Intensity - Prasthanam (2010)

Wah! I'm speachless. Another telugu movie which is so unTelugu that I can't belive my eyes.

Politics means dirty games. Who control them? who conduct them? People. Powerful people. You say no man is an island - they have families. And imagine.

I'm really impressed, I saw Venella and it was terrible. This movies proves that most of good directors had awful debuts :P

Touching - Poo (2008)

Parvati slowly stoles my heart! Just like Meera Jasmine, but she's already in my top :)
And Srikant after being good in AMAV flies high, too.

Poo (Parvati Menon) lives in a small village. She once loved her cousin... What happend?

Tamil are characterized with lack of happy endings. (I'm afraid it was a spoiler. Sorry, yaar). Those climaxes hurts but in 99% movies are proper. Here too. But, I think it wasn't unhappy ending at all, it wasn't drastic like this one from Paruthi Veeran or sad like in VTV. It was expected and real.

Definition of masala entertainer - Silambattam (2009)

That was a pefect movie for lazy day :D Provided me lots of fun, fights, love, catchy songs and, finally, entertaiment.

Shy brahmin guy (Silambarasan) helps his grandfather in temple. Janu (Sana Khan) chase him, but he's not that kind. Grandfater made him a peaceful paiyaa, without any agressive stuff in his brain. So why he's able to beat rowdies.

Masterpiece - Nayakan (1986)

That was great! Truly. I'm not speachless at all, but I think everything which could be said about this marvel, were said long ago and my opinion won't be anything new.
So just a few words.

Maddy desperately seeking green card - Nala Damayanthi (2003)

Nice, calm family movie. Good stuff before Silambattam :P

Ramji (Madhavan) is a village chief. He flied to Australia to get a job in Indian restaurant. But his boss is dead and Ramji's documents are gone. WTF?

Great comedy - Prince (2010)

(Ghajini * lovestory 2050) + Don/Billa + Aadhavan * Matrix / Magadheera + Vettaikaran = Prince

Well, I haven't expected a good movie, maybe a nice suprise that is won't be bad. It was near to terrible in moments but then some twists used to came and create mess in my head by odciąganie uwagai from thinking about drawbacks. But those twists wasn't great, maybe "na siłę".


Lover = Cheater! - Siva Manasula Sakthi (2009)

I can't remeber exactly why did I decided to watch it, but I think it happend because I get to know it was a big hit last year and I still have sentiments to my past ambition to see blockbusters from each years and industries. When most of them turned to be way different than I expected, I thought it's better to see good movies than successful ones :P
On Friday I heard the music and I've read it's Wiki Aunty page, "looks good", I thought, so... I saw it :)

Pity that I wrote my post about love in SI movies few weeks before I saw this, because this one deals with this topic in quite innovative way, it could give it a single pragraph ;)

I've read it's inspired by South Korean My Sassy Girl. I haven't seen it, tough I heard about it. I think my classmate Basia, big fan of K-dramas saw it, she's from Vietnam, suprise - she understands my lust for Indian movies like none else :D

Religion isn't a problem - Kovil (2003)

Movies, where top stars of today were young and for sure ain't that goodlooking like they do today, should be banned.

In two villages rules old conflict between hindu people and christians. Karma, hindu guy and christian girl fall in love. So?

My blogging gurus - people who made this place what it is.

I've always been ispired by other people, the idea of creating Masala w Bigosie came because I was reading some great blogs about Indian cinema, I wanted to be as good as they are ;)
But, it's pretty hard... And I know I will never be even close to them... But I'm trying to create my niche, you see :)

random order


Myself in South Scope

Thanks to wonderful Kartik for prev scan! (while I'm still waiting for my issue to come by post)
This one is clear scan from the emag :)

Actually, there are some mistakes and I pity that some important parts of my post are missing...

You know what? I'm angry. I tought they would give me two pages, like they gave filmigirl, but what I get was such awry crapy. Editor told it would be polished but to change it so badly? To remove 4/5 of post and give something from two other? Batt thing.

I'm bitterly dissapointed. I asked how they will cut it but I had so reply for my mail. If I had one, I mean chinna clarification, and they even would send me version to authorise it or at least draft of it, I wouldn't be that angry now.
Also I knew only that my post why I watch SI movies will be carried, not along with name orgin and overall explenation of my crush on Indian cinema.
What makes me mad is lack of my nick of my blog url, at leats they would sign it with my name!!

I'm not angry about editing it, I know two pages won't be equal for the looong post I wrote, but along with editing they made many mistakes. And this post sounds there like I'm a randy woman who watch movies only to see alpha males fighting againts unlaw. That's so untrue! The text lose it's point!

I feel neglected.

  • I haven't seen Kadhal yet! There should be Sillunu Oru Kaadhal.
  • To be precise, Pokkiri was my first tamil movie but I've finished
    it before this Vaaranam Aayiram but I started watching VA earlier - when I finished it months later I loved it, and that's why I claim VA and that's why I claim it as my 1st tamil movie. No Kadhal, daa.
  • In the sentence about kannada movie there have to be "hasn't". With "has" the sentence has no meaning.

