Rewatch magic (a pic spam) feat. Pokiri and couple of my toughts

Pokiri OST is like some kind mood meter for me. Which song I love to hear depends of some unknown resons.
When I've seen this movie for the first time, it was at the end of September in 2008 (in cinema^^), I liked all. Because it was my 1st Southie ever, and telugu was a new ting for me, I didn't learn by heart any lyrics but I remebered the translations and melodies. Later I get all songs and started listening to all - from 1st to last and back xD
I liked all of them then, but later I felt in love with Ippatikinka the most.
Couple of monts later, after some problems with mp3, I started to listening to them once again and then I used to listen to Gala gala most of the time.
Later, about May, I changed my mind - Devuda was on the top!
I when I showed my bro Dole dole, it was in July, along with him I loved it.
Then I get to know thet Kunal Ganjanwala sings Jagadame (quick, huh?:P) so...
Nowadays, I listen to Chudoddantunna. Karthik rocks!
To cut long story short - I adore the whole soundtrack! For me - one of the best Mani Sharma's work so far.

If you want to use some of hose pics - ask.

Anyway - do not watch Wanted, better see original Telugu version.

I haven't show you the screens from the last 20 minutes because, unlike Wake up Sid, they contains huge spoliers.

Enjoy karega!


  1. Pokiri was one of the first Telugu movies I watched, and it's still my favorite. Mahesh Babu is too cool for words -- I can't believe anyone thought Salman Khan was a good choice for the Hindi version.

  2. Well I heard Wanted is more of a comedy so maybe Salman did manage (I dunno, I haven't seen it yet).

    Lovely caps :)

    The OST is very good but sadly some of the songs are "inspired" from western ones. But you probably know that yourself.

  3. main-hoon-emily, me too :)

    gruskek, ja tam Sallu nie lubię, protestuje i całości Wanted nie obejrzę.
    Chi, Mani Sharma to i tak poziom przy zrzynaczu Chakri'm :P


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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