Life’s always good in Karunakaran’s world. - Darling (2010)

When you are a diehard Young Rebel Star fangirl, it's not easy to finish watching his filmography because of huge amount of flops.
Thank God Darling turned to be a wonderful movie :)
Karunakaran is still one of my most favorite directors ever^^

Prabhas (Prabhas) is a youth. He's fun family guy but one day a girl, Nisha (Shrada Das) falls in love with him. He politely refuses her proposal so she commits suicide. She was near to death so her father, a big goon (Mukesh Rishi), is angry on Prabhas and he wants to make him marry his daughter. But Prabhas reveals that he also was in love...
But... Who's that Nandini (Kajal)?

I really liked it! Thanks Karunakaran.
Prabhas nowadays stucked in a rut, well the whole thing called "career" in his case was a series of flops/average movies, sometimes he would suprise us with a hit (it happend only... 3 times? I think). Also the charecters he used to play was repeatable, I mean kurradu with/out or searching family, sometimes avenger, always a loverboy, in need - stunt master.
That is something that Vijay now is experiencing too, after Pokkiri (for me even ever since Sachin, his last not-so-Vijay type of character and movie) there wasn't anything worth while much, every movie was a spicy masala entertainer which is maybe tasty but also easy to forget after seeing climax. It's funny that I can't remember Vettaikaran eding when I remember most of scenes.
Prabhas taste in scripts is awful, he's waisting his talent in crappy flicks when he could pull out sth really interesting.

So, I'm back to Darling. I usually hate when the character share the name with performer. He it also was irritating but somehow I managed to calm down each time. The title of movie is taken from Bujjigadu, a bad movie which features the best Prabhas performance, where he was a telugu boy raised on Chennai streets, who used to call everybody darling. As the movie was a flop, this word became a Prabhas nickname since then, like Bunny for Allu Arjun. Knowing this helped me survive this awful thing - naming after actor? Chi!
Anyways, Prabhas, as usual for me, was strictly awesome. He avoided his famous (on bollywood.pl :P) drawling and repleced it by superb comedy timing. Thank God here hardly was a comedy track! It would destroy the whole story, Prabhas jokes was enough :)
Also his clothes, a big issues for some ppl. OK, they were specific but I'm used to such clothing, in Poland they are guys which dress like this, no problem at all. But tall Prabhas looks even more tall and just huge in such clothes, I prefer the ones he weared in Bujjigadu for example.

Kajal? Here she was againg OK. But this isn't enough, actress on her position now should develop! But she's so steadily. Duh, she's ain't bad, I agree, but still I think she could do a better job.

Prabu and Prabhas looks so similar x.x Really! Pity that Prabhu is dubbed, even if he has no idea about Telugu it could be fun hearing him speaking, just like I was baffled hearing Simbu saying 'Telugu naa koncham telusu' in YMC xD Overall, I liked him in role of Prabhas father, they made a good combo together.

Ahuti Prasad, Mukesh Rishi, lot of guys playing the hero mates, the bad Rishi, Prabhas sister, him mom, Nandini bro and whole lot of ppl made a good job :) Shradha Das character was sooo stupid.

Aah, the twisty-twist! Kudos! I think I spoiled you, My Dear Reader, whole fun. Do you mind? :D
I do not agree that second half is better, foe me both was equal when it comes to entertaning. BTW, I think it's better to get a superb 2nd half and lame 1st while recently telugu movies are affected with The Course of Second Half.
Karunakaran movies are way different than whole lot of other telugu movies. His way of narrating, heroines introduction... From all of his movies I like the most Tholi Prema, his debut which won regional National Award and whole lot of Nandis.

Special mention - stunts. Superb!! Peter Heines, you are my master.
Also chreography, once a justice to Prabhas skills.

Music? I love you, GV Prakash. Sheer talent, I love Neeve but all of the songs works with particular scences.
And background score was amazing.

So - go and watch it!

Rate - 5--
VM - 100%

the title is taken from Hemanth review for 123telugu :)

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