Something like his won't happend again! - Tamizh Padam (2010)

WOW. WOW. WOW. Awesome!
Who cares I didn't catched half of the jokes because of my little knowlege in South flicks? t was so funny, I wish for more movies like this in future :)
I known Shiva only from Saroja, which I didn't liked at all. Here he was strictly fab. Really, I acn't imagine anyone else in his place. Girl was nice, good as for debut. Rest of cast? Lot of ppl, for example the Dhool grandma, and everyone was superb.
As I said before, the understading of jokes wasn't that easy for me, thank God I recognised what I could. Still, it was entertaing as hell!
I like the song created from famous word without meaning like hasili fisili, randaka or the mahaziya from Uyrin uyire. Awesome idea, kudos. The picturarisation was really well done :)
Watch it, I say!

Rate - 5
VM - 100%


Intermission junkie - silence

Une admiration beaute

Adurs - Assalaam Valekhum

Composer - Devi Sri Prasad

Cast - NTR Jr, Sheela, Nayantara

a) one of the best moments in Adurs
b) oooh, the mimicry!
c) significant Priya Mahesh/Hemesh at her best
d) NTR rocks the cance floor^^
...what else?


Telugu flicks I would see anyway - Mahatma, Dhee and others.

Have I said before than I'm adiccted to telugu dvd releases? Not only to them, old movies, if only seems interesting, are in queque too :)

Mahtma - I was suprised that it was better than I expected. Krishna Vamsi can do sth awesome like Murari and then create a crap like Chakram, so I was careful and I haven't seen this movie quicle after dvd release, but I waited.
As Srikanth isn't much handsome guy, he actually can act. I don't like Bhavana at all, she was a bit irritating for me here. Charme! Good to see you, even if only in not that good item number. Ahuti Prasad was good, but I can't figure the name of this lady politician. Naaku help kavali :)
That was one thing I liked the most in Mahatma - the change in Das wasn't instant.

Dhee - feel good entertainer from Sreenu Vaitla :) I still like Ready from all his movies I've already seen, maybe because the story there was superb and the casting there was the best one - Genelia and Ram share great on-screen chemistry :) Genelia was here too, and her performance was equal to the one in Ready. Vishnu? It'm my first movie with him, and sorry, but I prefer his brother, Manoj. Can't wait for Vedam :) Srihari! I adore him^^ Yay, can't wait to see his movie with NTR.

Pravarakhyudu - Jagapathi and Priyamani once again, in quite similar movie to Pellaina Kothalo. Music here was better and I liked the 'breaking rules' plot, but the ending, I mean mostly last 40mins, aren't good at all. All that stuff with lion, student in love with Jagapathi and Ali was boring. And Jagapathi should play characters equal to his age, that's for sure better for him and the audience.

Gangotri - WTF? Allu Arjun? LOL. Really. The movie is a pure crap, they could bottle the celluloid, add hot water and try to make a tea with a tag 'disaster'. I hope guys from Dilmah aren't reading my blog, they would stole my idea.

Gemini - thin Namitha! Shock! But... The movie isn't a one on which you can easily focus, I still has no idea what was happening there, I remeber the strange thing Venky was going with hands, Mumtaz and that's all. Craap.

Chirunavutu - eh, this music deserves a Nandi? I liked the twist with Prakash Raj, and the ending was quite funny. Only if some scenes would be better... I can't like Venu, he's just..I don't know.

Om Shanti - owerall it was good but the plot with the terrorist broke everything. Music is average and dubbed Madhavan is just ugh. Well, they schould work more on the crux points. Kajal is same-same, I got the same problem with her as I has with Asin - in any role they play, they are just the same.
Look! Idlebrain exlusive!!

Nuvvu nenu - I've seen it for Uday Kiran, and all I can say is one thing - I didn't liked him much and can't say if his Filmfare was deserved. The girl was ok, why in every movie connected with puppy love has to got some freaky parents? 1st song was quite fun :)

Take few telugu movies, take best plots, mix and change the language - Padikathavan (2009)

It was my first movie with Dhanush, this guy hasn't stunned me that much, but maybe I'll see some of his movies beacuse of heroines which he's acting with - Divya, Shriya etc.

When the whole family is educated, life of a guy who hasn't passed 10th class isn't easy. He struggle to get some education. He meets a girl, in which he falls in love. Than some rowdies chase him and the family of the girl his from AP...

