Classic - Shree 420

I have nothing else to say, everything was said long before I saw this.
I'll only give you a trivia - it was released in Poland too, when my motherland was under Russia's rule, with translated title Miłość i paragraf (Love and section). [Even today 95% of titles for Indian movies have 'love' somewhere. There are even games - replace 'love' by any other word, with list of that movie. Combos afre really hillarious, take for example name Hrithik - 'Hrithik's dance', 'You won't cheat Hrithik', 'Hrithik's game', 'Steps on Hrithik', 'One step for Hrithik' etc.]. As per I know, it was popular then, but it was long ago and I think it has dubbing, that's why it's not counted as first 100% Indian movie relesed in Poland.
Enjoy few screencapses:

Rate - 5
VM - 75%

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