Boring war - LOC Kargil (2003)

Hmm, I saw it becaue it'a a multistarrer.
I don't like war movies in general because I don't understand the point in war.
Watching this, I was confused ight from the beginning till the end.

Hmm. - Pyar ke side effects

Well, I didn't expected anything good, just fine. I knew it would be quite "western". And it was.

Vijay the lover boy - Thulladha Manamum Thullum (1999) and Endrendrum Kadhal (1999)

I saw both of them from curiousity, I know Vijay mostly from entertainers, not something more love-oriented.


Top 25 Telugu lovestories chosen by Maa Stars - scans and my comment

When I saw that feature on cover, I was curious what would be there. And? Dissapointment. Because the movies are just ranked, nothing much interesting at all.
I haven't seen most of them but I'm not sure about some listed, like Idiot.
But I'm proud that from top 5 I saw 3 movies ;)
Overall I saw 11 movies listed below (not bad), though there are also ones which I want to watch since I-do-not-know-when (about 5). About rest (9) I've heard for the first time!
I'm suprised there's no place for Bommarillu, Kotha Bangaru Lokam or Maro Charitra, along with lots of other love classics made in Telugu.

It hurts - Kattradhu Thamizh [Tamil MA] (2007)

What a movie! Kudos! I mind it was directed by newcomer, whoo.

Prabhakar (Jeeva) is a teacher. He teach Thamizh and he's not happy at all with what's happening with the world now.
That's why he wanted to commit suicide but when he wasn't sucessful in this, he went to doing things which are rather scary.
Why? And who's Poobaal Raavar (Azhagam Perumal) and Anandhi (Anjali)?

RGV is right: eyes! - Nandha (2001)

Mindblowing piece of tough cinema.

Timeless! - Maya Bazaar (1957)

I saw black&white version tough colored on is already on dvd with subs. I don't like remastered stuff because I do prefer nostalgia than lack of some scenes.

No need of plot, I think everybody has seen it, if not - they should :)

I was expecting something like Mughall-e-Azam, which I saw year ago with my mate Grus on video, again the version was black&white and after all, it was on video but thankfully, with subs. We were so bored! I don't remember much from it and I can frankfully say that M-e-A hasn't standed the test of time.
Unlike MAya Bazaar. I was baffled that it's so appealing to me, a modern viewer, and the movie didn't passed it, it's still vivacious and mindblowing. Special effects are really good, as for '50 they are awesome.
Actors preformances? Creme de la creme. Savitri was fabulous. Totally.
Enjoy screencapses!



On a mission to watch all movies with Jeeva - Thenavattu (2008)

Hmm, it wasn't that bad. I just used Rajni's flilter ;)

So the plot is easy - we got a village guy who goes to city with his friend. And it's Chennai after all so we can expect rowdies, police and a girl, along with some family problems.

I had fun, even if the movie was quite predictable and few moments were defenitly slow.

Psychobrother - Vaali (1999)

WTF? I mean Simran was great but Ajith's performances was denefitly exaggerated. Jyothika was cute :)
Overall, idea was good, maybe it was spoiled while making.

Two Guiness records holder - Suyamvaram (1999)

Huge suprise. I though it would be another 20:20, but it turned to be superb comedy with some drama, without much script drawbacks and stuff.
And imagine it was made in 23h58mins! From filming to release!
And the cast is just huuuuuuge.
As well list of directors is impressive - 10 various filmmakers.

Father of a family which contains 3 boys (Sathyaraj, Prabhu Ganesan and Abbas) and 6 girls (Rambha, Roja, Kasturi, Maheswari, Preetha Vijaykumar and Suvalakshmi) celebrates his 60th birthday with them and wife on a special occasion.
Then, suddenly, he gets a heart attact. His wish is to get his childern married before his death.
Will they marry?

Superb movie. I had great time watching it :)
I don't have much to say, I didn't made even any screencapses, I was focused on plot that much :)
Enjoy my favorite song from the movie, Sekka Sivanthavalea:


Class movie for my 5th century - Sankarabharanam (1979)

First of all, something shamelessly vain:
Coming back to the movie, I'm not able to write anything worth mention, this flick was just brillaint. I'm looking forward to see more from K.Viswanath :)
I admire the way director manage to show end of some age, scene with this rock'n'roll fellows is mindblowing.

Direct rip-off - Thillalangadi (2010)

I don't why did I saw it. I don't like Jayam Ravi at all, tough one of my filmimates is his diehard fangirl.
I was checking all the still since months, for icons and overall I'm always curious how remakes turns out to be, especially if I liked original version.
Kick is a damn enjoyable movie, even if it has some plot drawbacks (and Ileana :P).

