Another Ravi Teja flicks - Khadgam (2002), Anjaneyulu (2009), Bhandra (2005) and Baladur (2008)

Khadgam - I've seen it only for Sonali but her role was really small and the movie turned to be good. Kim Sharma was quite bad, Ravi was fine but Prakash was fantastic! Look at all those cinema glimpses: :)

Rate - 4+
VM - 75%

Anjaneyulu was bad since the first to the last minute of it...
Rate - 0,1
VM - 0%

Bhandra was good! I finally liked Meera :) And we have this Fashion fella, Arjan Bajwa. I liked the second half, although is much pathetic and sad. Again fab Prakash, I adore the way how the picturize all characters, everything was clear, not that complicated as usual. And the narration, whith a 'hole', actually - quite fresh idea.
Rate - 4+
VM - 75%

Baladoor was not bad at the beginning but later I lose the point. WOW, Super Star Krishna :P Anushka was fine, Ravi also. I think this movie is eqal to Krishna and I don't know why one flopped at boxoffice and another was a super-duper hit...
I loved Subbaraju look there: [^^]

Rate - 2--
VM - 25%

Anyway, I use to like Ravi nowadays :)

How I finished watching Sonali Bendre's telugu movies and decided not to watch any NBK movie in future - Palanati Brahmanaidu (2003)

That was bad. Really bad. One of the dullest and worst scripts I've ever experienced.
Altoough Sonali was quite good in villain role, her role isn't an anought reason to waste time for this movie. God, every tolly movie of hers (apart of this one) was good, the worst was Manmadhudu, best? The whole rest;) Only PB is a total crap.
Rate - 0,1
VM - 0%


Prithviraj will never let you down - Lollipop (2008) and Kreala Cafe: Island Express (2009)

OMG, he's such a brilliant actor and he's just in age when Mahesh Babu had his debut.

Lollypop wasn't that bad as I expected. I mean it was a flop It has to be a reason for it, right? Bhavana was just ok, Roma was better, maybe because she had more vivacious character than another boring good girl, which was played by Bhavana. Prithvi - how he can be bad? Impossible. Two other guys here were fine. Plot? It was a bit dull but not that bad as Love in Sinagapure xD Music? Crap. Anyway - watch, if you like Prithvi.
Rate - 3--
VM - 50%

Island Express is a part of Kreala Cafe, a 1st mosaic movie in Kreala. Prithvi was good here too. Bad guy from Billa, Rahman was good, I think that it can be one of his best perfomances ever. I watched only this parBeginning was weak, but the second part was really fab. The thing I liked the best here, was the fact that we get to know what this is all about when we are close to the end, suspence! :)
Rate - 5--
VM - 75%

Why if any scene is done in woman's hostel, John Abraham have to be on wall? xD

Two school flicks with Tamannaah - Happy Days (2007) and Kalloori (2007)

Happy Days is a telugu movie and Kalloori is a tamil. And that's not the only difference between them.
First shows us world as we want it to be and second - what it's really like.
Teenagers in HD wears trendy clotes, have big plans. In K ppl are poor and just want to somehow seattle down.
Tamanna have better role in second, in first Varun and the rest outshined her. K cast was cased somewhere in TN, I think. And, hey, that's not bad - awesome, actually.
Both are really worth watch. They shows us two other sides of youth :)

How about marks?
Both gets
Rate - 4+
VM - 75%


Maddy! - Alaipauthey (2000), Kannathil Muthamittal (2002) and Rehnaa hai terre dil mein (2001)

Alaipauthey - paining last 30min, I was rewinding like hell! But the color song rocks :)Rate - 3+
VM - 50%

so true;)

Kannathil Muthamittal - it's for me the best Mani Rathnam's movie so far. All actors was totally amazing. Really!
Rate - 5-
VM - 75%

Rehnaa hai terre dil mein - strange: Gautam Menon in Bollywood:P Coping my fav Pawan Kalyan's movie Tholi Prema as well.
Rate - 4-
VM - 25%

Even worst marriage issues - Pellaina Kothalo (2006)

That was really good :)
Priyamani and Jagapathi as a strange married couple was awesome. I think I will rather run away than participate in such teraphy:P
Music was pleanesnt but ain't memorable.
I was again I bit bored on second half but somehow I managed to follow the plot and not fall asleep :P
Sum up? A dil se recommendation!

