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Don't worry, Nag is here (or... worry?) - Nennunanu (2004)

I didn't expected much so I wasn't dissapointed.
Yuck, I think I've lost somewhere around my enthusiasm for watching movies - I use to rewind much more than, for example, year before! I got to do sth with it. Are there any good movies I haven't seen yet? I mean no need of rewinding, checking the end first and all that things. Any remmendations?

OK, let's get back to the movie. As I said before, it wasn't great. Just average.

We got Nag, an orphan, which has his own company and a power in hands with handsome face free of charge. By chance, he meets Shriya, classical singer which elopes with her boyfriend. Unforunately, with a help from Nag, police gets the guy and Shriya is left alone. He offers help and so the story goes.
She also has a friend, played by Aarthi, a comeplete waste of screen space.

Nag was quite good, but it felt it was kind of extension of his Santosham or some other 'family' characters, and when he was fighting with bike chain, I was confused if I'm not watching Siva instead. I find him quite shallow-worth when he was wearing black (!) tracksuit in the item song^^

Shriya looked beautifuly and her acting was OK :)

Aarti. I hate that actress! I use to call her mrs. Hippo :P
We got also Mukesh Rishi, Brahmi, (dubbed :() Subbaraju and item girl taken from Nenu pelliki ready.
Plot is slow, twits are... Hmm, I think that they can't be called 'twist'. It was booring.
From all tracks done by MM Keeravani, I like the most Neekosam but I also ador ethe lyrics of title song, there're just beautiful^^
If you like Nag, go ahead. Same if you like Nagarjuna or (nonono, don't say that!) Aarti.
And if you want to know how to make dosa on iron (xD) or how to say I love you by using card and in which bed is now trendy to sleep in.

Rate - 3
VM - 50%


Mallu horror - Veeralipattu (2007)

It was strange. And scary too.

Rate - 2
VM - 25%

Oh, Padmapriya, I've started liking you!


I'm mad or in My heart is beating song from Jalsa there are really references to Pawan Kalyan movies

I'm mad or in My heart is beating song from Jalsa there are really references to Pawan Kalyan movies

I love My heart is beating! As Jalsa is just a OK movie for me, the song is a jewel in cowshed.
I was quite quick in finishing watching Pawan Kalyan filmography, I haven't seen only his cameo in Shankar Dada Zindabad, but this glimpses I've catched on YT are enought.
It was a suprise, when I found out that some songs/scenes from his previous movies share has similar moments like this song. And later I've been even created a list with all that references!
I know it's a completly stupid idea and for sure but anyway - forgive and let's have fun :)

random order

Argh - Male Barali Manju Irali (2009)

Kannada movies has the biggest amounts of craps. I've seen some and only two were good.
Unfortunately, Male Barali Manju Irali is from the category of movies I don't want to rewatch even if someone would offer me 100.000.000zł.
Don't watch it. The onle possible reason to try this one could be Parvati or this sweater (:P):

I think I got to watch Josh (kannada movie! not this crap with Chaittu.), which was the only fresh breeze last year in Katarnaka.

Rate - 1
VM - 0%

Few Polish sayings - my fav?

