Thala ka hungama - Kideeram (2007), Dheena (2001) and Kadhal Kottai (1996)

Everytime I look at him, I see only his belly and automaicly her reminds me my sister's brother. No, I'm not kidding at all, he's very similar.

Kideeram was about a wanna-be policeman which becomes a rowdy. Well, second half sucks. And they didn't even finished the love story. Argh, I hate it in SI movies, they threat girl like they were just unnecesary items and the real thing are going on only with guys. Trisha wasn't bad or good either but I liked the comedy she briged.
I liked the OST, GV Prakash is a superb composer, mind it ;)
Rate - 3--
VM - 50%

Deena was a movie which grus borrowed me, I watched it as it is a Murugadoss directorial debut. Well, I've seen Laila here for the second time and after some other movies I can say that I don't like her. Plot was just ok. Music? I couldn't bear some songs.
Rate - 3--
VM - 50%

I want this shoes!:

Kadhal Kottai was a pure love story. Letters, mistakes, sweaters - evetything. Kind boring one. But thans to this movie I get tho know that Mumaith Khan's item number in Kanthaswamy is a remix :)
Rate - 3---
VM - 50%

Anyway, I think I will give another try to like Thala if I get Villain or this another movie he done with K.S. Ravikumar and get a Filmfare.


  1. I adore Ajith. Fat or thin, I'll always find him hot. Acting-wise, he was really good in Vaali. Haven't seen Kadhal Kottai but I liked Dheena and Villain. The original Malayalam version of Kireedam with Mohanlal is waaayyy better than the Tamil remake.

  2. Nie tylko Villain, ale i Vaali (to wg mnie pozycja obowiązkowa dla kogoś, kto lubi Ajitha a dla fana to już w ogóle) czy Citizen. No i zupełnie odmiennie Mugavari.
    Jest jeszcze parę filmów Ajitha, które mogłabym polecić, ale jak wiadomo- każdy wybierze to, co zechce ;-)

  3. lapetitediva, I think maybe after some time I'll try again to see sth with him.

    Nati88, zakonotowałam :D


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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