Mahesh Babu debut: typical '90 tolly flick - Raja Kumarudu (1999)

What we have here... Romance born from heathred, dream boy, cowboy, family issues, Prakash Raj in odd clothes, Super Star Krishna... and K. Raghavendra Rao! Everything needed for a promising son of Super Star debut.

Well, it was enjoyable, as far as wasn't taking it serious :)
Young Mahesh is always something strange for me, as per I'm used to his look after Okkadu. Dubbed Preity? Hmm... I'm afraid I'll see her another telugu movies, the one with Venky, I'm not so sure I would survive it :P Prakash was superb! And Srihari - I just adore him but I had strange feeling he was partly dubbed...

It was a typical '90 telugu movie, with forgetable songs, Swiss, super-duper fights and less logic than fun with, unfortunately, crappy quality :( I'm not used to older telugu flicks, it's always a very special 2h if I made to watch something older than made afre 2000 :P
Music? Forgettable but the videos... Dance with huge dragon in background (always better than vegetables like in tamil Friends :P), choreography from Polish village discoteque etc!
Well, watch it only if you like Mahesh. Otherwise, skip it. I just realised I need to watch Vamsi and would be done with his filmography... Well, I wish he could finish his flick with Trivikram.

Rate - 3---
VM - 50%


  1. in my case watched t just 4 Preity! n i can't understand a word,n still watched just 4 her..n i dnt even knw the name f the guy..lol
    but 4 her anything, its in my Preity movie collection..
    wish i could get hold of atleast English subtitles lol if not the hindi dubbed version..

    btw both her telingu movies were blockbusters 4m the BO records..even f they dnt suit present day ts da typical 90s type film..

  2. Mahesh deserves to be knewed by his name, trust me :) And Preity was average here.
    It was dubbed into hindi, as far as I rember it had titled Prince no1.

    I know that, it makes me laugh :P


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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