Dhanush is sp thin and his level of being handsome is near 0%. Maybe is acting isn't that bad, but I still prefers other talented guys from Chennai.
Tamanna? Well, she hasn't got much chance to act, but she wasn't much irritating.
Suman was OK and Atul Kulkarni was just a 5 minute villain. Vivek is funny, as usual :)
Plot is sooo Tolly! Really! It's heavy borrowed from AP, there is Arjun, Tholi Prema, Johnny, Balu ABCDEFG, Prabhas style of talking, Chukkalo chandrudu, Ashok, Shouryam, Siva, Athidi... No original ideas? Second half is way worst than 1st.
Music? Hey vetri vela rocks! I love that song!
Anyway, good entertainer, equal for boredom but do not expect too much.

Rate - 4--
VM - 50%


Belive or not, but this movie gave me back my enthusiasm for watching movies which I've lost recently - Ganesh (2009)

Light, feel good movie :) With superb hero and a loooot of horrible/hillarious kids.

By chance, I've realised it's by 400 Indian movie! I've planned some bengali flicks but I've forgotten but anyway - main kush hoon :D
I has no idea when will I score 500 x.x

Ganesh (Ram) is an orphan. To help his friend, he promise to seduce Divya (Kajal). With a help of kids living in her colony, which belives he's an Superman, he starts living in flat near her.
But... What will happend when she will get to know he was pretending? And when he discoveres he really loves her?
And the kids asks him to do strange things...

Wow, I thought, as well it was written in reviews, that the movies an average on, in best case. Luckily, I liked it a lot :)
In Nennunanu review I complained I've lost somewhere around my enthusiasm for watching movies but, luckily, it's back :) Thanks Prathna and Amiya for convincing me to watch Ganesh sooner than I planned to do it.
Ram! You just can't dissapoint me :) Kajal was average, I think that without Magadheera she won't be in stardom now. Kid wre amazing! Poonam was OK, and the gril I've seen before in Varun Sandesh bad movie, was quite good. I still don't understand at all Ashish and Brahmi plot, really.
But... The whole story seemed a bit like an extension of Maska, take out the Sheela character, politics and give some kids instead, along with better music and a bit of marriage and Superman thing from Ready.
Music? Mickey J Meyer = sheer genius. With each soundtrack he's near to be the next Rahman. I wish him all the beat and want to just point, that all tracks are strictly waonderful. Thanks for such soulful tracks!
Well, I liked but I'm not sure if you like it too.

Rate - 4
VM - 75%

Wish for more - Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

For me - one of the best hindi movies I've seen so far.
Performances? I dislike Aamir but somehow I liked his character and I think he acted very well. Saif was OK too, same as Akshaye. I admit I forget that I like Preity but now I still remeber it :) Dimple was really, really good, I have no idea if I've seen anything with her before. Sonali was fine.
Was Ahmed Khan the choreographer here? He's mentioned in opening titles but I hasn't seen him. Maybe it's another Ahmed Khan...
Plot? Life! Friends, who search for their happiness. I like such slow movies, with converstions, not much twists, but only when they are done like this one - in decent way. Farhan, kudos!!
I just like movies like this, not much action, simple but still great, like Wake up Sid, my all time favorite when it comes to Bollywood. I had to hide my this movie because each time I've realised I can rewatch it for the 1001 time, I was wasting about two hours :P This time the same thing happens, I'm really glad that they are still movies which can leave me with jaw dropped :)
Music? The Saif retro songs was good, as well Jaane Kyun :)
I'm glad I've finally seen it :)

Rate - 5-
VM - 75%


VTV once again.

I've just rewatched VTV.
I cried. Once again.

If I had a chance, I would ask Goutam sir if it really happend to him.
And how his Jessie was? How it ended up and all that stuff.

It'a a really different love story.

I haven't seen any love story, where the hero is at the end leaved with a broken heart. Not becuase he wanted to but because it just happend, and maybe he just deserved that.

Amazing story.


Any idea if the deluxe dvd will ever be released? I mean sth like Kaaka kaaka one, with alternate ending. I'm dying to stop my tears each time I'm watching climax.

I know the telugu version has different ending, I've seen it but still I can't get it.

Maybe the ending in tamil version cause a lot of pain, but it's just more real.

It wasn't possible to join that two as happily wedded couple.

But I still think they cheated me!! With Anbil avan and rest.

