Why it sucks to kill piracy? (When it comes to Indian Cinema)

Ever since movies became watchable anywhere else than in cinema, I mean when VHSes came out, problem of people who illegally copied them and sold to let other people see it, was only growing up. Ever since movies became released digitally on DVDs and BluRays, issue is very serious.
Why it's impossible to avoid it and let makers and producers made money equal to number of viewers?

Firstly, Indian movies are distributed only in places where there are Indians. It automatically leads to "withdrawal" of cinema. Also most of shows, especially when it cames to SI movies, has no subs.
On the other hand, distributors do not risk much, because they are sure they will make some money due to having audience. Limited screenings abroad makes crowd gather. Camrips goes out quickly, sometimes even in the same day, that's a opportunity for many people (not for me, fortunately) who aren't able to see it in cinema.
People who doesn't live near cinema with screenings have bad luck, they must wait till DVD release to see the movie. But... DVDs are avalible on eBay or official eshops like Bhavani or Ayengaran, when someone isn't able to get shipping into his country or he hasn't got needed credit card to pay, it's impossible. And prices are sometimes too high and sometimes dvd isn't out aven after 1,5 year after the release (see Jalsa). It leads to grow of DvdRips, often quickly uploaded into YouTube - people want to save this money for better things.
But seeing movie not from yours DVD or online leads to buying it. But it happens to just 10% of movies statistic viewer see, just because the taste of each person is different.

For me, one of simplest moves to clear trade is to:
A) "open" trade into new markets. I bet even in Poland, when target ends on circa 10.000 people, regular screenings could open new ways to popularize Indian movies, especially shout mouth of many people beliving in stereotypes.
B) regulate rules of dvd release - fix period of time till it should be out etc.
C) check distributs. Give subs to movies, try new ways of promotion, be creative - it could make people focus on the movie, not on "how can I smuggle camera into hall".
D) Good movies - good money. People would buy the dvd and came to cinema more than once and maybe they would forget about taking camera :P

I don't think piracy affects audience - now, when globalization is huge and borders aren't important, thanks to the internet, they are able to watch what they want to see, not what is playing in nearest cinema .
But with benefit for vievers comes loss for producers and then filmmakers. Without good crew and production values, moviebuffs are not able to watch good movies.
Both of sides needs to be happy, now it's impossible. But in future - maybe?
I heard about new ways of avoiding CamRips - prints would have invisible for a human but distubing for electronic stuff stripes which made CamRip illegible.
I heard about safety methods for Dvds, and honstly, as I done many stupid things in my life, the first best computer scientist or passionate hacker would broke security made to prevent piracy.

I think law, which is in force in Holland, is wise. They allow peer-to-peer because they know sending people to jail for piracy is hopeless because there is always another person who doing that "crime". In Poland only dissemination is punishable. Dissemination doesn't counts your close family and close friends.
I like a lot both ways. Nothing that strict like Franch idea with cutting the connection when someone is pirating (means the goverment will knoe what you are doing) is bad.
Internet is a free, it should stay free but with rules which aren't absurd.
Pirates have now they own Party, they want their rights. I agree with them but that's just my private opinion.

There aren't any ultimate ways to solve the problem, piracy cannot be killed until there are people ready to rip something.
Concluding, piracy issue cannot be solved until everything connected with digital media, movies, music etc would be codified.
When it would happend? Hmm, ask youself :)


  1. It's a post w/ some insightful comments~~~~

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  3. Thanks for you post. You are right with the subtitles.
    The price for a SI movie in the cinemas in Germany and Switzerland (none in Austria) is 12-14 Euros in Germany (for Hindi movie sometime only 9 Euros. So double the price of a normal movie. Then no subtitles.And the guessing game starts what is all about. The same with DVD release, waiting for ever if released at all. Not that I would buy any pirated ones as nobody sell it here in Austria :p

  4. Nice post! you know that piracy wing is maintained by ex-police men. They never bother about and don't know exactly how much producers are losing money because of piracy.

    If we have a very good wing of force for piracy, then it will be helpful to producers as well as good income for govt.

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  5. Sonia, I bet anyone who ever who ever used the inrenet met with piracy.

    Daniela, is my pleasure :) Well, n Poland nobody releases Indian movies in cinemas, so we can only buy dvds... And shops not everytime have shipping to Poland.

    Rao, thanks!
    I don't think is their job, there are some departments for this.

  6. Thank U for such detailed article =)
    I'd like to share one pleasant happening with U (Well, happening or the chain of occasions)

    There are of course a lot of torrent-trackers in Russia. A couple of years ago a group of enthusiasts launched a new one - bwtorrents.ru (the same idea as bwt.com). Some of us buy DVDs & rip them (both local discs & from abroad), others translate SI & NI movies, the third group mixs full-lenth-versions of old movies with russian sound. Some guys even dub new movies. More over the one huge company, which releases indian movies in Russia post on forum all info abt new items regulary.

    And at least... :::ta-da-da-da!::: last month they announced a bunch of official SI DVDs (bolywood only befor). I'm shure this is the result of our work. Thus piracy helps distributers to find profitable ways in business sometimes =)

  7. e-lain, your welcome :)
    Well, in Poland we do the same thing. I've even translated few movies yourself :) But, unfortunately, Eros who was expecting to enter our market faces a crisis then. No hope for SI too.


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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