Good Chiru, bad Nagma - Gharana Mogudu (1992)

I need to watch all those movies rocommended to me long ago on twitter.

Chiru plays a guy who comes to Hyd for a job. Nagma is a daughter of industrialista nd now she is rules in company.
She rejects proposal in quite rude way and when rowdies comes to kill her, they get only her father. With help of Chiru, he survive. Thanks to this, he gets a job in their company but Nagma doesn't want him working there. Ee?

I won't be lying - Chiranjeevi was superb! Am the the only person who thinks Vedhika is damn similar to Nagma? She was quite overacted most of the time.
Well, it was a fun, movie wasn't bad but sometimes it failed to be just steady. And I pity he married her, not secretary. E? Zrypane.
Music? Bangaru Kodi Petta! But still I prefer the modern version of it. Rest of song were a glittery items, nothing special.
For me it's a good me to get to know Chiranjeevi more, I spend time in a decent way.

Rate - 4-
VM - 75%

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