Ultimate villain as hero - Khalnayak (1993)

Thanks Grus for the dvd :)
Sigh, after seeing this I want to watch more movies with Sanju. Trust me, some oldies.

So... There's a guy, who's bad. And here we doesn't know if we have to treat him as villain or hero, I think it's up to audience. I felt same thing as while watching Dexter - this guy is so charming, funny, hot... How come he's serial killer? Damn it, he's the best, police and the rest are just useless fellows.

Sanju really impressed me, he was so good! I wish he could today create another such brillaint character on screen...
Madhuri, the dancing queen. I liked her performance a lot. The best scene was the singing! Her facial expression were brilliant.
Anupham were hilalrious but maybe unnecessary. Ramya Krishna, whom I know from South, had such a small part, pity. Jackie was OK, Rakhee too.
Story was so entertaining, but when I finished watching I was sleepy, always after good movie I'm lively... Back to the movie, I think the second half was bit drag, lots of fun in first wasn't enough to keep me alive for next 1h50min.
Songs? Choli ke peeche! Maybe it's boring after 50th listen but the video worth it :) Rest is just a nice timepass.
Anyway, quite good movie. From this director, I saw only Taal, I'll maybe try Karz later.

Rate - 4-
VM - 50%


  1. OMG - you love Dexter too? I love the series a lot but I haven't been following it after season 2...

    BTW, got your email. Thanks again. Good luck with whatever you're dealing with!!!!

  2. I saw few episodes from third seans but they were sooo bad...

    Your welcome! It'm pleasure, I'm done with half of the questions now^^


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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