Urvasi, the Queen of Comedy in Galatta Cinema scans

I just adore her! And the way they wasted her in Maro Charitra is terrible. Her movie with Kamal sounds good, I'm going to see it.
I think she was one of the reasons why I liked Siva Manasula Sakthi so much. She's outstanding there, with her chatterbox acts and her complicated relationship with son :D

Enjoy the scans:


  1. OMG - they posted pics from two of my FAVORITE Urvashi movies!!! Michael Madana Kamarajan (my favorite tamil comedy of all time) and Mundhanai Mudichu!!! Both amazing movies that are cult classics and repeat offenders in my house!

  2. So I got see them :)
    I had MMK on my watch-list but I can't see it due to problems with my laptop :( As soo he will recover, I'm going to watch this :D
    Thanks for recommendation, Amaluu :)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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