Nitin and Genelia - Sye (2004) and Raam (2006)

They really share any special chemistry? I  haven't seen any.

My 3rd Rajamouli movie and 1st Nitin starrer.

In MK College Of Arts & Sciences from a long time two groups of students are fighting. Art has a leader in Sashank(Sashank) and Sciences has their own guy (Nitin). Usually they manage their issues in rugby matches.
When new girl (Genelia D'Souza) comes to school, she get in wrong bus - she is studying Arts but she sits in Sciences vehicle. They tease her and Arts wants revenge. But this is not easy when both of leaders falls in love with her...
But what will happend if some goons came on stage?

Let's hide in the dark and let them start suspecting us

I did like it, Rajamouli can't do a bad movie :)
Nitin? He's defenitly not a good actor. Genelia was nice here, altough her character wasn't a tought one.
Pradeep was just like he usually is. Shashank wasn't bad actualy :)
I plot was equal, music was good - two Vasundhara Das songs^^

Rate - 4-
VM - 50%

Or NTR of Maharashatra!



Raam (Nitin) is a biker. He comes to Mumbai to became a brand ambassador for one of many companies.
Janaki (Genelia D'Souza) elopes from her home.
What happend couple of years ago?

Mimcry like Golden Star Ganesh!

Strange... I mean, the movie is highly tought to judge. I liked Genelia but Nitin... Harshita Bhatt was equal, just like her character was stupid. Villains were crappy. Prabhas uncle, Krishnamraju was too pathetic.
As the 1. half was kind of funny, 2nd was a lofty one. Craaap. I've rewinded a lot.
Music ain't good.
Sum up? Better watch Sye.

Rate - 1
VM - 25%

Is Nitin a King of Flops? I've read that only 2 his movies done good money, rest... Flops. And he does about 3 year xD

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