All hindi flicks I've seen from September and I'm too lazy to a single review for each

Alphabetical order.
Exluding ones from 2009 - a summary for them is here.

Ahista Ahista - I liked the story but somehow the narration was boring. Abhay was good, Soha - average. Music was fine.

Aitraaz - I was expecting sth better but anyway it was a decent watch. Ending? So... happy. Glad that Priyanka is nowadays a better actress.

Albela - hmm, Govinda. Ash, Namrata and Jackie too. Disaster.

Black - Rani was amazing.

Chameli - I love the soundtrack!! One of the best I've ever heard. Kareena suprised me, Rahul was really good.

Chingaari - Sushmita trying to act, well... Second disaster here, not the last, unfortunately.

Classic, dance of love - is this a movie? Third disaster. This girl, Meghna Naidu, was quite popular item dancer about 2006-7 in Tollywood.

D - really good movie, I thought that Eesha is playing the diva part x.x

Darna Zaroor Hai - RGV tells us scary stories. Some were scary, some were stupid.

Dhadkan - As I use to say in Polish: wiele haƂasu o nic (big noise while nothing is happening - I'm not sure if it's a correct translation.)

Gandhi - it's true that this is one of the best biographies ever.

Guru - Mani Rathan, the genius. Abhi was really good, Ash was OK. Madhavan fine as usual. I liked Vidya's performance the most, I think. Music is also quite fab.

Hum Kisi se Kum nahin - Forth disaster. But... Only Sanju helps this movie.

Indian Babu - Fifth disaster.

Jankaar Beats - Juhi!! Nice movie, I liked it :) And I think that Rahul is close to be one of my favest actors :) Music was good.

Kachche dhaage - Saif and Ajay as brothers, Manisha and Namrata as theirs ladies love. Crappy.

Krazzy 4 - As cast was really good, the rest is quite... Bad? I think I watched it only because of SRK item number x.x

Life... in a Metro - I really liked it!! And I want more movies with Konkona and Irfan together! Those two were amazing. Shipa was good, suprise ;) Pritam with his band is the worst thing in this movie.

Maine Aap Pehle Baap - Genelia, choose better scripts.

Munna Bhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munna Bhai - pity that I've seen telugu remake first but I liked it very much anyway :) Second movie much more, tough.

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye - great :D

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - Aamir's debut, OK movie.

Rang - Sixth disaster.

Rock On!! - great, just like OLLO. OST is fab.

Shootout At Lokhandwala - suprising multi-starrer. I'm still not convinced to accept the ending.

Taal - boring. But it has nice songs and interval :P

Umrao Jaan - boooring. I liked only one thing - Salaam song :)

Vivah - Amrita was very good, Shahid OK but the movie is king of zero action.

Woh Lamhe - Kyon mujhe pyaar hai is one of my favest songs ever :) Why Kangana always have to play such characters?

Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Hain - I liked only Madhuri here, the plot was a big crap. Seventh disaster.

I'm glad that I have finnaly written reviews for every movie I've seen since September, that's quite a achievment - I've seen a looot movies since then (250-260?).

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