It hurts - Kattradhu Thamizh [Tamil MA] (2007)

What a movie! Kudos! I mind it was directed by newcomer, whoo.

Prabhakar (Jeeva) is a teacher. He teach Thamizh and he's not happy at all with what's happening with the world now.
That's why he wanted to commit suicide but when he wasn't sucessful in this, he went to doing things which are rather scary.
Why? And who's Poobaal Raavar (Azhagam Perumal) and Anandhi (Anjali)?

I don't belive Jeeva hasn't got any formal training in acting. It's unbeliveable that he's able to give us a character like Prabhakar, doing mindblowing job, making Arya's performance in Naan Kadhavul sink into oblivion without any acting school. Just bravo.
Anjali was brilliant, just like in Angaadi Theru. Belive me, if she just could stay away of all those crappy mass flicks, her future is going to be bright. I don't know if she dubbed herself here, but in AT I'm sure for 80% it was her voice. Besy step to get a chance for National Award ;)
Karunas one of those guys like Sunil which landed as comics probably by mistake because they are darn versatile and they are able not only to make us smile.
Supporting cast is just great, all of those "innocent" people.
Here are so many drastic scenes, if for somebody Paruthi Veeran climax was too much (myself for example), you aren't able to survive this 150mins without few breaks.
Music? Nice background :)
Overall, the movie is immensely real.

Rate - 5(-)
VM - 75%


  1. Glad you survived it, Lou.

    I'm hoping this comment is going to work, then I can do so on your 'A-Z South Indian Cinema!

    It's piyaara, by the way...

  2. I did and you don't know how glad I am :D
    This one works, mind that I have a script which blocks comments to posts older than 48h :) So sometimes I fail, not blogger. I got to moderate them and it takes time, also they are used to vanish...


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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