One day is missing from your life - Anukokunda oka roju (2006)

It's much better than it's hindi remake, Sunday!

Sahasra (Charmy) is aspiring playback singer. Suddenly, something happens and one day from her life... just vanish.
What have to it a suspended police officer, Suresh Reddy (Jagapathi Babu), which drinks juice all the time, and a taxi driver, Rajesh (Sashank)?

Yaar, it's awesome! What was bad in Sunday, here is better and work perfectly!
Charmy is really good. This role ain't glamorous but she was acclaimed by audience. Jagapathi? I want more of him! I drink more juice now in tribute for him:P Poor guy, till the end I was full of hope that he will (spoilers)end up with Sahasra and live happily-ever-after, jurt like in remake but she choose that crappy driver. :((end of spoilers) Sashank was good, just like the rest of cast.
Plot? It's really superb! I was sticked to the action all the time.
And the song are totally marvelous.

Rate - 5- (because of what I said in spoiler:P)
VM - 75%

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