Maddy desperately seeking green card - Nala Damayanthi (2003)

Nice, calm family movie. Good stuff before Silambattam :P

Ramji (Madhavan) is a village chief. He flied to Australia to get a job in Indian restaurant. But his boss is dead and Ramji's documents are gone. WTF?
Such a warm movie :) I liked it despite being slow, sometimes cinematography (or print used to make the dvd) fails. When I was watching it, I had same feeling I'm used to have while seeing bolly flicks from the same time, set abroad, sometimes they should to be earsed from history of global cinema (like Indian Babu :P).
Maddy was the soul of the movie, without him it would lose it's charm.
Anu Hassan was very good, as well Geethu Mohandas. And the emmigration bureau officer! He was great!
Story was ripped but still - I liked it.
Music? Nice, but ain't catchy.
So? You like Maddy - see it.

Rate - 4-
VM - 50%


  1. A few years later there was a hindi remake:
    Ramji Londonwale - i think liked that version better than the Kollyywood version
    Madhaven is still a mystery to me - for one or another reason I do like watching his movies, but he does not seem to have real mass appeal.

  2. I know abt the remake but my friends told me original is better :)
    He hasn't got mass appeal and that makes him special :)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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