Rate - 4+
VM - 75%


Yuva (2004) vs. Aiythaya ezuthu (2004)

What to say? Tamil version had better cast. In hindi only good picks is Rani and Abhishek, also Sonu Sood.
I enjoyed Aiythaya ezuthu a lot more, but Kabhi neem sonds better in hindi :) But rest of songs are better in tamil.

Rate for Yuva:
Rate - 3
VM - 25%

Rate for Aiythaya ezuthu:
Rate - 4
VM - 75%

Une admiration beate

Raghavendra - Calcutta Pan

Composer - Mani Sharma

Cast - Prabhas & Simran

a) after Kalisundam Raa I adore Simran^^
b) choreography! Nobody can dance like Prabhas^^
c) OK, set is poor but song rocks!
...what else?

Chirajeevi is better paired with Sonali - Shankar Dada MBBS (2004) and Indra (2002)

Did I ever said how I adore Mrs. Bendre-Behl? ;)
You guessed right, Shankar Dada MBBS is a remake of Munna Bhai MBBS :) So no need of plot, right? I think that is useless also when it comes to Indra.

Anyway - I watched this two because I've had a desire to watch all Sonali's telugu movies (fullfiled!:D). As I didn't expect too much, because when I've seen Manmadhudu I was highly dissapointed and I didn't wanted to it happend again.
I didn't see original before seeing remake so I was fresh to the story. And I enjoyed a lot! Even later, when I've watched Munna Bhai's original, I think that is some parts telugu version is better - music for example. And Sonali... She was fab! Just like the music. And Pawan Kalyan's 5sec cameo ;)

Indra was a huge blockbuster then, and even now I was impressed. Second helf was highly rewindable for me because of less Sonali than in first :P And Dai Dai damma rocks. I use to try dance like Mega Star and I always fail - sad, kada?

Both gets:
Rate - 5-
VM - 75%


Not bad movie - Hamara dil aapke paas hai (2000)

But here is not that much sonali as I wanted:P

I was suprised by the plot, I wasn't expecting that it will be so serious.
Sonali had a small but good role. Anil was good but Ash could work more.
Music? Nothing catchy.

Rate - 4--
VM - 50%

Nuvu Mutukunte song form Yamadonga - pic spam!

See the video:

Ram Charan Teja's hips or 'I will never give up while I'm breathing'

sorry for low quality
reposted from my old blog.

Prabhas monkey jumps

reposted from my old blog.

NTR Jr.'s snake walk!

reposted from my old blog.

Compilation of his awesome dance moves, made not by me. He's the best dancer in T'Town, no doubts.

Kunal is a good actor :) - Super Star (2008) and 99 (2008)

I liked both flicks but only 99 deserves a 5 (with a - but always;)).Kunal was really good in both! The guy who played Zaramud in 99 was also marvelous. Soha was just fine, unlike rocking Boman :D

The plot in 99 was toatlly awesome! The only thing which should be better there was clothes - they looked too like ppl from 2009.
I think that Super Star was a bit slow but the whole idea was fine.

Rate for Super Star:
Rate - 4+/-
VM - 75%

Rate for 99:
Rate - 5-
VM - 75%


Une admiration beate

Alai Payuthey - Pachai nirame

Composer - AR Rahman

Cast - Madhavan & Shalini

a) because it has great use of colours
b) song is wonderful
c) pure eye candy!
...what else?

