Underrated lady - Shraddha Das in South Scope scans

I doubt her many apperances as second heroine, which lasts about 15 minutes in total and aren't demanding, are a good path of career. But considering her mature look - yeah, Kajal, t'wood 'girl of the moment' has apperance which I cannot connecgt with certain age, she could be 16 t 27 for me. But Shraddha, despite being quite talented, has apperance telling us 'I'm 25 years old'. I think it's a drawback for producers and directors, mature heroines aren't "cute". Whatever she looks like, she can even sing! She recorded one track so far, for Sye Aata in DSP music direction.
Anyways, I'm going to her telugu debut, if it's so bad (tough it was a hit) like she's telling in the article below, I'm going to have fun.
Also, in Maro Charitra she showed when she's doing yoga but in the article she's stelling she rather prefer martial arts. LOL :)

Enjoy the scans:

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