I think I'll watch more movies with Shammi - An Evening in Paris (1967)

Thanks for a recommendations :)

No need of plot, let's go directly to my thoughts.
I really liked Shammi, but I was dissapointed a bit -  when I think 'Shammi Kapoor' I see curly hair! Her was a perfect example of strong ADHD, really. Shammi-wizard was hillarious xD
Sharmila was OK, as well the villain and comedy track with her driver and maid.
Suprised to see her bikini act! I think she could made much more effort and made her dual performance better. I wish I could have such waist x.x
Plot? Twists and turns with melodius songs. Ending was just OK and I liked a lot the 1st half! I think I just find such 'tease' moments entertaing :)
I think that the best song was this one on motors, also this beach one was good and 1st with Suzy.
Well, as for the 1st ecounter with Shammi I'm quite waiting for the next chance to see more of his movies :)

Rate - 5--
VM - 75, close to 100%

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