Hard version of Bommarillu - Ullathai Allitha

I've watched it because I expected sth like Blade Babji :P
A guy (Karthik), which father is very strict, says stop when it comes to his marriage because his disgusted by the match thay his dad found for him. He runs away form home.
He meets a useless fellow and also a girl (Rambha) in which he falls in love.
But he didn't know that someone is very happy that he's away. And that misunderstanding happend and his future fiancee and the girl he loves it the same person!

It wasn't that funny as I expected but beggining was good. Second half was soooo confused and boring... Thank God I didn't see it at evening because I could fall asleep :P
Kartik was good, Rambha show me her skills. Well, I wasn't stunned. Father was hillarious:P
Plot - as I said: confused. Really. But the beggining was promising, till the end of 1st hour I was interested in plot, later I just lose my concetration.
Music? Noting catchy. It's usual for me that I don't like at all songs from movies older than 2001.
It's a comedy, you may laugh.
Argh, why I don't recognize any of that old songs they sung there? :(

Rate - 3--
VM - 50%


  1. Off topic, but here is the lenggggthy NTR interview you requested:

    Who is hottest: Both Ramya Krishna & Sridevi.
    Boring - No one...okay Rakhi Sawant.
    Which heroine behaves like a Cartoon? - I cannot answer that.
    Talkative - Charmme...keeps talking a lot.
    After becoming thin, what did u lose along with weight - Lost My bad luck
    What if 'young yama' becomes CM - Will shake up the state.
    What will YoungYama do to Osama bin laden - Will beat him up without using the Gadha.
    Better dancer, NTR or Hrithik - Hrithik anyday...am nothing compared to him.I like Vijay too.
    What qualities do you like in each of the following:
    Ur Grandpa - His confidence in achieving anything.
    ANR - His romantic quality.
    Rajinkanth - Style
    Kamal Hasan - Dance Acting
    Amitabh - Height.

    Any ridiculous dialogues - None!
    Any hindi remake - Want 2 do triple role (Mahan with Amitabh bacchan) & Deewar
    Who are Apsara's according to you - Sridevi for beauty & Ramya Krishna you are hot.
    Choose 1: A song with sridevi or a scene with maniratnam - Song with sri
    Love or Success - Love
    Young yama or old yama - OLd yama for mohanbabu
    Mohanbabu as a friend or actor - Not both: as a dad
    Which heroine would u date: None
    Rate yourself:
    As actor -1
    Son - 10
    human being - 10
    Lover - 10
    What qualities should your wife have? - Should pamper me & treat me like a little kid.
    This is more important that love. Should treat my mom well. Shouldn't create tension.

    Your fav song - Rangu rapa rapa
    Fav food - Gaarelu
    Fav film - Yamadonga
    Fav director - Like KrishnaVamsi, Rajamouli & V.V.Vinayak. Also Raghavendra Rao
    Fav hobby - Music
    Fav heroine -Bhoomika Chawla

  2. Big thanks, kiran :)
    Min that this is not a Bommarillu review actually :P


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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