Thillalangadi music review

Before seeing Kick I've heard the songs few times on my mp3 player but I hasn't found them appealing. Later, afer I saw the movie, I istantly liked them, but they are ones which are annoying after 50th listening.
I was curious what will Yuvan give just after I get to know he is going to replace Thaman and score the music. Actually, for me he had "electronic change" in his style, compare for example Dheena and TVP. I prefer his works after than before, OSTs he made recently, including Paiyaa or Sarvam were big hits, I think Thillalangadi would also get warm responce in TN.
Ding ding, sunged by my favorite Vijay Prakash and Naveen, is a replacemant for Kick's I don't want love and tamil version borrows lyrics from it. Moment, when Vijay Prakash is singing 'Love love, I don't want love, I don't want love, please let me go', is for me the soul of the song. Referain is defenitly the best moment in the song. Song fails on catching attention, I lose t after referain.

Sol Pechu = DhimThana. It also has Chitra but she sings along with Shreya Ghoshal and Yuvan himself. After few listenings, I have one word - chaos. Right from first second and the super-digital edited Chitra's hummings and Shreya's best screech since Nennunanu and then, after some time Yuvan comes. I don't know why, but his voice always makes me shiver. Well, melody is good but the vocals fails. Overall it's a catchy song but boring one.

Pootta Paathadhum is a remake of Dil Kalaase, only lyrics and singer are changed. Personally, I like telugu version a lot and tamil is just disapointing. Suchitra wasn't the right choice, Anushka Manchanda's voice is better for this kind of melody.

Memory loss borrows some lyrics from telugu again but I can't help telling you the potential was wasted - telugu ones are funny and melodious, this one, has similar melody but, I think it was supposed to be funny, terrible pron of word 'loss' and overall it hasn't got the intro like telugu has, which was wonderful. And different beats with translated parts of lyrics, sounds not-that-good. Telugu has more life, this one is boring. Kailash Kher sings most of the vocals with Ranjith's support. Overall the song is good but in comparison with telugu one is less fine than original.

Pattu Pattu is my favorite song from this seven, I think it's mostly because of Simbu. Actually, I haven't recognised him fully at the first listen, I was wondering if my speakers works correctly. It's was the first time I heard Manasi Scott, she sounds good. The song is a bouncy one, with lots of disco stuff. The begging reminds me Mani Sharma's works, especially OSTs for Ek Niranjan or Chirutha. This track dissapoints, despite having catchy referain (vaa vaa etc) and melodious lyrics.

Idhayam Karaikirathe is translated version of Manase Thadisela, it's also sunged by Vardhini. I didn't liked much telugu version, this one isn't my favorite too.

Thotu Ponen is a kuthu song, with Shankar Mahadevan's voice. Usual stuff, for me - boooring. From the whole OST, it's the easiest song to forget.

So? Album isn't a memorable one, fails to create lasting impression.
I need to see videos :) I'll defenitly change my mind.

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