The most hillarious telugu movie I've ever seen! - Blade Babji (2007)

It's awesome!!!

Babji (Allari Naresh) with his mates have to save their village. They have 3 months to get money to buy ground where it is placed. If they fail, their home will be earsed to built flats.
They rob a bank but accoring to fate, nothing is easy!

Here you will see for example:
- pretending to be blind
- very, very powerful dialogues like : Use that and think about it, brother, prove the world that there is a good thief in you like NTR sr. in 'Gajadonga' and NTR jr. in 'Yamadonga'
- cracking jokes
- pretending to be policeman
- money in coat!
- always be careful where you get drunk!
- hilarious car races
- and many more...

Superb! Fab! 500% Paisa Vasool!
Allari Naresh is really good here. I've seen him before in Gamyam (what everybody see in this movie? I don't even like it.), but leter I've heard that he makes specific comedies. I love specific kind of sense of humour so I watched it.

Especially two things conviced me to see it - Naresh is playing a policeman and he's parody some of my fav heros - Mahesh, Pawan (famous scene of training from Thammudu!)... I liked him very much in Gamyam! Now I think that I couldn't choose a better flick xD

Mates and heroine - good, maybe not so remarkable but I liked them.
Plot is co confused (but in a good way)! Twist on twist :D Got to seen it!

Music - good.
Sum up - must-see! For me it was a different face of Tollywood. Marvelous^^

Rate - 5
VM - 500%


  1. I have this movie. Got it for the heroine, Sayali Bhagat. I skipped through most of it, but have been meaning to go back and properly watch it at least once.

  2. I didn't care about heroines, plot and Naresh were more intereting :P My idea to watch movies with crappy heroines - I didn't see her until she hasn't blot out hero xD


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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