Blame the script - Mundhinam Paartheney (2010)

I watched this only because I was curious about "another Gautham Menon-styled youth lovestory" :) As far as I know, director, which made this movie, is a debutant and a big fan of VTV genius.
Cast is made of debut actors, the venture is courageus but did it turned well?

Sanjay (Sanjay) meet few women in his life but he wasn't lucky. With his high hopes, he used to face the brunt. He meets Aarti, dance teacher, but she's has her past. When he get to know about it, he prefer another girl, blindly in love with him. Was it a right choice?

The movie has a potential but script full of holes, low-points it's it's biggest drawback.
Sanjay acts with ease but he failed to get into right emotions in scene when he [SPOILERS]abuse Aarti[END OF SPOILERS].
Ekta was really good! I wish her bright future. Rest of girls were average till awful, Lizna looks like Amala so much!

Script... Drawback. With better handling, I mean cutting some parts of first half, those adventures with other girls and giving us story focused on two people. I adore second half, especially the scene in train. It was paining, just like VTV climax! Accident took away his lady love (nope, she's not dead :P).
I think Sanjay wasn't a great person. He blindly belived in rumours and he made Arti feel hurt. I would kill such guy!

Music? I adore the Maaya song. It's wonderful, the video is addictable. Rest of songs are good to, buy I would cut some.

So... Magizh Thirumeni, improve your writing! All the best.

Rate - 4-
VM - 50% -/+ 75%

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