What went wrong? - Maro Charitra (2010)

Ee... Everything?
I'm too lazy to make screencaps, I don't want to waste my harddrive, small enough to block most of software.
The idea of remaking timeless classic like K. Balachander's Maro Charitra sounds strange.
And changing script to NRI and Telugu ammayi, not Thamizh paiyaa ans Telugu ammayi like it was before.
It's hillarious - guys raised in Telugu family can't speak Telugu? And then he learns it so quickly?
Casting fails. Urvasi is wasted, due to her awful dubbing, Shraddha Das is trying to create something good while director wants to focus our attention on the girl-monster with lot of meat under nose (I'm used to call girls with big lips like this, no heard feelings :) In original, I mean Polish it's dziouha z kupą mięcha pod nosem).
And visual shade of the movie is really good, with Niagara and last song looking like mix of Sirugugal and Oyaiye.
Music? Not outstanding but good.

The movie could be wiped out from the history of cinema without any harm, even with profit!

Rate - 0,0001
VM - 25%


  1. Completelty agree! Waste of time. Boring, irritating characters. Guy,"I am cool", but nagging. Girl, look howv pretty and innocent I am, giggling and talking with high pitch voice, reminding me of Japanese childrens cartoons. Nothing to relate to, except maybe Sharddha Das. At least she seemed normal.

  2. Oh yeah, Shraddha is the only saving grace.


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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