I need to hide this movie! Just like I done with my Wake Up Sid copy, everytime I realised it's near me, I just felt like watching it. Really!
I've hided the dvd and it helped, wonder if not to do the same thing with VTV.

Am the only person who seen the refference between Simbu's two movies scripted by him and VTV, his biggest victory over critics?
Look, it's just like Manmadhan and Vallavan ends, with the significant 'to be continued...':

Can we expect another movie from Goutam with Simbu? I want it to happend but I'm not sure. There are rumours he's doing sth with Ajith, thriller with Sameera Reddy and he wants to finish his second movie with Trisha.

[actually, it's my 3rd review of it. This movie deserves even million reviews.]

I thought about a picspam, but maybe later, now I'm soo busy with school and many other things.

waiting post
1st review of VTV
2nd review
YMC review

My 11 most favorite telugu hero's entrances

I still remember the fun when I was watching my first southies and the hyped scenes where the hero is showing his face for the 1st time was so funny. Even now I found them hillarious but I have huge respect for cinematographers - making good shot with leg, than hand, than back etc. is harder than just making a full frontal view of a guy.
I wonder how much fun the director of photography in mallu Twenty: 20 would have - justice to each star with different intros :D Just imagine telugu or tamil remake!
Coming back to the point, I want to share the best (for me) intros of heros in telugu cinema in last decade.
you need to find the moment in 10min clips, sorry!


Why South?

UPDATED - 18.10.10
featured in South Scope

That's a tough question :)

CAUTION: lot of videos and images, blabbering included.
Are you sure you want to see it? [Joke :P]

My entry in South Indian movies was very by chance. I known Bollywood for a few months, I was in love. It happend that in my hometown, Cracow (I'm Polish, just a reminder:)), one cinema was showing one a month Indian movie. Then I was is love with Bollywood for a half of year and used to going to see those flicks in cinema, anytime I had the opportunity. In Poland there's a very little NRIs and movies has their releases mostly on DVD, in cinemas there are rather special shows than regular screenings and the Indian craze is in 100% developed by us, pakka Polish people.
Anyway, one, in Cracow, planned to show Pokiri. I was kind of exited because I had no idea about South (it was in September 2008). While watching I enjoyed it a lot, it's still one of my favest movies and Mahesh is still a Prince in my heart.
I arranged quickly Athadu from my friend, but I didn't liked it. I think that was one a reasons why my next ecounter with Southies was after 7-6 months. The same cinema (Kino pod Baranami, if you are interested :)) was organising a weekend with Tollywood movies. I've seen Yamadonga, Arjun and Chirutha. As the last movie was a huge crap, the previous ones was mindblowing. Later, after some time, I found Bujjigadu by chance , it was when I was diying from creepiness while watching Fashion.
That was a miracle for me - I've found a 100% suitable hero! Maybe the movie is damn average, but we can't say the same about Prabhas performance. He was awesome and made me watch this watchable half of his career.
Then I started exploring Kollywood, with a little help from Nicky (whom blog features helpful reviews) and Surya, my very first tamil crush.
Of course, later I tried Mollywood and Sandalwood too. I adore Kerala cinema for mindblowing variousness of topics. I admire Mohanlal and Mammootty, those guys rocks, I wish every actor to be on such level of acting like they are.
My knowledge on Kannada industry is very little, I've seen less than 10 movies, but this industry hasn't charmed me - I've seen only two movies which I instanly liked, rest was a crap/not for me.
I'm quite young (I'm able to sing Ippatikinka without lying :D) and I have older siblings. I'm very thankful to them that they tought me cinema. It started when I was just a kiddo and still I enjoy watching movies with my sister. But she hates Indian cinema and nothing desi is then played, but it's good - sometimes I need a break from all that stuff and watching movies like Some kind of wonderful, few episodes of Skins or the newest Gossip Girl once a time is good for mental health :D

I hasn't got a year to explore South cinema - it happend mostly in shorter span of time, something more like half of year I think. Why so quick? Because I was starting high school in September 2009 and before, in March, I was participating in one competition and I've made a bet with my dad saying if I won, he has to buy me my own laptop. I was lucky enough to win, it was about the history of theater, so when my sister went to Spain for a 5 month scholarship, I was given by her old computer (it always happens when you're the youngest. ugh.) and I made a great use of my free time, watching movies I always wanted to see :) Before I've seen about 110 Indian movies, now I has 397 flicks watched (and still counts...).
My brother, movie director (see his youtube channel) used to give me a lot of superb movies from directors like Kieślowski or Kubrick along some stupid US youth stories like American Pie. I want to thank him, thanks to this now I'm able to see the difference between Iruvar and Blade Babji and I'm also able to appreciate both.
He still refuses to watch Pokiri, useless fellow :P

I'm Polish. Proud of it but open for other nations. Our country is small I thing you would heard about the govement plane crash recently. He share similar history like India, Inida got British, we are ruled by Russians, Germans and Austria.

