Reposted: hyped Star - Sivaji (2007)

They shouldn't allow this!

Sivaji (Super Star R) is back from abroad. He got money and lots of ideas: he wants to built a free hospital and university.
He find himself a candidate for wife (Shriya Saran), which with parents don't even want to get him know better.
Unforunatly, this is not his only doubt - the local tycon doesn't like his ideas...

For me it's horrible - how sb like this can flirt on screen with girl who can be his daughter (or not even grand-daughter)?
Rajini doesn't charmed me, propable even opposite. His acting is horrible excessive and rough, it shows that all those STARing done harm for him... His dance is average too, I won't say anything about stunts.
Shriya - very good, although the character wasn't interesting.
Villain was poor zero madness - such a normal bad guy. But this how he end is terrible!
Both families - they looks younger than hero! Mummy was superb, at least I've laughed a bit.
Nayantara's SA was in strange moment, if I hasn't knew before that is her, I would never recognized her!
Plot - to cheer up hearts with dose of Murari and politics. I doesn't like it, I was expecting something better, mindblowing...
Music by AR Rahman just... None of songs stunned me. Vaaji vaaji get stuck in my head but it's nothing special. Sahana (with Udit!) has in video Shriya's pretty navy outfit but nothing more. An refer to Billa is nice in venice song, pity that before it they laugh so stupidlly from Humma... Style is a nightmare!

Rate -1
VM - 25%


  1. The film was a big let down for me after all the hype.

    Though to me, the highpoint of the film was the song 'Vaaji Vaaji' (thanks for the HiDef video by the way). Loved the sets, ARR music and Shriya especially.

    It also included some typical Rajini humour, the apple moment and, his growling at the midget.

    Rajini is a good entertainer but, apart from his avid fans, I think he needs to do something different. I actually prefered him more in 'Kuselan,' which was odd, as he was basicaly playing himself.

    Then again, the film flopped because the fans didn't like him not playing the mass-hero role as he did in the hit 'Sivaji.'

    Ah well...I'll have to watch it again sometime, just to see if it was as bad as I thought it was on the first watch.

    Anyway, thanks for finally putting up your view of the film.


  2. Welcome many times ;)

    Maybe Endhiran will be new in a good way?

    Not only because of that, they tought he plays the main role.


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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