When Polish newspaper writes about Bollywood...

I just feel bad when someone talks about sth that he have no idea at all. And it happens in 99 for 100 cases in Poland when someone try to describe/criticize/mock etc. Bollywood.
My dad show me that yesterday:

Here's the translation:
To conquest Bollywood
Known on the whole world stars photographer, Marcin Tyszka*, is just getting ready for a conquer another corner of the world. He have flew to India for a Vouge invitation from Indian edition of Vouge. "I'll be photograph there the biggest Bollywood stars**. It's a very prestigeuos invitation because Indian Vogue is very cool*** in fashion world" - says the photographer. He also admit that this is one of most abstract job that he ever get. "I think that some adventures like those which Beata Tyszkiewicz**** experienced, when she was making film in India, waits for me. It's a trivia that the boss of Indian Vouge is a wife of one of the most well-known Bollywood directors***** and once she herself used to act in movies******." - he adds.

* - I didn't heard about him :P
** - o.O? Not models also by any chance?
*** - when you use word "cool", it tells the whole world how old are you.
**** - Well, she's someone like Polish Rekha xD She once starred in hindi and it was so lang ago but she still talks rubbish about hindi movies.
***** - Really? Which one?
****** - Even I used to act in movies. In bro's but always, hai na? :P

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