I love my mother tongue! I can't imagine thinking in any other. And I'm so proud of being Polish - without much work I'm fluent in one of the most difficoult langs ;)
As Sid retweeted my reply to him in which I used one of my favest, Swetha requested some more, so here I go:
(1st - polish version, then english, lats thing - filmi things! any doubts how to say it? check this site)
  • krokodyle łzy / crocodile tears - when someone is pretending to cry. It was in Manmadhan, when the bad guy killed his lady love.
  • wóz albo przewóz / the car or the lift - when you have to choose. I said a bit about it in my WUS pic spam :) That was the choice that Jessie schould do in VTV.
  • niedźwiedzia przysługa / bear favour - when someone is offering you helf when it's too late or it's good of him, not for you.
  • farbowany lis / coloured fox - when someone is hiding his true colours. Aarya 2 and Mr. Perfect!
  • nie od razu Rzym zbudowano / Rome wasn't an instant construction - you got to work a lot before make sth. Nenithe and Ravi's movie.
  • widziały gały co brały / you've seen what you were taking - (one of the best :P), you known how it was going to end but anyway you take it as right thing. Shruti in Pokiri.
  • myślał indyk o niedzieli, a w sobotę łeb mu ścieli / turkey thought about Sunday and in Saturday they cut off his head - when we get some things too positive, as must-happend, but it's wrong. Every eloping girl in Indian movies, South especially, she always thinks that the guy won't let her down.
  • do wesela się zagoi / it will be healed before wedding - don't worry, it soon will dissapear. Mostly every filmi love failure!
  • na dwoje babka wróżyła / on two the grandma was fortune-telling - sth a bit like 'wóz albo przewóz', but it's more complicated - none, I'm not kidding, knows it's meaning for sure :P
  • chciałaby dusza do Nieba / a soul wants to be in Heaven - you want to live/made sth without much ups and downs and difficoulties. For example - youth from Happy Days.
  • palec Boży / God's finger - it happend as it should be, sometimes it was suprising; also as a prediction, 'skip a beat' when we are making some decision. It can be used in situations like the Aarya 2 mariage - good that Arya was there!
  • łabędzi śpiew / swan's song - the ending raphosody, be careful - sometimes it's used as a negative of opus magnum. Shankar Dada MBBS was Sonali's łabędzim śpiewem, I mean that was her last performance in leading role.
  • ręka, noga, mózg na ścianie (oko na widelcu) / hand, leg, brain on wall (eye on fork) - dishoom dishoom in Polish way! The whole machete thing.
  • najlepszych przyjaciół poznaje się w biedzie / in bad times we get to know who's our real friend - sometimes ppl prefer our money, status or siblings than ourselves, right? Sid in Wake up Sid - he knewed who really is his friend only when he failed.
  • z dużej chmury mały deszcz / small rain from a big cloud - when sth is hyped! Like Sivaji.

That's all for now, fell free to ask if you have any problems. I'm not sure if my translation is proper enough, but I think it's at leat useful :D
And the pron:

Make use of it sometimes ;)


3 reasons to see Vaaranam Aayiram

Or, if Surya's 'oh shit/I've fucked it up/mummy help/where's my hamster' face drives you mad, see how much of picturarisations Goutham Menon managed to put in not long verse 'Sila Neram Maatrilum Senthooram Aghuthe':

Or if those six hasn't worked, try this one:

Guy, girl and a river - Gopi Gopika Godavari (2009)

Ugh, in this movie is a some kind of same old story.
But what makes it worth a watch? Kamalini!! (I've never thought I would say this x.x)


Une admiration beate

Chintakayala Ravi - Yenduko

Composer - Vishal-Shekhar

Cast - Mamta Mohandas&Venkatesh

a) so spring!
b) so KHNH! (:P)
c) Sonu Niigaam + telugu = love
d) more V-S in SI cinema!
e) bubbly Mamta!
..what else?


A review in ApunBindaas style dedicated to Nicky - Aarya 2 (2009)

decictaed to Nicki, a huuuge Allu Arjun fan and my blogging hero, with best regards to comeback completly!

Aarya was the movie which were a shortcut for fame for Allu Arjun, nephew of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, son of Allu Aravaind and cousin of Ram Charan Teja.
Recently it's tamil remake, Kutty with Dhanush and Shriya Saran, released on Pongal, was quite successful.
Unlike the "sequel". Because of Telangana, it was average at best. So undeserved... This is a much, much better movie than the Aarya and other successful AA flicks.
God, AP audience once more proves to have bad taste in movies.


Intermission junkie - couple

Using the time...

...which  I have wa lot - internet in the liblary when I usually use it doesn't works.

The pic? Lovely heroine of Srihari latest.

