Kammula about politics - Leader (2010)

Rana's dream debut! And Richa's, Priya's too.

Politcs! You'll get the plot when you'll see it, I'm not writing anything about it.

The cast is marvelous - Rao Ramesh, Suhashini, Subbaraju, Ahuti Prasad, Kota, Tanikella, Suman... (thank God no comedians :P)
Rana wasn't bad but great either, Richa was annoying, Priya was the best - she dubber herself! I was seeing my Polish teacher most of the time while I was staring on Rana, my dad sometimes x.x
Plot wasn't predictable at all. But it wasn't good to leave love plot in the midlle, sorry. The (spoilers)ending journey and speech was somehow pathetic(end of spoilers). And I adore that the politic games where shown just like they look like, no shortcuts or photoshop. Item number may look out of place.
Music? Mickey J Meyer will be the next Rahman, trust me. Hey CM is very good, as well Aunanana, Vande Matharam, Rajashekhara and the rest of songs.
Must-see, even if i didn't liked it at all, cinematography is superb, plot too, songs wonderful...

Rate - 3-
VM - 75%

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