How I realized that Venkatesh is a awesome actor - Nuvvu Naaku Nachav (2001), Kalisundam Raa (200), Gharshana (2004), Malleswari (2004), Ganesh (1998) and Kshana Kshanam (1991)

He really impressed me only after talk with my forummate, askay, when she told me maaany interesting things :)OK, I liked him in Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule but not that much. I was suprised that Chintakayala Ravi was actually a good movie.
As I'm adiccted to Indian Movies, I decided to watch more with him ;)

No plots, sirf thoughts.

I liked a bit but, mostly because of Arti Agrawal, I can't say that I enjoyed it a lot.
Venky? He was simply superb^^ Like in any other movie I've seen with him after that one.
I don't like Arti, I call her Mrs. Hippo xD Prakash was good! But somehow he appear to me too young to be a father. Also Suhashini was pretty good.
Plot? Ugh, Begging make me throw this movie but when I get back to it, and rewinded a bit, plot was more vivacious. But I didn't liked the second half. All accitents which guided us to climax lasted too long.
Music contains nothing catchy, oldschool OST :)
Sum up? Decent watch nothing more. If you are bored, it couldn't make you die because of boringness, but be careful xD
Rate - 3-
VM - 50%

And you also have this habit!

I loved it!!
Venky was strictly awesome. I really liked Simran here and now I kind of adore her^^ Srihari, my hero, was also marvelous.
I did liked the plot. It wasn't that simple but easy to follow and not to be confused. Teasing is what I like :P
Music? More listenable than NNN one.
Sum up? Awesome, something that good as Murari, take out devotion. I truly recommend it!
Rate - 5-
VM - 75%

Who? Us?

As I didn't liked Kaaka Kaaka at all, it's remake made me liked original a bit more.
As Venky somehow managed to play that tought character, I think that Asin was a bad choice to replace Jyothika. She didn't suits her role! Surya also was better than Venkatesh. Why they allow Yana Gupta to do a item number instead of Ramya Krishna once more? Chi.
Plot is same, insted of ending. I found tamil one better because telugu is for me too filmi. Well, Maya hasn't any chance to stay alive and live has to go on, even if we lose what we love the most and can't imagine how to live without it. OK, in Tamil it was a bit unfair but telugu ending appear more pathetic.
Music? Uyirin Uyirae as a Chaliya lose all it's charm.
Sum up? Watch, if you a) loved original b) haven't seen Kaaka kaaka yet and you're sure you won't do it.
Rate - 3
VM - 25%

Everybody loves pure hearted Indian cops

First Katrina Kaif's south movie xD
I want Unmarried Prasad to marry me! Katrina wasn't that bad as I expected :P Kota was a bit cranky and Sunil was funny, same as Brahmi.
Music? I can't remember the title of song, which from first from this movie was copied. Well, that's nothing special, I used to rewind all of them.
Sum up? Good movie :) Poor dog!
Rate - 4+
VM - 75%

New facial - eggs in helmet!

A very politic movie. And sad. But pathetic.
Venky was really, really awesome. Het even get both Nandi and Filmfare^^ Well, I think that this movie was much better than Mahesh Babu's Nijam which was mainly about same things. It was sprising to see Rambha in such role!
Plot? I found it a bit weak but anyway good.
Music wasn't fine.
For me it's a kind of those must-sees.
Rate -3+
VM - 75%

Actually I was the 1st choice for Mela.

LOL, it's strange to see a criminal comedy done by Ram Gopal Varma xD
It's another character, which was created by Venky, that I want at leased hug^^ It was my 1st movie with Sridevi and she didn't stole my heart. Paresh rocked.
Plot? it was totally crazy! And I enjoyed it a lot.
Number of songs was suprising - many of them are here, actually.
Sum up? Awesome^^
 (Trivia - Sonu Sood is watching it in Ek Niranjan!)
Rate - 4+
VM - 75%

Are you sure that I got to sing it myself?

Well, nowadays I like Victory Venkatesh very much :)

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