I didn't expected Thillalangadi to borrow so much! Really, trust me, even awful remakes like Pokkiri change script a bit, in this movie only lang has changed and they added one bonus song and changed about 4, but videos (only Pattu pattu and beginning of Memory loss is different) are mostly borrowed.
And I think Pootta Paathadhum video is just dubbed from telugu Dil Kalaase into tamil. Arghh.
Even multi lang fight is likely same.

Navel is my life - Jhumaandi Naadam (2010)

Manoj has dream run, three hits in a row, along with critical acclaim. He's flying high :)

So we have young boy who wants to be a great singer like SPB. Though he face lots of unplesant accidents, he's still in to make it big.
He meets girl from neighborhood who came to write some piece on classical music.
But she is staying in house of his biggest enemy, man who says he won't suceed in his aims!

Fresh after six packs - Surya in Galatta Cinema scans

Just OK.


Daark - Bhanushri in South Scope scans

Well, I don't think she would became a star down South :P
She rated AA as a mate only 1 and here's she's saying he was's a great person... E??

Mindblowing! - Piaa in South Scope scans

Expose is maybe bit "too much".

Bit like Lagaan, bit like Titanic, bit like Mangal Pandey, bit like Magadheera - Madrasapattinam (2010)

Overall, it's a decent movie :)

Young English lady is in Madras for some reason. She meets a Tamil guy by chance and she immidiately starts liking himBut... He's Thamizh, she's British after all.

I loved the climax! For once [SPOILERS]can die and she's not spoiling me whole evening :P[END OF SPOILERS]
Arya was brilliant, really good as ordinary westler.
Amy was OK, sometimes she was bit drag, but it's her debut after all, and as for newcomer. she was fine.
I just can't belive Cochin Haneefa would never act again in any movie :( English people were equal, main villain reminds me Lagaan fellow.


A to Z Guide to South Indian Cinema [deluxe collector's edition]

A to Z AP motham koopi lagaane,
hollywoodu, bollywoodu sodha chesane
Angel lanti nuvve nachi flat ayipotane
tuhi meri maashukaaa, tuhi meri maashukaaa.


I've started my adventure with Indian Cinema and it took me while to notice South flicks.
Tappu? Avunu.
South Indian movies? Vivacious world of suprises waiting for you on every corner. Entry for expectations is limited (see JALSA), better go with the flow. Movies have their own style and flavour, which doesn't mean they are worst than pictures from Bollywood or anywhere else.
Actually, I hate calling any other Indian movie industry than Hindi as regional, is Bollywood that international, cosmopolitan and global, when Kollywood or Tollywood needs special care like new-born babies?
Anyways, this Alphabet isn't accurate, proper and worth reading, if you think you know more than I do (summa).
I've been trying my best to create not a Beginner Guide but rather a fun list, kind of sye - what do I know about SI cinema after year of intense watching and researching.
Whatever - you'll decide decide if I suceeded in creating something worth while, I'm open for any dyplomatic suggestions in comments, at best - word of appreciation :)

Remember one thing -  I'm still a beginner :)

Simbu - South Scope (with Samantha) and Galatta Cinema scans

I don't know why, but after VTV I have weakness for him, just like for Samantha after YMC :)


The best 21 songs from Item Queen.

As per my calculations, till date Mumaith Khan has done 68 apperances in movies, I've counted as well cameos and full lenght perfromances. Quite much, huh?
She started her filmi career in  Munna Bhai MBBS, where she had her first stupendous credited song, she was 17 then. With her item number in  Pokiri she became hot property down South, she danced with most of top heroes like Mahesh, Puneet or Vijay, marking her presence in best way.
Now she's 24 and she graced contless movies with her charming persona.
Which songs are worth mention the most? Supported by few bloggers, I've decided to make a list.
I hope it's useful :)
I gave only the names of movies, it's was quite difficoult to find names of songs, videos too.

 To see the video, click @ the picture

Venkatesh in South Scope scans

Tough the article is really good.


Mute! List of best posts and a promise.

Unfortunately, my laptop needs a service. Since Monday I can't switch it on because I'm worried and everytime I'm online it means I'm in some library. (the picture is from Andari Bandhuvaya :)
I can't watch movies, sadly, that's why I stopped wiriting reviews. I have some movies which I saw but still I hasn't wrote about, but I'm too lazy to do it and also I just can't focus on some other computer than mine.
Because of it I'm giving you the list of, about 30-40 post, best here IMO, which I wrote since Oct '09, picked from 375 I managed to publish.
Due to lots of time I have because I don't use computer, I've started writing AtoZ guide to SI cinema. Sye!
Also, I need to finish the rank of Mumaith Khan's item numbers.

