Direct rip-off - Thillalangadi (2010)

I don't why did I saw it. I don't like Jayam Ravi at all, tough one of my filmimates is his diehard fangirl.
I was checking all the still since months, for icons and overall I'm always curious how remakes turns out to be, especially if I liked original version.
Kick is a damn enjoyable movie, even if it has some plot drawbacks (and Ileana :P).

I didn't expected Thillalangadi to borrow so much! Really, trust me, even awful remakes like Pokkiri change script a bit, in this movie only lang has changed and they added one bonus song and changed about 4, but videos (only Pattu pattu and beginning of Memory loss is different) are mostly borrowed.
And I think Pootta Paathadhum video is just dubbed from telugu Dil Kalaase into tamil. Arghh.
Even multi lang fight is likely same.

I saw some king of unconcious in Ravi'ds acting, like he wasn't sure if to imitate Ravi Teja, who is defenitetly a highly energetic actor or to try make this character more like he think he should be.

What I liked was dubbing for Tamanna. Once voice given to actress also has some feelings (OK, maybe not once, but it's rare anyways).
Sham was again good, tough his moustache is just uuuuuuuuugly.
Vadhiveli was a disaster, even Brahmi was better :P

Prabhu and Suhasini are reduced to cameos.

Hmm, they left less screen time for the big suprise.
Costumes = WTF.

About music - music review. Actually, with video, not sound only, tracks sound better but still they are highly forgettable. Yuvan, do something, your last three OST were just average.

Choreography reminds me aerobic moves :P

People who saw Kick can skip it.

Rate - 2
VM - 50%

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