Yuva (2004) vs. Aiythaya ezuthu (2004)

What to say? Tamil version had better cast. In hindi only good picks is Rani and Abhishek, also Sonu Sood.
I enjoyed Aiythaya ezuthu a lot more, but Kabhi neem sonds better in hindi :) But rest of songs are better in tamil.

Rate for Yuva:
Rate - 3
VM - 25%

Rate for Aiythaya ezuthu:
Rate - 4
VM - 75%


  1. I've watched only the Hindi version and thought it was not-bad. I keep seeing the Tamil version listed at Bhavani but I've yet to get around to actually ordering it.

  2. Well, tamil was much better, it's also on YT :)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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