Not another Bed of Roses - Angaadi Theru (2010)


Lingu (Mahesh) despite being bright student start to work in Senthil Murugan Stores, huge mall in Chennai. He came with his friend Marimuthu (Pani).
They quickly get to know it's not a job, it's rather a jail. Lingu meets there Kani (Anjali), independent girl, and from hatered they trun to be more than friends.
Will they manage to escape from this awful cage?

Mind blowing. In Poland there are many famous lawsuit against corporation who lawsuit their workers. I always think twice before entering such mall.
Anjali and Mahesh were brillaint. Both. He was a debutant and I can't belive it! She made a flawless perfomance, with right emotions. Director A Venkatesh as cruel Karungali scares, he was brilliant. Pandi with ease managed to be natural. Sneha cameo is nice, is not that meaningless. There are also lots of actors in background, like the dwarf or old man or the WC owner, they makes the story more versatile.
Script is brilliant, without any holes or something. There are scenes who can make you fly to the moon and another can make you sick - why such things happend?And I liked how director showed puppy love - not a blind one, with lots of doubts. Especially the drastic plot...
Music, made by Vijay Anothony and GV Prakash is intensive but not much distractive, rather situational. Each and every song is wonderful, I can't pick my fave.
So? Must-see. Milestone. Touching, without drawbacks.

Rate - 5
VM - 100%

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  1. Can you believe that the same guy that created the Suppose song from Sukran and Naan Adicha Thanga Matte in Vettaikkaran is the guy that did Aval Appadi Ondrum Azhagillai in this movie...? Totally blew my mind. But it shows the human spirit without preaching.. and like you said, a must see flick..

    Bangaram.. nuvvu rasthune undu.. :)


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