography xD
c) costumes!
...what else?


Few words about new music releases

As I have no internet at home, I'm not so in newest filmi songs. But everytime I'm plugged, I use to explore what's new and took it home.
This month (and a bit in last) couple of OST, for which I was awaiting, were released. My toughts?

Adurs - Devi Sri Prasad just can't do a totally bad music! Even in this crap called Tulasi has something worth to hear (Mia mia or Ne chukchuk).
In soundtrack for latest NTR flick he done good job, the worst song is for me Neethone, totally wasted potential of Kunal Ghanjwala and Shreya Goshal voices, they done fabulous job in another DSP composition, Tu tu tu from Ready, and this one dissapoints. I was curious how Charmy item song sounds, and after some time I think that Assalaam Valekhum is a good one. I adore Baba Sehgal voice^^ NTR sungs one song here, it's called Chary and, to cut long story short - next waste. I have nothing to Pilla Naavalla Kadhu, which is kind of South debut for Mika Singh, but this songs dissapoints me a bit. (again...)

Theeratha Vilaiyattu Pillai - for me the best Yuvan Shankar Raja album so far. I love the title song, the rest is also totally marvelous. En Jannal Vandha reminds me a bit Blue's Chiggy Wiggy, maybe because it also has some folk beats at the end.

Pyar Impossible - very, very unindian (yep, I know that is a stupid tought). I love Alisha, but 1st promo dissapoints me. I belived that they'll give it a better picturasation. Ek Thi Ladki is bit annoying, too childlish... Vishal Dadlani rocks in title song! 10 on 10 reminds me Letter to Cleo singles.

Om Shanti - I don't feel any magic when I hear Illayaraja's name. This OST isn't good. All songs seems for me a bit unfinished...

Chance Pe Dance - Yeah, Adnan Sami scores most of it! I adore this guy's voice but, shame-shame-shame, he hasn't done any number here. My fav is defenitly Yaba Daba Yahoo, Pe Pe Pepein is also awesome (Hard Kaur on da house^^).

Dulha Mil Gaya - why I love Daler Mehendi so much? Damn it, he truly deserves. I love title track, not only because of him ;) Akela Dil has Adnan but it's too boring.

South Scope - a pure visual delicious scans

Yay, maybe they are not so good in articles, but when it comes to photoshoots...
This is my top five of their shoots, but yaad rakhna - they released just a couple of issues for now^^

5# Nayantara - not that superb but nice.

4# Siddharth - aaah^^

3# Vikram - crazy one.

2# Mamta Mohandas - Cleopatra would be jealous.

1# Mumaith Khan - after all those randy movie stills, here comes the black&white fablousness

I hope they'll do one with Prithviraj (without moustache!!!), Prabhas, Mahesh, NTR JR and... Many more^^


Really the best telugu movie of 2008? - Gamyam (2008)

As it gain so many awards, I decided to see what everybody seen here.

Rich guy (Sharvanand) is out of coma. He loves simple girl, Janaki (Kamalini Mukherjee), but she dissapeared after their car accident. He wants to find her and he start a bike journey. After some time, he gets a comapany (Allari Naresh).
Will he find her? Will he change?

God, another movie with awards and nothing to touch me.
Sharvanand? I dont' like him. I've seen him in couple of movies before but he's still 'eh' for me. Kamalini? My first movie with her. She weren't bad but not stunning also, it wasn't a demanding role, huh?
The only thing I liked in this movie was Allari Naresh - he was just fab, no words.
Who's here also? Rao Ramesh!! OK, I also liked him :)

Plot wasn't a anything new for me, even the way it was told wasn't special. Just another movie about a journey to find Ithaca.
Music? One way is catchy.
Sum up - for me the best telugu movie from year 2008 is defenitly Kotha bangaru lokam

Rate - 2-
VM - 50%

I spyied Desamudru poster!


Communistic crap - Stalin (2006)

This is not a movie about Soviet political leader.

Stalin (Mega Star Chiranjeevi) is a ex-soldier. He lives with his mom which is quarreled with his sister for a long time, but he stays in touch with his sis family anyway.
He has a heart f gold and he tries to help his community by sharing help - if you helped someone, ask him not to thank but to help another 3 strangers.
He also meets his sister neighbour (Trisha) and he start feeling 'sth, sth'...
Will he succed in all those spheres? Why he retired from army?

Every aspect in this movie, from title to hero, is... Crappy? I have no words.
How they could cast someone two times younger to play heroine, when hero looks like her (grand)dad?
I didn't like anything in this movie. OK, Praksh Raj was fine and this two dialogues:

What is so communistic here apart of title? For example idea of help3. I can smeel propaganda for 3 kilometers. My country (and not only Poland but also whole Eastern and Middle Europe. That was then, now countries all over the world fughts for freedom.) suffer too much from all those sick ideas that I just can't approve such things in movies. Too many people was murdered because of Stalin's madness to name someone after him and praising all that shit what he done to innocent people.
Music? Crap. Anushka item nuber is a waste.

Rate - 0,1
VM - 0%


Sometimes I'm afraid when I see such crappy thing - Venella (2006), Vinayakudu (2008) and Current (2009)

For all those 3 I was expecting something good, but my experience tolds me not to expect too much...
For some I haven't write the synopsis, it's a waste.


Raja - choose better scripts!!!

Mates from AP comes to America. Love, craziness...

How it could be a hit in box office?

Rate - 0,1
VM - 0%


I was courius!

Karthik (Krishnudu) is a good but fat guy. He comes from America to settle his sister in Hyderabad. He meets there a girl (Soniya)...

Main pair was nice.
Nice idea, second half - weaker by ever minute...
I love Hum Hain Hyderabadi (Hemachandra!), Saradaga Ee Samayam is shamelessly copied from one ABBA hit!
Sum up? Below average.

Rate - 2---
VM - 25%


I thought I'll start watching South movies with Sneha from Ullasanga Uthsahamgat but I coudn't wait and I see this. It wasn't a good decision...
She wasn't good, but also not that bad. Sushant should learn sth more about acting, to be frank.
Disaster, director forgotten about a thing called script.
Music is also not good, You are my love is nice but annoying.
Sum up? Never ever. Better see sth with other Akkikieni family member.

Rate - 0,1
VM - 0%

To sum up? I could say that only Vinayakudu is worth a watch.

Sid in South Scope

all scans done by me, masalawbigosie. i do not own rights for the pictures but it would be nice if you'll inform me about copying it.

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