Couple of questions I've always wanted to ask maany ppl, magazines, sources etc.
  • Are you, Sonali Bendre, planning a comeback? I miss you!
  • NTR, are you really want to marry that girl? You have said that love is the most important thing in the world...
  • SRK, did you eve tought about nose surgery?
  • How it happend that you became one of the most known item girls? You're not that kind in real life.
  • Salman, do you ever feel like loosing your super-duper abs?

...only this 5, net is working now :D

Puppy love - Nachavule (2009)

Kudos for the idea with posters!

Simple plot, youth, love, parents etc. Sth a bit like Kushi.

The guy was odd. Girl was OK and bro was superb :D Mum was nice. Mate was fine.
Plot was, like I said before, simple. Nothing path breaking, to be honest - I was booored.
Music? Very good! I like every song:)
Well, decent watch, nothing more. Another youth love story.

Rate - 3++
VM - 50%


Kammula about politics - Leader (2010)

Rana's dream debut! And Richa's, Priya's too.

Politcs! You'll get the plot when you'll see it, I'm not writing anything about it.

The cast is marvelous - Rao Ramesh, Suhashini, Subbaraju, Ahuti Prasad, Kota, Tanikella, Suman... (thank God no comedians :P)
Rana wasn't bad but great either, Richa was annoying, Priya was the best - she dubber herself! I was seeing my Polish teacher most of the time while I was staring on Rana, my dad sometimes x.x
Plot wasn't predictable at all. But it wasn't good to leave love plot in the midlle, sorry. The (spoilers)ending journey and speech was somehow pathetic(end of spoilers). And I adore that the politic games where shown just like they look like, no shortcuts or photoshop. Item number may look out of place.
Music? Mickey J Meyer will be the next Rahman, trust me. Hey CM is very good, as well Aunanana, Vande Matharam, Rajashekhara and the rest of songs.
Must-see, even if i didn't liked it at all, cinematography is superb, plot too, songs wonderful...

Rate - 3-
VM - 75%


Krishnudu! - Village Lo Vinayakudu (2009)

Oh, that was much better than the Vinayakudu :)

Karthik (Krishnudu) loves a girl but her family is close to arrange a groom for her. Well, he's an amazing human being, but... he's fat!!

Wonderful movie. We can't judge by apperence, kada?
Krishnudu is an actor which I can't hate :) Saranya was OK, Rao Ramesh - kudos, I admire him!
Plot is maybe a bit like Meet my parents but I liked it, it has more meaning. Pity that I hasn't got anyone in family so obsessed about Indian movies so none can't play with me the dialouge game :(
Music? Chinukai Varadai is beautiful! And Ahana funny :)
Well, I recommends it!

Rate - 5-
VM - 75%

Another tale with triple heroines - Nenu Pelliki Ready (2003)

Haven't found anything better :P

We got a guy (Srikanth) which mom is still persuading to marry, so he comes to a bureau and asks for a folder. He picks up three girls and...

Hey, that's the 4th movie I've seen where the main guy has three chicks in his mind. Boring? Noo, in each one it's a way different chase :)
Ending of TVP is same-same (OK, maybe a bit different).
Srikanth was god but he's defenitly not a shallow-worth guy. Heroines were OK, I liked Sangeetha very much :)
Plot was nice, several ups and downs makes it quite entertaining.
Music? Draaap.
So if you like movies with more than one heroine, you can give a try. And if you liked TVP, too :)

Rate - 4-
VM - 50%


Vijay same-same - Kuruvi (2008)

Some improvment hurts or what?

Typical tamil masala.

Vijay was usual. Trisha was same as in Bujjigadu.I was suprised that I actually liked Vijay-Trisha together :) But it won't convince me to see Ghilli! No, no no!!
Well, the plot - was there sth like this? Kidding, quite entertaining :P
Music wasn't that bad, most of song were hummable.
One watch, at least. I was bored, kind of still depressed after VTV so I decided to broke my mental health and see some stupid Vijay flick :P

Rate - 3--
VM - 50%

Subtitters 4 - I'm back?

