Dileep the guard, Nayan the body - Bodyguard (2010)

It wasn't great but somehow nice. I wich Nayan could have better dubbing and make-up!
After second (third? I can't remember how many timies I've repeated this)

Guy wants to protect a big shot but instead he will be a protection for his daughter... Who's playing pranks on him. But one of those pranks is going to be a serious one. Where it would lead?

Dileep impressed me once more after Passenger and Calcutta News. He was good, with ease he maneged to be natural act in emotional scenes. And it was so cute and funny where he played guy in love - this mimicry and stuff! I'm sure Vijay won't beat him in it.
Nayan? Terrible dubbing. She speaks malayalam but, like her good tamil, for movies she prefer her lang skills to be covered with dust. She wasn't bad, I think I'm just becaming convinced to her. Her make-up was terrible. OK, she looks good in it but I think too much of it isn't good for her health, imagine her skin after 10 years! Such make-up is good in theatres, not in cinema. And I noticed Prabbudeva in special thanks. I know it's her private life and I rarely maddle into others life but that's what I think - it's better for them to end this "relationship". Nayanatara has weakness for toxic bounds (see - she and Simbu), I wish her all the best despite this, she should find someone more suitable to live with.
Her friend was OK, schoolmates were funny. Comediant wasn't bad.
Kid was really good!

I like the middle of the movie. Beginning is floppy, last 30 minutes not clear. Way of expressing feeling was really good, that's one of biggest advantages.
At the ending we get to know it was a flashback - I think narration could be given in usual way with intro to flashback. But it was supposed to be an innovation, pity that it gave us script hole...
God, I used to plays the same pranks! My friend had private number so each and every evening on out summer school camp was filled with entertaiment - we were calling random people. Some cases were really strange! I don't think it's stupid but just not safe.

Perillarajyathe video is wonderful. Cute, bouncy and sweet! I like the whole OST, it's really great. Kudos, Ouseppachan. Arikatharayo, both of versions, are awesome, especially the duet.

Overall, the movie isn't bad, it's nice. Maybe slow beginning and illegible last 30 minutes killed the sprit.
But it was nice, I still smile when I think about the movie :) I don't think it would be so nice in tamil.

Rate - 4-
VM - 50% +/- 75%


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