    My knowledge on Kannada industry is very little, I've seen less than 10 movies, but this industry hasn't charmed me - I've seen only two movies which I instanly liked, rest was a crap/not for me.
  • Pierogis, the i is a short one. This is an international word, just like sdpagetti or ladoo, it doesn't need a change.
... so on. I think there are some more.
South Scope wants to be a serious cinema magazine? No way, when they treat readers like this. I need correction.

It's not my problem that your target are 10-(max)30 yo ppl who enjoy Photoshopped picks with number of serious content lower than dust in flu virus navel.

Still, I'm proud I'm there but how the post looks doesn't make me feel that way. I wish they won't treat other bloggers like this. That's why I'm hightlighting this thing - to avoid it in future.

I will probably came to Hyd with machete to give it an stupendous end. They will stop treating they readers like morons.

You must read original posts - name orgin, why Indian movies, why SI movies.

Intermission junkie - sea


I won't be lying if I say it was the most absorbing movie I say this year - Vedam (2010)

I didn't liked Gamyam, even if I was trying, trust me. I just can't belive that the hero changed, Allari Naresh was the only thing I liked. I was expecting something new, something innovational as per I read only brilliant reviews. I was dissapointed and that's why I was bit skeptical when Vedam came out.

We have 5 stories with 5 strong characters - rockman (Manoj), old men (Nagayya), prostitute (Anushka), slumdog (Allu Arjun) and muslim (Manoj Baipai). What they have in common? You have to watch it :)

may contain SPOILERS!
(I'm sure most of my words will spoil you whole suspense)

Raavan and Raavanan (2010)

Well, I'm quite dissapointed. I'm used to watch only genius movies from Mani Ratnam, this one...
And still everything what could be said about both movies were said, I'll give you just few words :)

Well, if I culd be Mani Ratnam, I would do just one film, without Vikram but with Abhi as Ravan(an) and Prithvi as Dev. Trust me, Vikram for the first time in my filmilife failed to create something innovative, special, unforgettable. And I had a feeling he was dubbed by someone else.

An ode to marriage - Milana (2007)

I tweeted that kannada movies seem just too senfimental for me, it's true. Milana proved I have to watch watch more Venkata in Sankatas than Mungaru Males.

Two adults are married. It was arranged marriage, both had their own affairs in the past, they deosn't want to live together so the apply for divorce. Will they get it and forget about their marriage easily? Will they comeback to their previous lovers?

Mahesh Babu debut: typical '90 tolly flick - Raja Kumarudu (1999)

What we have here... Romance born from heathred, dream boy, cowboy, family issues, Prakash Raj in odd clothes, Super Star Krishna... and K. Raghavendra Rao! Everything needed for a promising son of Super Star debut.

Well, it was enjoyable, as far as wasn't taking it serious :)
Young Mahesh is always something strange for me, as per I'm used to his look after Okkadu. Dubbed Preity? Hmm... I'm afraid I'll see her another telugu movies, the one with Venky, I'm not so sure I would survive it :P Prakash was superb! And Srihari - I just adore him but I had strange feeling he was partly dubbed...


Une admiration beate

Prem Kahani - Rangu Rangu

Composer - Ilayaraja

Cast - Sheela and Ajay

Colours, Sheela...

Une admiration beate

Ullasa Uthsaha - Chalisuva Cheluve

Composer - GV Prakash

Cast - Ganesh and Yami Gautam

Aww! Ganesh, GV Prakash and Sonu Niigaam with superb locations and fab choreography. Do I need anything more than this?
Actually, as per as I remeber listening to the soundtrach in December, this song only isn't a faithful remake of telugu tune :)


Galatta Cinema vs. South Scope

Two magazines, thousands of readers, one topic - South Indian cinema.
Which one is better? A semi-neutral parallel.
Partly based on what I said about South Scope.
[this time I am going to be harsh, be careful.]

Indian actors and Poland

Yeah, I'm from Poland. Not many people there watch Indian movies but if - they are really dogged. I know maaany great people, they are really grand.
Indian movies do not release normally in Poland, rarely there are some festivals. DVD trage is quite nappy but recently, due to high prices, it's not in it's best mould.
I still meet people baffled about Polish people admiring, for example, NTR Jr, it's just an explenation.
Heroes, as Indian cinema is quite ruled by men, are popular, South and North. Who, how come and how much?


Why do I avoid calling myself a moviebuff?

I'm quite suprised that recently I've started to write more "articles" than "reviews". Hmm, I just need to watch more movies. Way to, I'm going to have 2 months long holidays since Friday!

Movebuff or cinemagoer are words which describes shortly a person crazy about movies. You may think I'm crazy about cinema, I can't deny but the word doesn't suits me. Why?