Credit and big thanks goes to Beth for a superb idea!


Hope Simbu will do much more better movies in future - Vallavan (2006)

Ugh, what it was?

Rate - 2--
VM - 25%

Une admiration beate

Sangama - Dil Maange More

Composer - Dvi Sri Prasad

Cast - Golden Star Comedy Time Ganesh

a) a lot of whicte chicks - sth for Minai :P
b) Ganesh!!
c) Imran's typical choreography
d) fun of seeing 'item numbers' from Brit, Sania and Ash :P
...what else?


The laziest composer in SI cinema?

Devi Sri Prasad!
He loves to remade his old song in new albums in other langs.
For exapmle - Villu: three songs were taken from AP.
Even recently in Kutty, he took one telugu song from King and one kannada from Sangama, also when 3 are taken from the original Aarya.
Sigguledhu? Get some ideas.

All hindi flicks I've seen from September and I'm too lazy to a single review for each

Alphabetical order.
Exluding ones from 2009 - a summary for them is here.

Ahista Ahista - I liked the story but somehow the narration was boring. Abhay was good, Soha - average. Music was fine.

Aitraaz - I was expecting sth better but anyway it was a decent watch. Ending? So... happy. Glad that Priyanka is nowadays a better actress.

Albela - hmm, Govinda. Ash, Namrata and Jackie too. Disaster.

Black - Rani was amazing.

Chameli - I love the soundtrack!! One of the best I've ever heard. Kareena suprised me, Rahul was really good.

Chingaari - Sushmita trying to act, well... Second disaster here, not the last, unfortunately.

Classic, dance of love - is this a movie? Third disaster. This girl, Meghna Naidu, was quite popular item dancer about 2006-7 in Tollywood.

D - really good movie, I thought that Eesha is playing the diva part x.x

Darna Zaroor Hai - RGV tells us scary stories. Some were scary, some were stupid.

Dhadkan - As I use to say in Polish: wiele hałasu o nic (big noise while nothing is happening - I'm not sure if it's a correct translation.)

Gandhi - it's true that this is one of the best biographies ever.

Guru - Mani Rathan, the genius. Abhi was really good, Ash was OK. Madhavan fine as usual. I liked Vidya's performance the most, I think. Music is also quite fab.

Hum Kisi se Kum nahin - Forth disaster. But... Only Sanju helps this movie.

Indian Babu - Fifth disaster.

Jankaar Beats - Juhi!! Nice movie, I liked it :) And I think that Rahul is close to be one of my favest actors :) Music was good.

Kachche dhaage - Saif and Ajay as brothers, Manisha and Namrata as theirs ladies love. Crappy.

Krazzy 4 - As cast was really good, the rest is quite... Bad? I think I watched it only because of SRK item number x.x

Life... in a Metro - I really liked it!! And I want more movies with Konkona and Irfan together! Those two were amazing. Shipa was good, suprise ;) Pritam with his band is the worst thing in this movie.

Maine Aap Pehle Baap - Genelia, choose better scripts.

Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munna Bhai - pity that I've seen telugu remake first but I liked it very much anyway :) Second movie much more, tough.

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye - great :D

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - Aamir's debut, OK movie.

Rang - Sixth disaster.

Rock On!! - great, just like OLLO. OST is fab.

Shootout At Lokhandwala - suprising multi-starrer. I'm still not convinced to accept the ending.

Taal - boring. But it has nice songs and interval :P

Umrao Jaan - boooring. I liked only one thing - Salaam song :)

Vivah - Amrita was very good, Shahid OK but the movie is king of zero action.

Woh Lamhe - Kyon mujhe pyaar hai is one of my favest songs ever :) Why Kangana always have to play such characters?

Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Hain - I liked only Madhuri here, the plot was a big crap. Seventh disaster.

I'm glad that I have finnaly written reviews for every movie I've seen since September, that's quite a achievment - I've seen a looot movies since then (250-260?).