It's funny that I never choose movies to watch for script. I usually check who's there and if it won any awards, music is important too. That's why I'm not aware of hype, sadly.
When it comes to Tollywood, I got few actors (and of course the rest of crew & cast working with them) whom I have to thank.

I adore Sonali Bendre and when I found out that after 1999 she had very successful run in South, I istantly gone searching for movies with her.
NTR Jr and Prabhas was like a 'Wake up, Teresa! Indian cinema doesn't end on SRK! We're quite worth while too!', Mahesh Babu was my guide too.

Tamil cinema won't be the same if I could start watching Vijay or Ajith flicks, I consider Surya's Vaaranam Aayiram as my first movie from Tamil Nadu because before exams in April I started watching it, mom told me to sleep and I finished it in July :D Before finishing I've seen few others (Pokkiri, SOK etc) but VA was the one I felt in love with.

Exploring of Malayalam cinema was again with a help of the cinema in my city, but later, in second movie, I found my Mr Perfect - Prithviraj. In total number of mallu movies half features him :D

My big thanks to Filmigirl goes for telling me what to watch with Ganesh and it helped me to recover after horrible first ecounter with Sandalwood, Satya in love. I adore her hero, Ganesh. Gaalipata is my kannada all-time fave :)

And I want to thank all the bloggers I found on my way, Wikipedia, YouTube and great ppl on Bollywood.pl (especially Askay) and twitter.
That was the history. Now I'm coming straight to the point

My reason why I'm watching South Indian movies? It's really hard to say, even if I thought it won't be a tough question really.
The picture above is not true.
I never tought about it before, I think it's maybe because I'm not that kind of person who thought about such things. I watch them, amen.

I've said in the flashback that few actors was important, I think that one woman, Sonali Bendre, was one of the most important reasons. I love her, she's amazing and wish for a comeback soon!
Well I'm a shallow person and guys was important too :P
But when I think more, many reasons are coming my way.

Firstly, none never forced myself to do this. I've seen my first Southie by chance, just because I just though 'Why not?'. It was luck that this was Pokiri. South movies aren't distributed in Poland like Bollywood, I used to have moments when I was sick of hindi flicks. I had 25 dvd to see and most of them were (sorry) same and crappy. South movies has a bigger variety of subjects.
They also has different taste. I thought that there nothing can be more masala than Bunty aur Babli but then I saw mass telugu/tamil films - this is the real masala.

Heros! One of things I like the most! Guys really have guts (and some good knifes too) and it's a pleasure to watch some alpha male which fight for his lady love, which is an total stupid girl. The whole situtation and mostly the heroine makes me shount before screen to hero 'Hey, you, I'm near! Leave this toughtless chick and come here!'. Sometimes even a movie which aren't even average has a wonderful performance done by leading actor and mostly that's the only thing which helps the movie being not switched off.
I love versatility - actors like Mammootty, Mohanlal or Venkatesh, they always makes me shocked when I watch them - they are pushing everything on the next level...
There are few actors like Prabhas, Vishal or Varun Sandesh which for me has big problem with chosing good scripts and mostly they are the only help for their movies (for example Munna, Thoranai or EE).

The moustache thing was scary year ago, now I'm used to unshaved faces that I prefer some actors like Nag, Kalyan or Srihari with that something :)
I love when they are dressed like cow-boys, sometimes just hat is enough to make me happy :)

Well, policemans are my weakness too^^

One of first things I've noticed after seeing more about 10 movies - girls characters aren't demanding but then it comes to heroine-oriented movies, when "glamour" isn't much important, a lot actresses can prove that they are worth the money paid them.
Some female characters
  • are only needed to make hero fall for them in first hour and then in second half they are avalible for songs (Vettaikaran)
  • are to destroy the plot (Gha-jini) [second one, Nayan]
  • are so stupid that in real word they would die without passing primary school, because they went to the higher balcony to try flying, age 5 (Aata)
  • and many other things are visible...
Even I'm better :P
I love lady villains, I need to see Padayappa (done). Heard so many good things about Ramya!
Also sometimes I prefer heroine-oriented movies than usual male flicks, most of actresses only there could show all of their skills. Sometimes also Bollywood heroines are coming here to act.

