Three not so good Mahesh Babu movies - Yuvaraju (2000), Sainikudu (2006) and Naani (2004)

Mahesh Babu for me is one of the finest actors in South. I've seen 11 of his movies and I can say that I didn't notice any bad role. OK, he improve a lot if we compare for example Yuvaraju and Athidi, but his starting level was high anyway.
I hope he'll finish his newest flick soon! His fans are dying like fish without water...


No subs... Plot is too complicated to get sth more than who is playing main roles xD

1st half is kind of colleage story, second is different. Many links to some hindi movies like KKHH, DTPH or KNK (but this one is a "bit" younger than Yuvaraju).

I really liked Mahesh here. Athough this one is his very early movie, I'm not sure if even second, his acting doesen't seems that he's freshner.
Simran? I really like her, I've seen her only in Vaaranam Ayiram before (and Raghavendra, but this was just an item number). She was also fine, much better than this 'ugh' actress which was heroine also.
Rest of cast? Strange to see all those Alis etc. so young^^
As I said before, this movie is veeeery confused. As the main motto of this flick is 'Express your feelings...', everything here happend because people hide their emotions. If they use this tip, everything will be simple and this movie wouldn't happend xD
Some scenes in colleage were hilarious, for example dialogue between Mahesh character and teacher - '-You are beautiful, mem. -Thank you, hansome!' after guessing the flower in her hair xD
Music is done by Ramana Gogula (I don't know why, but I doesn't like him just because:P), I didn't like the OST.
Sum up? Only for Mahesh and/or Simran fans :)

Rate - 1+
VM - 25%


I was wanting to watch it for a long time, couple of month ago I succed :)

Siddharth (Super Star Prince Mahesh Babu) is a student. With his mates, he helps one village and rescue them from a flood. Due to revenge on politics which are involved too much in dirty games to give a real help to people, he kidnaps Pappu Yadav (Irrfan Khan) fiancee (Trisha).

I did like the 1st half (bidge!!!) but 2nd...

Mahesh - how he can be bad? I liked him here altough he could manage this role better.
Trisha? God, she started acting after AMAV, this movie she done beforew it... I didn't notice any special chemistry between her and Prince: I'm blind or it isn't exist?
Irrfan Khan was good as usual, altough his dubbing... Prakash - just a small role. Did you notice Kamna's item number in Orugalluke Pilla? I think it was a waste, mainly because here the whole audience is focused on Trisha.
Gunashekar used to do fab movies with Mahesh - they done Arjun and Okkadu together before, but this one is not that good. Second half!!!
Music? I adore Orugalluke Pilla, rest is just average. Maayera video reminds me Where is Nemo xD
Sum up? Nothing special, also only for die-hard fans.

Rate - 2+ (but the idea wasn't wrong, just the final effect and second half...)
VM - 50%



Naani wants to grow up quickly because he's tired of being kid. Luckily for him, he meets crazy scientist who try on him his newest experiment and he makes him look older. Now Naani is pretending to be Vijay Kumar (Mahesh Babu) and joins toy company. There he meets a girl (Amisha Patel) which he start loving when he was kid. Also his mum search for him.
How will he manage all that mess?

I dislike bilingual movies, I just always can't decide which version will I watch xD

Mahesh was really good here, altough rest weren't so fab. Amisha always appear the same for me (especially in South movies). Sunil - he's funny always :)
Idea for plot was good, but the actions turns more weak every minute...
Music? I can't belive that this is AR Rahman, I didn't like any of songs.
Again a flick for fans of Prince.

Rate - 1+
VM - 25%

(this is a scan from the newest South Scope ;))

WOW, I got to see only three movies to finish Mahesh's filmography :)
Mahesh, please - listen to your fans and finish your flick with Trivikram soon!!!

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