So now I'm back

It was in 100% my idea so it was easy to survive 7 days without computer, internet, movies and music. Actually I also made a resolution that I'll be using as less English I have to. So no diary but whole lot of ideas for new posts :)
As I expected, I'm quite joyful now, I feel much better and switching off the computer doesn't sound like a punishment anymore. I've learned that Internet was inveted for me, not I for the Internet!
I've been reading books (for example - Faust. Liked it a lot!), walking longer walks, eating tasty food and taking rest.
I'm still waiting for June South Scope in which I appear to come... And I had been gived final marks for 1st year of high school, they are good as per for my school.

So, I hope you missed me (:P)!


The BIG break.

I think everyone have ever reached in his life a stadium when the joy should be but it isn't present at all.

Well, I'm now in such hole. That's why I decided to take a week break from everything I'm addicted to - movies, music, twitter, blogger, boards, internet in general, computer... Just to live, not being plugged to something all the time.
Saying STOP! can be good for mental health, also I'm stuck in a rut when it comes to movies, nothing exite me anymore :( Writers block? Little one, too.

I've left you with a another Opus Magnum of mine and also you can read all those 310 I've wrote here since October 2009.

And yaad rakhna: It's...
I'll be back after 7 days, you will also be able to read a page from my "dairy" after this experiment :)

See you then!

Love in South Indian style - how to fell it and what's next: The game.

Actually I thought about writing this piece few weeks back but... Now, before big break, I have looot of time :)What it is? Personally - I have no idea. It would be strage - knowing it in my age :)
I know only few things - it's a strong feeling, everywhere people feel the same thing but ways of feeling and experessing are different.
As for my movie experience (about 425 Indian movies, about 280 South) I know that romance is a very popular plot. I saw only one movie where it wasn't present at all! Sometimes love is everything that the movies is about, sometimes it's a sideplot and takes only 15 minutes (- songs).
There are so many ways to feel kadhal!
all those movies were reviewed on this blog, just type the title on the search box at the right

screencapses mine or taken with permission

may contain spoilers

also the examples are selective

Imagine you are hero/heroine in South Indian movie. Take any genre, any lang, any supporting cast. Your movie would have a romantic plot. Choose the way you want to fall in love!


Une admiration beate

Murari - Cheppama

Composer - Mani Sharma

Cast - Mahesh and Sonali Bendre

a) Sonali looks ravishing!
b) not that much English.
c) oh, man, such a young Prince. It should be banned!
...what else?


Intermission junkie - light

Another tale about Yama - Nashibachi Aishi Taishi (2007)

I've started to like marathi cinema very much, after seeing 3 movies I liked all of them :)

Ravi is an ordinary guy. He lives with mom. One day, when Yama is waiting to took his billionth life, observing police ecounter, Sonya accidentally gets the bullet. Why he's not hurt at all? Why he's not dead? Is he immortal?

Ultimate villain as hero - Khalnayak (1993)

Thanks Grus for the dvd :)
Sigh, after seeing this I want to watch more movies with Sanju. Trust me, some oldies.

So... There's a guy, who's bad. And here we doesn't know if we have to treat him as villain or hero, I think it's up to audience. I felt same thing as while watching Dexter - this guy is so charming, funny, hot... How come he's serial killer? Damn it, he's the best, police and the rest are just useless fellows.

Finally - Mangal Pandey (2005)

Whoo, it's been more than year since I've met Ketan Mehta and he autographed mine dvd of Mangal Pandey. South and other stuff made me forget the fact it's still on shelf, waiting on my mood to change. Also I've been on bollydance classes year or two ago, I've learned the whole Main vari vari dance and I was bit, ok maybe very biassed but finally, I saw it today.

No need of plot.


Cheppave chirugaali... or why I don't find odd my lust for (South) Indian movies

I've said few words about it in my opus magnum, the Why South? post.Still I'm used to met baffled people which find it impossible - how can I be white, only 16 years old, living in some non-identifiable European country, which is far more far away from India than Kongo, where are more polar bears than NRIs, manage to watch new releases in time... Also this kid have the gall to write reviews!

I thought a lot about this.


Intermission junkie - boo

Cracker a-like movie - Sivakasi (2005)

Do not ask me, why I'm watching movies with Vijay if I critise him so much. Just... ciumma!
Sivakasi (Vijay), local everyman, meets Hema (Asin) in rather non-favorable circumstances. Then he has a tiff with her dad. Also he's an orphan. But...

I enjoyed it, not bad movie but second half was bit drag.


Kaaka kaaka + Aadhavan = Singam (2010)

The title of this review doesn't mean I didn't liked it :)

So we got a sincere cop, Durai Singam (Surya). He's working as inspector in his hometown. Once, a girl called Kavya (Anushka), comes to his town. After few ups an downs, they fall in love.
But Singam the policeman face few problems from his girlfriend dad... And Mayil Vaaganam (Prakash Raj), wants to eliminate him.

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