I hate the age gap! Really. Dubbing is also awful.

I found a strange thing in South Cinema - there are quite few movies with 3 heroines!

And heroes are immortal, unlike the villains!
All villains characters done by Sonu Sood are my weakness. He was superb in every movie where he was bad, I've seen Athadu, Ek Niranjan, Arundhati, Anjaneyulu and Ashok so far, each and every villain could be the hero :D
Prakash Raj, Universal Actor, is one of the rare tallented ppl who could be villain is the same vrilliant (joke :P) way like playing loving parents (Bommarillu / Kotha Bangaru Lokam).
Srihari is another cool guy, I've almost had and heart attact when I've seen him shaved in Gokilamlo Seetha. I may know him from NvNv, he grabed State Award, Nandi, for his performance. Well, he's awesome.
There is also Mukesh Rishi, but he's just average for me and also Ashish Vidyarthi is present, for me his most memorable peformances was for sure Pokiri and Athidi.
Sai Kiran and Sai Kumar - masters. Kishore is awesome too.
Sayaji Shinde is the guy I've seen only movie where he wasn't the villain :P
Those guys tought me that hero isn't everything :)

Families are so cute, there is always some funny issues connected with them or something, I haven't seen any movie where parents were 100% normal.
Many good actors are doing roles of uncles/aunties, they schould have dedicated post :P

My favorite mom is Jayasudha. I haven't seen anything with her when she was younger, only one video with Sridevi :( Instead I'm a big fan of her mom characters, take for example Parugu, Balu ABCDEFG, Bommarillu, KBL, ANOTA, Billa or Style.
Any recommendations for a older movies with her?

Kids are fun too.
There are many guys like Kota, Rao Ramesh or Ahuti Prasad, which are brilliant but not that felicitated like Prakash Raj.
The heroes use to have friends and those friends are played by specific actors and Ajay is my fave :)
Comedians like Sunil (retired from being comedian and he turned full-time hero) Brahmanandam (the most expensive Indian comedian) Ali (my fave, I admire him ever since Billa and the moment he broke into Informer :D), Venu (argh, he's one of those which would never make me laugh) are most active guys this kind in Tollywood now.
In Kollywood, I like Vivek a lot, also Santhanam always makes me laugh my ass off. Karunas - great guy. Need to see his flicks where he's the hero. What's go good in Vadhivelu? Ugh, he's terrible. I like him in Thamizh, where he was bit dramatic, but overally he's just too annoying. Defenitly I want to see more of Urvasi than him...
Sandalwood has Komal Kumar, my fave, in Mollywood I like Innocent.
Also I love Allari Naresh type of comedy, Blade Babji rocks! :) Unfortunately, his significant jolly flicks aren't understandable to ppl without much telugu cinema-related knowledge.

Honestly? It took me while to understand SI comdey, as I wasn't used to WTF slide plots : )
I also adore the way some director narrate stories, epecially romance. Goutham sir is my master, just like A. Karunakaran. Mani Ratnam? No words for his excellence. Malayalam movies use to made me baffled because the story is usually told differentely than anywhere else.
Dialogues by Trivikram? Love them, Malliswari woudn't be the same movie without them!
Plots are sometimes repeatable = crappy, but I try to enjoy even the bad movies :) Hard, I know.

I like the fact that really good love stories like Tholi Prema are made, also they pay attention for puppy love, like Nachchavule or KBL.
Action movies sometimes has no plot at all, before Asal I thought it's impossible :D

Dance? I love it. Really, each time I see Nuv muttukunte from Yamadonga I'm really amazed.
I once done a rank of tolly heros as dancers, I need to add there Manoj. Many ppl said it's unfair to place Prabhas before Arjun but for me is good. It's subjective, kada? :)
Anyway, take a look on NTR Jr's dance, for me he's the nuber uno:

And is there anyone else who can do the ultimate snake walk?

