Sneha in Galatta Cinema scans

Love her answers :)


  1. Nice post! Thanks a lot
    She's one of my fav actresses

  2. I haven't seen her films yet. Can you suggest some...

  3. I liked Madhumasan and April Madhatil a lot. I still rewatch them once in a while, but also because of Sumanth and Srikanth, who I like to watch :)... Madhumasan is happy colordul love story, although ending little bit far sought.
    ABCD and Pirivom Santhippom are little more dramatic, but also worth watching i think, but you should judge yourself....

  4. Welcome, Pien :) I like her too, she's good but I still haven't found anything with her wich could swept me of my feet, sadly.
    And hey yeah, you just leaved a comment! :D Thanks for recommendation, I'm going to check the ones I haven't seen yet.

    Sakhi, Madhumasan second half is way worths than the first, and that makes the movie not that good at it could be. She was great in Autograph.


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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