Myself in South Scope

Thanks to wonderful Kartik for prev scan! (while I'm still waiting for my issue to come by post)
This one is clear scan from the emag :)

Actually, there are some mistakes and I pity that some important parts of my post are missing...

You know what? I'm angry. I tought they would give me two pages, like they gave filmigirl, but what I get was such awry crapy. Editor told it would be polished but to change it so badly? To remove 4/5 of post and give something from two other? Batt thing.

I'm bitterly dissapointed. I asked how they will cut it but I had so reply for my mail. If I had one, I mean chinna clarification, and they even would send me version to authorise it or at least draft of it, I wouldn't be that angry now.
Also I knew only that my post why I watch SI movies will be carried, not along with name orgin and overall explenation of my crush on Indian cinema.
What makes me mad is lack of my nick of my blog url, at leats they would sign it with my name!!

I'm not angry about editing it, I know two pages won't be equal for the looong post I wrote, but along with editing they made many mistakes. And this post sounds there like I'm a randy woman who watch movies only to see alpha males fighting againts unlaw. That's so untrue! The text lose it's point!

I feel neglected.

  • I haven't seen Kadhal yet! There should be Sillunu Oru Kaadhal.
  • To be precise, Pokkiri was my first tamil movie but I've finished
    it before this Vaaranam Aayiram but I started watching VA earlier - when I finished it months later I loved it, and that's why I claim VA and that's why I claim it as my 1st tamil movie. No Kadhal, daa.
  • In the sentence about kannada movie there have to be "hasn't". With "has" the sentence has no meaning.

    My knowledge on Kannada industry is very little, I've seen less than 10 movies, but this industry hasn't charmed me - I've seen only two movies which I instanly liked, rest was a crap/not for me.
  • Pierogis, the i is a short one. This is an international word, just like sdpagetti or ladoo, it doesn't need a change.
... so on. I think there are some more.
South Scope wants to be a serious cinema magazine? No way, when they treat readers like this. I need correction.

It's not my problem that your target are 10-(max)30 yo ppl who enjoy Photoshopped picks with number of serious content lower than dust in flu virus navel.

Still, I'm proud I'm there but how the post looks doesn't make me feel that way. I wish they won't treat other bloggers like this. That's why I'm hightlighting this thing - to avoid it in future.

I will probably came to Hyd with machete to give it an stupendous end. They will stop treating they readers like morons.

You must read original posts - name orgin, why Indian movies, why SI movies.


  1. I understand your feelings.......... That's what I mentioned in the email (the one with questions...) When you expected so much and it turned out to be different from what you said and told originally, you get upset and angry. I sort of decided I'm not taking any interviews from the press unless I can confirm what they're printing beforehand.

  2. Good idea... but they have to reply to my emails then, kada?


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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