Kudos for the south choreographers. I mean Ahmed Khan, Brinda, Shobhana (I'm sure that what she will show us in Mani Ratnam latest will be out of this world.), Raju Sundaram, Flexi Stu (yaar, I want to learn all the steps from VTV!!), Prabhu Deva, Raghva Lawerence, Imran, Shankar, Nobel, Dinesh, Geetha Kapoor, Dheena, Harsha, Sujatha... I'm sure I've forget about someone :P
The most genius choreography I've ever is is the one from Sarvam song titled Sirugual - p-o-e-t-r-y.

And one of most fabulous is for sure the Raju Sundaram-Simran song:

Imran, kannada choreographer, makes wonders with good tunes, take a look:

I love the use of classing dance in movies, like in all Manichitrathazhu versions or Pournami, also when there are any kathakali dancers, I'm on cloud nine :)

Some fusion is cool too, look at NTR's moves:

Since year, I'm trying to learn Dai Dai Damma (from Indra) famous step, you know that one with knees. Impossible, really. I'm always losing the rythm and overturn. So sad!
Thank you, Mega Star, for taking dance in limelight, without you...

Style is a important thing too!

Without style there can't be a movie!
My friends use to tell me that I have "theatrical gesture" which means I do every move with a style and care how I do that. Sounds great, mostly they mean I use to gesticulate while talking and when I'm impressed, I use to do the 'Syabas' thing like Ram in Ready.
I think I got to work on punch dialogues and maybe I'll be the next Ilaya Thalapathi :P

The languages used in South Indian movies used to be a total enigma for me. My mother tongue, Polish, is difficult even for me and needs different tunes than any other lang, like ś, ż or ó.
Well, when it comed to SI langs,I need time to learn how to pronounce basic things, still there are many things which are creating problems. I'm now learing Norwegian, it's a simple language with short sentences, total opposite of telugu! In school I've started Spanish, helps when the movie is set on Goa (kidding!). I know also French, a bit of Hungarian, Japanese, Germen, Suahili and some other langs but any of them is not so freaky like any South Indian one.
Kiran, my beloved Telugu translator (I owe her a lot of Polish lessons:D), told me once that Polish is filled with sounds not avalible in Telugu. Instead I find hard to pronounce sth like yedhyna nee tharuvathey anipisthundhey ila or Karaigindra Nodigalil Naan Nerungi Vanthene / Imai Unnai Piriya Maaten Thuli Dhooram Nagara Maaten, having connections of letters and sounds not avalible in Polish. In my mother tongue consonants like k or r always have a vowel connected to them, that's why I find tough learning Tamil.
Many telugu movies I wanted to see hasn't got subs and I tried watching without it. Well, now, after maaany watches I'm proud of fact that I understand telugu (a bit? Level equal to know about what they are talking and what are they singing.)! But only when someone is talking, I can't read and speak much. Tamil, despite of having very clever book Teach yourself Tamil, makes me faint - so much strange noises! But overally my Tamil much isn't worst than my Telugu.
And malayalam with kannada aren't that good, I know only very few things.
I'm trying to be ambitious and I want to pick up those, now I'm knowing hindi in same level as telugu :) They just seems more melodious for me. It's funny that even yesterday I was rewatching one of my favorite movies ever, Nouva Cinema Paradiso and the italian they used there sounded so strange! And it's fun to later say something to my friends or family or sing in language they didn't know, which sounds really cool :) And I'm glad that none from my school understands SI langs, because I'm atteding very specific high school and they would drop me out of school if they knew what about is Ippatikinka or Nerupae sikki, songs I use to sing on breaks:P

My weakness - intervals. South really cares!

Is there anyone who can tell me the difference between mass and class?
I like mass songs a lot but no idea what 'class' means. (problem solved here)
Mass is in my blog subheading, the line "mess in a mass song" came to my head all of sudden, as I was wondering about proper complement for Masala w Bigosie:)
Special effects are really special :D
Costumes - some wonderful, some horrible.

Just like breaks, I love item numbers, especially with Mumaith. She rocks! (her best songs)

And the lyrics in most of IN are so hillarious.
Well, lyrics on 'normal' songs are funny too:

I learned how to play piano and also I'm a passionate bathroom singer without much talent, I love music and south melodies are just much more appealing for me. I love kuthu songs. And the dance sequences seems to the tunes be much more diligent than in Bollywood.