Better late then never - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) and some other SRK flicks

Since September, I've seen some old Shahrukh Khan's movies, I mean:Mohabattein
kabhi haan kabhi naa
Karan Arjun
Shakti: the power

I haven't liked at all any of them :P
I know it's late etc. etc. but I finally seen Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and I liked it! I known the plot and ending, of course I've didn't wanted to but somehow I've read too much on forum :P

I was worried that Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi will be boring and pathetic but no, it was really good, I was only bit bored when it came to the last 3mins, mainly because I was hungry:P
SRK done a really good job. He created two different caracters which had to be one person after all. He didn't exaggerate when it came to show us Suri and was properly irritating as Raj.
Anushka was very good as Taani. If I didn't know that she is a newcomer, I will never think so after that flick.
Vinay was awesome!
I really liked every aspect of this movie. Cinematography was great, music is one of the best from Salim-Suleman.

Rate - 4+ (weak last 30mins)
VM - 75%


Maro Charitra - Varun Sandesh's next: an adaptation of Kamal movie

I recently reviewed Ek Duuje Ke Liye, which was a hindi remake of telugu movie, also with Kamal Hassan, titled Maro Charithra. 
Nowadays, Dil Raju is producing an adaptation of it, starring Varun Sandesh and newcome Anitha. Aadarsh Balakrishna is our bad guy, whe was in Iqbal before.
Who's the director? Ravi Yadav, the man which was the cinematographer in Race.
And I'm glad that Mickey J Meyer, the absolute musical genius, is scoring the music!

Second treaser is here, slideshow with posters :(

Stills: http://www.cinegoer.com/telugu-cinema/gallery/movies/marocharitra/

Varun interview: (WOW, it's going to happend in US!)

Also check Anitha's and Adarsh's (he's a cool guy;)) ones.

Sumanth rocks - Madumasam (2007) and Pourudu (2008)

I liked him in Satyam but I've watched Madumasam only because I haven't anything better :) And I've seen Pourudu because I liked Sumanth since then.
Madumasam suffer a bit from The Curse of the Second Half, Pourudu was a bit boring.

I liked how they shown female characters in the 1st flick - they were a strong women which known their rights. But the change in Parvati's one, it was so typical. Pourudu had an usual preatty-stupid-madly-in-love-with-hero heroine.
Madumasam had backround score copied from some western songs, like No rain. Pourudu had telugu version of tamil Nee Mutham Ondru from Pokkiri which sounds horrible.

Rate for Madumasam:
Rate - 4+
VM - 75%

Rate for Pourudu :
Rate - 3-
VM - 50%


My hindi summary of 2000-2009

2000 - no pick.
Why? Because I haven't seen any good movie from this year.

2001 - Love ke liye kuch bhi karega
Again fun. And a free-make of hollywood Fargo with stunning Sonali comedy;)

2002 - Company
RGV rocks.

2003 - Kal ho naa ho
Aah, life philosophy that wets your cheeks. And again Sonali, not in comedy but still good.

2004 - Main hoon na
I liked it a lot more than next Farah Khan's movie, Om Shanti Om. It has one of my favest college song ever :)

2005 - Bunty aur Babli
Like B&B were stoling money, they also stole my heart :)

2006 - Lage Raho Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai rocks! As the first movie was just OK (telugu movie had some aspects done better), this one was mervelous.

2007 - Chak de! India
Watching it in cinema was a superb exeprience. But in DVD this movie do not losts!

2008 - Jaane tu... Ya jaane na
Youth... As Imran is just fine for me, Genelia was soooooo adorable! And Vasundhara's Kahin to hogi^^

2009 - Wake up S!d
This movies makes me feel good but same time it's scary - I'm just like Sid. One difference - my parents aren't that rich :P

So much SRK, right? I don't care, this lucky fellow has good taste and that's all ;)
And I, as you can see, have strange taste in movies xD

But hindi cinema is not enough for me and I picked some movies from other langs as well:

2001 - Murari
With stunning Sonali-Mahesh comedy;)

2002 - Indra
WOW, since that movie maaany follows it's path.

2003 - Okkadu
Kabbdi, kabbadi - or how Mahesh acts brilliantly.

