Surya! - Ghajini (2005), Perazhagan (2004), Kaaka Kaaka (2003), Unnai Ninaithu (2002)

Well, Surya is defenitly one of my favest actors. He's brilliant in every aspect - acting, choosing good scrips and even in real life.


I didn't liked it, it failed wheven I compare this picture to my expectations...

Sanjay Ramaswamy (Surya) was a sucessful buisnessman but now he suffer from memory loss.
What happend to him and his fiancee (Asin)?

Overall, this movie isn't stunnning but when I seen hindi remake (thanks to grus which borrowed dvd to me :)) I think this version is better.
Surya is a totally brilliant guy. I think that he'll be the Next Generation Kamal Hassan when Vijay became the next Rajinikanth xD I liked a lot more Surya's acting than Aamir, he's more true as Sanju.
Asin? Why always seems the same for me? Everywhere. You know that her latest flick called Bombay Dreams is just the second flop in her whole career? Previous one was Chakram [Prabhas, the King of Flops xD]
Nayantara was really crappy here although her character is weak. Villain, Pradeep Rawat, is equal.
Plot is a bit confused and some holes are in. Love plot wasn't finished and I didn't like it because of it. Revenge? Good end, the and , when (spoilers)Sanjay drives a car and looks on those little girl(end of spoilers), was one of my fav moments here.
Music hasn't stunned it, I've heard it a couple of time before. I like Sutrum Vizhi but also Oru Maalai is nice (Karthik get a Filmfare for it!).
Sum up? A bit typical tamil movie - dark and confused. Must-see for every lover of Bollywood version.

Rate - 3-
VM - 50%


Sooo confused... But main cast was fab.

Karthik (Surya) is a "handsome guy" (the title means that). He has heart of gold and a marriadge broker (Vivek), which tries to find a good match for him knows that.
He knows Priya (Jyothika), duaghter of a police officer. He dad dislike her boyfriend (Surya)...
Some things happens and their lifes are tottaly messed up.

Main actors are totally awesome!
Rest of cast? Not bad.
One of the most confused plots I've ever seen. Isn't the break a bit late?
Music? I liked only Ambulli Mamma.
So, must-see only because of Jo, Surya and Vivek.

Rate - 3--
VM - 50%


Again double Surya!

A family lose child, one of twins.
They doesn't know that their son is now named Vel (Surya) and he grows up in a specific family.
Years have passed, mum of twins is still in a big depression. The second twin (Surya) is now a detective, he meets Swati (Asin) in work and they fall in love in each other...
What will happend if twins get to know about each other? Will the family unite?

Surya? How he can be bad? Impossible.
Asin? Typical. Vadhivelu? God, I hate him. Grandma? Bad, bad woman! How she could do that?
Plot? Nothing stunning. I liked leg cutting^^
Music is for me weak, I didn't liked any of those crappy songs.
To sum up - Surya is fine, fans of him should watch it.

Rate - 3-
VM - 50%

About last ones (KAAKA KAAKA and UNNAI NINAITHU) just few words - good movies but I haven't loved them.

For both I would give:

Rate - 3+
VM - 50%

Look who was in UN:

To cut long story short - as Surya is a great actor, most of I've seen his movies aren't so stunning. I think that nothing can beat Varanam Ayiram!


  1. I loved Perazhagan! I thought Surya did a fantastic job of hunchback/bad boy lover. I wasn't impressed with Jyothika's blind act, but otherwise I loved the story. I enjoyed KK despite the sad ending. If you get the chance, watch Sillunu Oru Khadal and Surya s/o Krishnan. Strangely enough, I have not seen the original Ghajini, although I want to. Even so, Surya is a wonderful actor and dancer, I just HATE the songs they always choose for his movies.

  2. I've seen those flicks, I totally adore Vaaranam Ayiram (Surya s/o Krishnan is telugu dubbed version), SOKL hasn't impressed me.
    KK has an alternative ending :)
    Shame, it's better.
    Really? I love VA and SOK OSTs.

  3. alternate ending!?!?!??! WHERE....TELL ME NOW!!!!
    I MUST SEE IT. After all the crap she went through just to get him to admit his feelings, then marry her, AND then to get kidnapped....dammit, she deserved to live happily ever after.

    Speaking of Jyothika, I wish she would return to acting!

  4. Alternate ending


    The telugu version actually had this ending.

    Jyothika had a malayalam film coming out recently. Have no idea if it was filmed after marriage or not.

  5. inotherwoods: It was avalible on deluxe edition of dvd, along with directors cut, promos etc.
    I think so too! Soooo unfair!

    filmizest: thanks :) I know, I've seen Gharshana yesterday, Asin wasn't a good choice to replace Jo...
    Really? I got to check it :)

  6. Hello, I stumbled onto your blog when looking for something & I am glad I did. I am a huge fan of Surya. & as much as I love Jo, I am totally jealous of her for getting into Surya's life before me :)
    Coming to your blog, love all the stuff you put together. I have seen almost all Surya's films and except for Adhavan love all of them. (although he was fab in it, why he chose to do the movie is a mystery)
    Especially VA and Ayan top my list but can't really hav a fav because he just doesn't seem to go wrong anywhere.
    Continue the good work. All the best.
    From one surya fan to another :D


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