Out! - Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu (2009)

Everything I know about kabbadi I've learned from Okkadu (and Wally series). It helped me to know what's going on. Now, after this movie, I know more about kabbadi, but I don't think I would be able to play it. Is there something like IPL for kabbadi?
Oh, it's telugu remake, Bhemilli, will be released soon, with Nani in lead role. I always prefer original versions than remakes so I saw this, not only because of telugu remake but from Nati's recommendation. Our taste differ but anyways she always makes me eager for seeing particular movies.

Marimuthu (Vishnu Vishal) lives in a small village called Kanakkanpatti. He meets a girl (Saranya Mohan), and their puppy love blossoms. Along with his friends they want to see their local team winning so along with professional couch, Souda Muthu (Kishore), they start playing in State-level tournament. Will they succeed? Will Marimuthu finally unite with his lady love?

Recently, I saw much more tamil movies than any other. What can I say? If they want to make a realistic movie, it's just like our lives - bittersweet. But when it comes to masala, it's larger than life!

Vishnu Vishal, who will be in Bale Pandiya, for which I'm waiting ever since I heard Happy, impressed me with his natural performance. His Marimuthu was a boy like everybody else, kudos.
I adore Saranya since I saw Village lo Vinayakudu, she's a (pardon this word) epitome of cuteness. Mayve here she wasn't much present, but her expression in the ending scenes are worth it.
Kishore? He turns to be as much admired like Sampath does, he was just mindblowing. Especially in climax, but also in the scene before last match, the beating and stuff.
I need to mention whole lot of necomer and background artists, which names I'm not able to remember. Like leading cast, they were very good.
Plot is very encouraging, something in Laagan style but bitter and in the name of other things than freedom. The ending... Another one which broke me into pieces. Unfair. Actually I wonder if telugu industry, our 'happy-endings' lovers will change it. I'm sure they will, even if they deal with risk of artistic failure like Gharshana.
Music? Powerful!
Go, watch it. Superb movie and I'm afraid telugu remake won't be that great.

Rate - 5-
VM - 75%

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