I like most of composers, but my faves are for sure GV Prakash, AR Rahman, Mani Sharma, Mickey J Meyer, Deepak Dev, Harikrishna... Lots :)
Same thing happens when it comes to playback singers - hard to choose. It's funny that year ago, when I was a begginer, I used to mistook female and male singers xD

Videos? Poetry, colorful, songs wanderful, lyrics - awesome.
My fave of this year - Omana Penne. Lyrics by Thamarai, one of my lyrics masters, are stricly beautiful.

There are also drunk songs!

And marriage songs!

Crazy songs!

Karate even in romantic dream sequences xD

Eye candies!

Lol songs :D

Rain songs!

WTF songs?

Extraordinary songs!

Soulful songs!

School songs!

Color songs!

Life philosophy!

Party songs!

DIY songs!

Cute songs!

Disco songs!


And maany other songs :)

What I found about South in the very first moment and what still makes me laugh - nicknames.
Really, I've even got a list of them!
My fave? Most are repeatable but Young Tiger and Young Rebel Star Rocks :D

Action, stunts this everything - mindblowing. 20m long jumps, sending a guy on a hydrant just with one puch...

I just love the thing that South celebrates every marriage, audio launch, 100th days, premiere, muhurat etc. more then North ever does.
Large cut-outs rocks!
Such pictures are awesome :)

Devotional things are cool too:

Lot of crazy stills!

Don't forget abt the significant langa voni :)

And dhoti is a dream of every fangirl :P

I also like tha fact that many jokes are based on movies :) And there are many refferences to popular movies not only in jokes.

My Windows alerts are crazy - I use 'full happy dil kush' Mahesh quote for almost everything but also few Prabhas, Ram, Allu Arjun, Ravi Teja, Vivek, Quick Gun Murugun and Surya's lines are present :)

Bollywood rather laugh then admires South. I think they schould have respect. They made so much remakes and took many talented actors.

Last but not the least - matchetes!
They say that you can rate some movies by the number of knifes appearing there :D

To sum up, watching South movies are fun for me. Hindi cinema is more 'west', pardon the word, and the taste of movies is completely different.
I can't imagine I could make all that funny graphics I use to on my livejournal, watching only hindi flicks or create someting like tAoSH about Saif, Vivek or Shahid? Having such fun conversations about something else than Asal Yea Dushyantha with Beth on twitter? Doing such a crazy post abt Tuje Dekha instead of My heart is beating? Photoshop magic with SRK only? Who would get Bottle Awards?
No way, It feels like home here, down South. [Cracow, my hometown, is an South city :P] I don't want to go back into times when I was watching only Bollywood flicks, live is more colourful since I'm addicted to SI movies.

I laugh when I see shark (Chatrapathi), I sing Ava Enna (Vaaranam Aayiram) everytime I'm having shower (Goa changed my life :P), green color - Alaipauthey!, I love kites (Galipata), I'm careful when I'm talking with simpletons from my school (Puthiya Mugham) or when it comes to rain, I'm practising Nuvvosthanante (Varsham) choreography.
The taste of SI movies is so different! And it doesn't mean they are any worst than Bollywood or Bollywood is worst than the SI cinema. Well, sometimes I got thoughts like 'oh that crappy hindi cinema, how could I get stuck in Mumbai?' but no hard feelings - each and every industry has it's pros and cons.
Southies changed my life and I'm glad about that :)
Poland is rather grey, ppl are staring at you wildly when you are wearing pants in any other color than blue/black. Like I said in explanation of title of my blog, imagine adding masala to bigos, traditional dish from my country (very tasty! but not for vegetarians, as it has kielbasa in it; masala into bigos is like pouring chilli powder on donut), I want to put some magenta in grey painting.

Is that everything? Let me think...
OK, Venky, I know it's a lot to read, calm down! :)

So, to sum up, I just want to say that in South Indian cinema I found what I always wanted to watch and that's the main reason.
Cupid left an arrow in my heart, that can't be earsed :D

Wish me luck in having fun and learning new things! :)

Capses done by me, if not - taken with a permisson. Various movies, feel free to ask. Photos are from various palces.

sorry for the blabbering.

and the mistakes.


And I know that this lot of pics and vids can be annoying but I warned you! :)

curious of what I've seen so far? check this link - the list of everything I saw so far (this post always needs an update, sadly)

Nicky, are you still here? Because I got a screencap for you!

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