Crazy Star rocks after two movies - Krishna (2008), ANOTA (2003), Kick (2009), Vikramarkudu (2006), Nenithe (2008)

I was courious about Ravi Teja because I've heard many good things about him so I've decided to start watching his movies with Krishna, his biggest hit till Kick.

I didn't liked it...

Heart of gold man (Crazy Star Ravi Teja) falls is love with Sandhya (Trisha). After some time, she also likes him, so they decide to marry. But then on scene comes some goons...

VV Vinayak movies are always unenjoyable for me. I hope his Adurs, which stars NTR, will broke this fate.
Ravi wasn't stunning, Trisha? Crap. Villain was terrible.
Plot? God, confused, second half was strictly not to enjoy.
Music was bad, only Muripinchey maina is a bit listenable.

Rate - 2--
VM - 25%


This one wasn't good also.

Young kickboxer (Ravi Teja) is living with his mom only - father (Prakash Raj) left him long ago.
He accidentally meets some tamil girl (Asin) and their falls in love in each other.
But then his mother dies. Her last wish - her son must go to his father house...

Ravi wasn't that bad, but I have many doubts why Asin gained Filmfare for this - in this case Sonali should get one for every telugu role! Jayasudha is the coolest mom in AP, really. Prakash was fine, and this Subbaraju - one of his 1st movies^^
Plot? I didn't liked it, I was bored.
Music? Crap.

Rate - 1+
VM - 0%

1st movie with Ravi which I truly enjoyed!

Kalyan (Ravi Teja) needs a kick in everthing he does, no matter what. When he meets Naina (Ileana), she hates him a lot. But later she start to like him and they became a couple. She tells him to settle down and take some job, but when she discovers that he cheat her, she again starts hating him.
Now Naina talks with the guy which will marry her in arranged marriage. He's a policeman which is challenging with dangerous thief...

What jalsa! Superb! Much better than Athidi, previous Surrender Reddy movie. Now I got to watch Ashok^^
Ravi - AWESOME! He's perfect for this role. Ileana - not bad as usual but still annoying.
I liked a lot Ali here. Also the policeman wasn't bad.
Plot? Stunning! Maybe not ambitious but... Highly enjoyable.
When I heard the songs for the 1st time, I didn't liked them but after seeing videos and knowing the lyrics, I would say that is one of my fav OSTs ever.
Sum up? I totally recommend it!

Rate - 5 with very little -
VM - 100%

So confused that I won't reveal the plot :P

Ravi? Very good, same I got to say about Anushka. I was suprised beacause I've always tought that Prakash Raj never acted in Rajamouli movie but I was wrong ;)
Plot? Crazy!
I love Jhoom jhoom maaya song, rest? Average.
Sum up - 3h hours of craziness :P

Rate - 4
VM - 75%

The best Puri Jagannadh movie so far.

Ravi (Ravi Teja) wants to be a director. Now he's just a assitant. He lives with mom and fall in love with Sandhya [why so many female characters has this name? o.O] (Siya). Then he gets a chance to direct a debut but sth happens...

Superb! But it was a flop because it's ambitious, you won't see here pure action like in Pokiri or full ramance like in Bujjigadu.
Ravi? Isn't he stunning? Siya weren't fab. Amma was nice :)
Villain? Arghhhh. Subbaraju was superb^^
Plot? Wow.
Music - how I deteste Chakri...
Sum up - must-see!!! Sth like Tollywood Luck by chance, mixed with a bit of Om Shanti Om and Thirakadha.

Rate - 5 again with little -
VM - 75%

Well, I started liking Ravi after two movies - better late than never xD


  1. I LOVED Neninthe! Siya's character was a wet noodle, but perhaps that was intentional. I also loved the villain, he was AWESOME!!! I don't know the actor's name, but he was really given an opportunity to show his talent. As always, I adored Mumaith, I really want her to receive more acting roles. The guy who played the super star did a nice job as well, I've only seen him play bit parts as the rowdy, but I liked seeing him in a different light. I honestly don't think one can compare this movie to "Luck By Chance", other than being based upon the film industry, I thought they were miles apart in every aspect. I love Ravi's character as well, but I have not been able to decide if I want to see him in the traditional love-interest/hero role.

  2. Well, similarites between those two movies are present, you got to notice them ;)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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