2004 - Arjun
I wish for a brother like this, I don't want anymore my useless fellow.

2005 - Chatrapathi
The best Prabhas movie!

2006 - Pokiri, Ashok
My 1st telugu and one of finest I've watched. Second is one of the bst movies I've ever seen.

2007 - Mozhi
Superb, touching love story about music composer love to a deaf girl.

2008 - Vaaranam Aayiram, Kotha Bangaru Lokam, Ready
Daddy, puppy love and eloping!

2009 - Passenger
One life. One chance.. One day...


Two... No, eleven shades of Kamal Hassan - Ek duuje ke liye and Dasavatharam (2008)

Kamal Hassan. Well, when I seen a bit from Dasavatharam, I used to think - ugh, horrible, never-ever.
But my friend, grus borrowed me it instead of Ore Khadhal and I watched it.
No plots.

One of the oldest movies I've ever seen :P
I liked Kamal here but heroine wasn't that good. Villain was sooo stupid. Rest of cast was OK.
Plot? I'm a part of mass audience, I hate bad endings!:P
Music wasn't a pleasure, some old songs are just tought to hear.
Sum up? A complete oldie. Decent watch, some laught in 1st half is good for health, tragedy in second can admit you in hospital so - be careful!
Rate - 3+
VM - 50%

Kamal, better focuse on quality, not on number when you have to act. All your characters was full of plastic. Yes, you heard right. Asin just was, she didn't showed anything new. Mallika character was terrible.
That was horrible. I used to sleep after 30mins. Script was baaaaaad.
Music? Maybe only the last song was listenable.
Watch if you are a Kamal fan.
Rate - 0,1
VM - 0%


I'm not that hardcore fan but I'm close to it - Ashta Chamma (2008)

I was expecting sth better.

When you loves Mahesh so much that you can't stand the fact that he's married now, you have to do one thing - find a groom with the same name. But it's not that easy!

What Swati done to be that acclaimed? I haven't seen anything special, she was kind of annoying character actually. Nani and Swati neighboor, also her auntie (I also think that Pawan rocks! xD), was much, much better. Sister of Nani was nice.
I found some mistakes! Why she have posters from Athidi in 2005?
Plot was a high comedy but it was weak in some places. And Swati wasn't that true as a fan and it also made this movie no that good.
Music? Nani's introducting song was good, any other? I couldn't remember any.
Sum up - watch it you are bore.

Rate - 3
VM - 50%

Actually, Ek Niranjan wasn't Kangana Ranaut's Tollywood debut: (xD)

I want that poster!:

Dance, baby dance - Style (2006)

One of the best movies about dance itself I've ever seen! Kudos, Raghava!

Rate - 5-
VM - 75%


I can't wait for Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

And I think I'm sick for this movie. And I'm sure I'll be dissapointed when I finally see it. But damn it. One trailer stole my heart!
I found a little one is some AR Rahman inteview and it's so cute - Trisha is dressed as four seasons!

I haven't seen anything with Silambarasan yet, but I heard that he's a action hero. Ugh, Vishal too. So what? :)
Trisha is annoying. She and Ileana are one of those actess which I hate the much to see them on screen. But Trisha proved in some made after 2007 that she can act, Ileana - no hope.
Goutam Menon does specific movies with tender lovestories. As I didn't liked Kaaka kaaka at all, I love Vaaranam Aayiram.
AR Rahman OST rocks! Truly. One of the best of his, IMO.

Anyway - whatever, I wait!

The lovely promo
Simbu inteview: 1, 2
AR Rahman interview: 1, 2
Benny Dayal interview: 1, 2, 3

Hosanna promo
Making of Hosanna
Omana penne promo
In Malta for shooting Omana Penne
Stills: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Translated lyrics

Posters: ^^

And a little portion of laugh: [xD]

And it has telugu version, Ye Maaya Chesaave, which will hit screens also soon. It has Nagarjuna's son and some female newcomer

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