Varudu and Maro Charitra music reviews

Varudu? Just a average OST, for me. I was exited to see that Sanu Niigaam and Shreya Ghoshal are singing a duo but it happend to be just OK. A lot of Hemachandra? Super, but I prefer him in one awesome song than 5 crappy. Karthik Relaare happens to be best track.

About Maro Charitra much more!
I adore Mickey J Meyer ever since I've seen Kotha Bangaru Lokam. His music is different than all those tracks made nowadays in AP - a lot of soul and care for melody, along with perfect vocals.
Maro Charitra is a adaptation of a old Kamal Hassan movie with the same title, later by it's remake, Ek Duuje Ke Liye, Kamal stepped into Bollywood. I've seen only remake and it was OK, I think of watching the original version mostly because of Sarita's beauty - let's compare her with Rati:
The OST for newer version has two inspired tracks, Ye teega puvvuno (male and female) and Bale magadivoy, which happens to be one of my favest tracks among all soundtrack :) Varun Sandesh is singing for the second time in We don't care, a party song.
Beware of Sweta Pandit, her voice is everywhere :P I like her so I don't mind.
Well, for sure it's one of the best OSTs so far in 2010 :)

Madhavan once again - Dumm Dumm Dumm (2002) and Rendu (2006)

I just like him nothing more. I do not find him hot (mostly), he looks like teddy bear :P

Dumm Dumm Dumm was a story of youngsters against their marriage.
Who done make-up for Jo? It was terrible but her acting was, luckily, much better :) Maddy was good. Rest? OK. It's a another movie with Sheela as child artist :P
Plot was really good, everything happend well, right in it's place. Less twist sometimes makes story better :)
I do not understand why in 1st half we got so many songs and then, in 2nd there is much less of them.
To sum up - good movie for a cold evening;)
Rate - 5--
VM - 75%

Rendu is differ. Maddy plays typical South hero and even he does a dual role :)
Revenge, love, family, gangsta etc.
Maddy was fine, that was the 1st movie here I found him hot in some scenes! Reema Sen in every movie of hers I've seen (excluding Chellamay) plays some stupid girls dressed like Barbie. Anushka was quite good.
Plot is strange one, well - again second half is a way differ than 1st, like is usually happens in K'Town :P:P:P
Music? Not that bad as I thought it could be :P I really liked the 1st song with Anushka and the intro of Maddy and Raima is nice too.
Decent watch.
Rate - 4-
VM - 75%

My 1st marathi movie - Shwaas (2004)

I thought that marathi is more similar to hindi x.x

A grandfather came to a big city with his grandson, which has problems with clear view.
It seems that the problem is bigger than they thought...

No doubts that it deserved to be a offical Oscar entry.
The kid was great!! All the cast - kudos.
Maybe it's nothing innovative but it had shades of movies like Cinema Paradiso, for example. And the narration is quite fine.
(spoilers)I liked how they showed the problem of blindliness. The escape was a suprise, and I think I would do the same if I were the parent etc.(end of spoilers)
It hapend!
No songs at all.
Well, if every marathi movie is so great, I'm leaving South!

Rate - 5
VM - 75%


I think I'll watch more movies with Shammi - An Evening in Paris (1967)

Thanks for a recommendations :)

No need of plot, let's go directly to my thoughts.
I really liked Shammi, but I was dissapointed a bit -  when I think 'Shammi Kapoor' I see curly hair! Her was a perfect example of strong ADHD, really. Shammi-wizard was hillarious xD
Sharmila was OK, as well the villain and comedy track with her driver and maid.
Suprised to see her bikini act! I think she could made much more effort and made her dual performance better. I wish I could have such waist x.x
Plot? Twists and turns with melodius songs. Ending was just OK and I liked a lot the 1st half! I think I just find such 'tease' moments entertaing :)
I think that the best song was this one on motors, also this beach one was good and 1st with Suzy.
Well, as for the 1st ecounter with Shammi I'm quite waiting for the next chance to see more of his movies :)

Rate - 5--
VM - 75, close to 100%

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