Sasi on a way to be one of my favorite directors - Dishyum (2006)

Why? Jeeva! Sandhya! Vishal (cameo but still)!

'Risk' Bhaskar is a stuntman. He meets Cinthya (Sandhya), art student by chance. They start to like each other, they understand each other feelings. But when Bhaskar express to Sandhya his love, why she's opposite?

I need to watch more Jeeva. Really, he impressed me much recently. And Sandhya too, I'm trying since I-do-not-know-when. Dwarf was funny :) Nasser ok, as well his wife. Vishal is for few seconds, SJ Surya too.
Plot is about two young people attaing to each other. They need to know their feelings first, then decide. But? They are confused. Maybe the ending isn't original, but it still gives me a smile.
Music? I have no idea that Mahatma's Dailamo is remaded from tamil! I still prefer telugu version, video in tamil is... I don't know :P
So? Hart-warming. So nice!

Rate - 5-
VM - 75%

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