Nag tries... - Super (2005)

Well, it was a typical Puri flick.

Akhil (Nagarjuna) is a young guy owning taxi company. He meets Siri (Ayesha Takia) when his mate brokes her father TV. Same old story - love...
But what about, Siri brother, Sonu (Sonu Sood)? And why is such a big foe of Akhil?

Well, it wasn't a good movie.
Nag wasn't that canvicing in role of youngster but he have created good chemistry (oh, I hate this word!) with Anushka while he looked tottaly out of space with Ayesha. God, she had her boobs job before, after or while shooting this movie? And who was her stylist? In the last song she looked oulded in this green sweater. Sonu role wasn't a chellenge but he was OK, he just can't be bad :) Back to Anushka, I think that her character was both stupid and cool - 1st because of that one-side love and 2nd because of being tomboy (with superb nose ring! I want same but I'm sure that my nose won't survive it...). Ali comedy was decent :)
Plot? Confused. And that (spoilers)murder cannot be possible - death in 1min while cutting was done in bad way(end of spoilers).
Music is a typical Sandeep Chowta stuff. I admire his latest OST for Kedi, but it's so amazing and comparing to his prev works I conviced more and more that this is only accident while working.
It's just an average movie, you can watch it if:
A) you're a fan of Anushka and you want to see her debut,
B) you're a fan of Sonu Sood!,
C) or you have obsession about Ayesha or Nag,
D) you like Ali,
E) or you just want to see all Puri Jagan's movie.
Any other reasons? I don't think so.

Rate - 3-
VM - 50%

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