I won't be lying if I say it was the most absorbing movie I say this year - Vedam (2010)

I didn't liked Gamyam, even if I was trying, trust me. I just can't belive that the hero changed, Allari Naresh was the only thing I liked. I was expecting something new, something innovational as per I read only brilliant reviews. I was dissapointed and that's why I was bit skeptical when Vedam came out.

We have 5 stories with 5 strong characters - rockman (Manoj), old men (Nagayya), prostitute (Anushka), slumdog (Allu Arjun) and muslim (Manoj Baipai). What they have in common? You have to watch it :)

may contain SPOILERS!
(I'm sure most of my words will spoil you whole suspense)

Ladies first, so Anushka - she looked wonderfully! I have huuuuge weakness for streetwalkers in Indian movies, my fovirte is Rani in Saawariya, brilliant performance. Anushka again stole my heart, I think she could focus only on high voltage performances and skip all the "glamour" she does in Billas and Baladoors. Her Saroja isn't a immoral woman, she knows her rights, maybe she realise some things too late. The scene I liked the most was the one on police station, when she asked Allu Arjun if his love is true... I thought such dialogues happens only in movies which KieĊ›lowski made ages ago! Kudos, Krish.

I liked Manoj a lot ever since I saw Payanam and then Bindaas. What I like in him is that he doen't care about image, as far as I know his filmography he has variety of movies and he's not like Allu Arjun who destroyed his performance in Aarya 2 because he wasn't able to forget all those scarfs and just act without paying attentiong to his looks. I'm afraid that along with Rocking Star nickname he would lose it... Anyways, his SA will remain a enigma for me, but I think here he was really, really good.
Lekha Washington was bit irritating...

Allu Arjun is irritating for me. IMO, he improved his acting just a bit, he rather just same same same in every movie I see him. His bodylanguage is same same same and maybe this thing makes me think he doesn't improve. But anyways, his Cable Raju was a shrewd, usual character, with shades of some Robinhood. I still can't understand if his affair was a love.

Old man, Nagayya, actually most of his plot reminds me Shwaas, my first marathi movie and India's official entry for the Oscars in 2004. It doesn't change the fact he was really great, he outshined the cast and diversed my attention on him. And he's not even a proffesional actor!

I had a feeling that Manoj Baipai plot was the weakest one, but happily in the ending I felt it's too harsh to juge it like this. Seiya, whom I know from Nenithe was better, as well Manoj, who's underratted like nobody else. Policeman was... I don't know, I felt like killing him.

Terrorism in movies rather makes me skip watching or be disgusted till the ending credits. Of course, not because I automaticlly loathe movies with/about it, but because terrorists seem to me as contravention of being a human being. Killing other people just because? Terrible. I was againg disgusted, but the emotional ending made me finish watching with strong "paisa vasool" feeling.

Krish deals in Vedam with some important issues which are present in Tollywood now - lack of multistarrers beacause of high egos and payments, fact that some of directors can't decide to portrait fantasy or reality and fact that "hero never dies" = happy endings are in 99% of whole movies.
Vedam is intensive, filled with dramatic scenes and powerful dialgous in different way than "Bommaali!", for example. This is a life, those five stories aren't complete fanatasy like it's used to be.

Music? Well, the whole soundtrack is rather destined for the videos, without it those songs aren't much listenable for me. And kill me, but the only song I like to hear without seeing the video is Prapanchamanta, the party song with catchy as I live and breathe chorus.

Well, I can easily recommend Vedam but I think I don't have to - the hype itself made it worth a watch and I'm sure it would grab all those telugu film awards, with Nandis in the forefront.

Rate - 5-
VM - 75%


  1. I have to disagree Louella. I liked Gamyam and I could believe the changes he went through. Also disagree about the songs in Vedam. Lyrics were very good, apt and powerful.

  2. Interesting review and I agree with Filmizest

  3. Shweta, I didn't say they are bad, just situational.

    Thanks, Nicky :)


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