How Vijay made some good impact on me after horrible Pokkiri - Sachin (2005) and Azhagiya Tamil Magan (2007)

I liked both flicks. 1st was about love, second about cheating.
Vijay? Well, he was much, much better than in Pokkiri.
Heroines were good, but Bips was a huge waste, her role was kind of Namitha's in ATM, but her's was more like a cameo. Genelia was really fine. Shirya? Nothing new to offer, her character was typical.
Villaind etc - equal.
Plots were well done, I was sticked to them most of the time :)
Music? ATM has genius AR Rahman work. I adore Nee Marylin Monroe!!!! And Valayapatti Tamizh. Sachin OST is dissapointing.
Rate (for both) - 4
VM - 75%


  1. Yes, Bips was a waste in Sachein. Her role was totally unnecessary. If the movie had been a hit, maybe the producers would've recouped whatever amount they paid her.

    Sachein was the film that made me finally like Vijay. I think he's charming and suits the role of a mass hero. I really enjoyed ATM. Didn't like it at first, but after several rewatches, it grew on me. Didn't like the ending, though. I think it should've ended on a less happy note.

  2. Also her dubbing sucks.
    Sachein was the film that made me finally like Vijay. - mine too!
    Why? It was good, usual but still fine.


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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