Enjoy them and wish me luck with my lappie and everything:
- Why South?
- Why Indian Cinema?
- Why I'm not a moviebuff?
- Why I'm normal?
- Almost complete list of what I seen so far
- Picspams
- Fav actresses, actors and playback singers (needs an update too!)
- Filmimagazines scans
- South Scope vs Galatta Cinema
- South Scope only
- MwB in South Scope
- Sonia's interview
- Belts rank (fetish alert!)
- Playlists - beach, school and remix so far
- Indian actors and their popularity in Poland
- Dubbing
- Bunny-Cherry starrer
- Subtitters!
- Rank - tolly actors as dancers
- Tolly heroes entrances - best ones
- My heart is beating - epic?
- Photoshop Magic
- Bottle Awards
- Dandy cowboys
- Prabhas-police officer
- Worst movies ever

I think there's is more such exiting stuff here so it's only your job to find it :)

3 reasons to watch Shock

Intermission junkie - god

Intermission junkie - blood

Intermission junkie - simple

Guess the movie!

1. Kolly

2. Tolly

3. Bolly


Samantha in Maa Stars - scans

Best 2010 debut, right? :)

Gem - Priya Anand in Maa Stars scans

Isn't she gorgeous? Ever since she came with a glance to became one of my most fav actresses, it was in Yedho Seigirai video, she is still making me baffled. I hasn't noticed she's petite - thanks to her stong screen presence, but the fact she dubs herself is always worth a mention :) Enjoy scans from the very first issue of Maa Stars:


Urvasi, the Queen of Comedy in Galatta Cinema scans

I just adore her! And the way they wasted her in Maro Charitra is terrible. Her movie with Kamal sounds good, I'm going to see it.
I think she was one of the reasons why I liked Siva Manasula Sakthi so much. She's outstanding there, with her chatterbox acts and her complicated relationship with son :D

Enjoy the scans:

What went wrong? - Maro Charitra (2010)

Ee... Everything?
I'm too lazy to make screencaps, I don't want to waste my harddrive, small enough to block most of software.
The idea of remaking timeless classic like K. Balachander's Maro Charitra sounds strange.
And changing script to NRI and Telugu ammayi, not Thamizh paiyaa ans Telugu ammayi like it was before.
It's hillarious - guys raised in Telugu family can't speak Telugu? And then he learns it so quickly?
Casting fails. Urvasi is wasted, due to her awful dubbing, Shraddha Das is trying to create something good while director wants to focus our attention on the girl-monster with lot of meat under nose (I'm used to call girls with big lips like this, no heard feelings :) In original, I mean Polish it's dziouha z kupą mięcha pod nosem).
And visual shade of the movie is really good, with Niagara and last song looking like mix of Sirugugal and Oyaiye.
Music? Not outstanding but good.

The movie could be wiped out from the history of cinema without any harm, even with profit!

About "typical Indian movie" - excerpt from an English book

Actually, it's from Martin Sutcliffe's Are you experienced novel.


'White Nights' once again - Iyarkai (2003)

Why did I saw it? National Award (won over Pithamagan!), director made E with Jeeva, which wasn't avalible then, so...

Salior and orphan, Marudhu (Shaam), ends up his life on ships and boats to settle down in city near sea. He meets a girl, Nancy (Radhika), he likes her but she's waiting third year for some captain whom she loves and who promised to be be back after yaer.
Will captain comeback or will Marudhu won over him in her heart?

Underrated lady - Shraddha Das in South Scope scans

I doubt her many apperances as second heroine, which lasts about 15 minutes in total and aren't demanding, are a good path of career. But considering her mature look - yeah, Kajal, t'wood 'girl of the moment' has apperance which I cannot connecgt with certain age, she could be 16 t 27 for me. But Shraddha, despite being quite talented, has apperance telling us 'I'm 25 years old'. I think it's a drawback for producers and directors, mature heroines aren't "cute". Whatever she looks like, she can even sing! She recorded one track so far, for Sye Aata in DSP music direction.
Anyways, I'm going to her telugu debut, if it's so bad (tough it was a hit) like she's telling in the article below, I'm going to have fun.
Also, in Maro Charitra she showed when she's doing yoga but in the article she's stelling she rather prefer martial arts. LOL :)

Enjoy the scans:

Une admiration beate

Pattiyal - Kannai Vittu

Composer - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cast - Bharath, Pooja


Worth it only for dialogues - Kacheri Aarambam (2010)

I've started exploring Jeeva, and acidentally I've found out I will soon finish his mass movies and would have to start watching flicks like Kattradhu Thamizh or Raam which would harm my mental health, as most of realistic tamil movies does to me.

As I think the movie has nothing new to offer than it's puch dialogues, enjoy daa!

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