Allu Arjun! - Happy (2006), Desamudru (2007), Aarya (2004), Parugu (2008)

4 movies any only one was good.
Sorry, Nicky, he'll remind for me as a actors-skils less lizard.

I've seen HAPPY, DESAMUDRU, AARYA, PARUGU with a hope to find a good actor. No way, it's impossible.
Happy is a big argh, despite of not bad 3 songs and director of Tholiprema. Kanakuran shouldn't do remakes.

Desamudru has crappy Hansika, she was in my age then. And she looks like a kid, I've heard that she made some plastic surgeries to look older. Well, for me there is only one good way to look older - grow up? Puri made something that bad as Chirutha, Allu Arjun isn't hot even with deluxe abs - colored lizard xD Opening titles was awesome!

Aarya - freak in love. Fab train song, in another - enormous poster of Sonali^^ But nothing helps, when script is weak, hai na?

Parugu is the one which I liked. I've read on some sites that is boring - agree, but a bit. I like the music (Hemachandra!), but Arjun doesn't desereved to get all those awards. Sheela maybe wasn't good but I think she I'll improve. Prakash? He really needs some Special six-pack award for lifetime achivment xD

Sum up? Allu Arjun is a lizard.


  1. Happy is the only AA movie I've seen, and I liked it. He's not really my cup of tea but, as the saying goes, I wouldn't turn him down if he showed up naked on my doorstep :)

  2. I like director of Happy but the movie could be done better.
    Chi! I prefer some Prabhas:P

  3. He's the sexiest lizard ever! LOL

  4. I do not agree :P
    He should improve his acting 1st :P:P

  5. @lapetitdive, Lol! neither would I

    Happy is my favorite followed by his very first movie. what was it called? Parugu I like well enough. I haven't seen Desamudru properly yet. Prefer Arya 2 to 1.


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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