Rip-off, mix and a promo - Lafangey Parindey (2010)

I saw it only because of the hype around it. I haven't seen anything for me director before (shaaaame! I know.) and I just expected a good, at least average about love, sturuggle and stuff and what I get? A big dose of tamil movie, TMT, rip-off, Johnny feel and fights along with feeling that I'm watching an India's Got Talent promo. And so big my dissapointment was when the TV Programme jury was changed so badly :( No Sonali, Juhi only. Buu.

Coming back to the movie, YRF has no idea about marketing movies or what? Because open talk Deepika's blind act makes one important twist in the movie left with less importance as everyone was waiting for the moment she lose sight. If the marketing strategy was diffeent but simple - do not reveal any deatail Deepika's character and let the audience be suprised both by the turning point AND Deepika's skills. Now everyone can say that's nothing special in her performance as many actresses tried to play such character. Also crowds would gather in cinema easier.

Madhurima in Maa Stars - scans

Another gorgeous photoshoot. Love the close-ups, only one pic I don't like is the one with terrible shoes and freaky jacket.
Also I don't understand why on some pics somebody experimented with her hair by adding too much gel...

For sure - 3rd issue of Maa Stars is way better than 2nd one and equal to 1st :)

Enjoy the scans:


Mini reviews of few movies which were so ______ that I don't want to write single posts for them


Yuvatha - who's the biggest Siddharth Polish psychofan? Me! Because I know he did a Telugu movie in 2008, I mean cameo but it still counts, as appearance, right? ;)
Yuvatha was OK, another movie about problems of AP youth. Aksha was only OK in her relatively short part, while Nikhil was same as he was in Happy Days.

Dhill - Vikram for masses and bored Lou. I mean, I was so bored by the movie. I hate Laila, there's something in her I can't stand and I just don't understand why she was such acclaimed star once.
Vikram was good while maybe plot wasn't.

Anari no1 - only for Simran, her first and last hit in Bollywood, he was a queen in South movies but Hindi cinema wasn't that favorable. Govinda double act was good, as well Raveena. Simran was sweet :)

Preminchukundam Raa - only for Venky. And he was good but the story was booring, cliched and even two nice songs didn't helped the movie. Anjala has the as type of "beauty" as Rima from mallu Ritu - maybe from distance they are gorgeous, but if you look closer, you see some kind of maleness (or it's just the way how I feel).

Raajneeti - High voltage political drama, not that boring as I expected, it wasn't that bad. Blood, muderders, voilence, ploys and stuff sometimes made me fell that I watch some Tamil flick :D
All the movie long, I had feeling that Katrina was dubbed. I just don't belive she can speak pure Hindi without accent.
Ranbir was terrific, I saw it for him only (:P:P), he's on rise. Trust me, with his talent proved in WUS, he can be as great as his dad is.

Johnny Gaddar - sheer brilliance. Am in awe. And just can't belive the movie didn't do well. It's genious! Unpredictable! Confused yet clear! One of the best in this genre I ever say. But, wait... Does it belong to any particular genre?

Punnaghai Desam - simple story, childhood love, dreams, frinds, love and stuff. Boooring.

M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi - I didn't liked the original so the remake wasn't my type too. But I enjoyed Prakash Raj, as usual, and Rahasya was a treat to watch. I missed Jayasudha and feel that Nadhiya wasn't that great as "the best mom down South".

Rangeela - It's was a nice attempt to dreate a love story about misunderstandings and placing it filmi background but it's the ending which killed for me the whole movie. Really, Aamir was good, Urmila too wasn't bad, Jackie was OK. I think... The ending. That's the matter. I just don't belive in it.

Hello Brother - Nag*2 and WTFed Lou. Aahh, loved Ramya and triple item number.

Circus - another critically acclaimed kannada stuff I don't get. Poor Ganesh, such crap? And the girl was t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. Vice versa.

Thiruda Thiruda - Mani Ratnam, is it really yours? I can't belive it.

On request - another funky remake idea! Once again with Charan-Arjun, doubled

My darling Githa said my first remake idea was funny so am taking back from shelve my old, old idea, enjoy:)

See also my post about Desi Gossip Girl and Cherry-Bunny starrer.

The idea is doubled so it means that I have two movies in my mind. Just couldn't decide which one is better for the cousins that's why at the end I've given you a poll in which you can vote which movie is better :) (personally? the second one works for me)


Express your feelings? - Just Maat Maatalli (2010)

I have dream run in sandalwood nowadays, thank God :)

Siddharth (Sudeep) is a rockman. He is travelling to Singapure to find his old lover, Tanu (Ramya). He meets "friendly" guy, Adi (Rajesh), on the airport, who's a scriptwriter and requested, he narrate his love story to him.

Overally, I liked the movie. Sudeep acting was better than in Mussanjemaatu, less over-the-top stuff, also I felt in love with his voice. Aah, so deep. I've no TV in home since 10 years and I listen to the radio a lot so I do value how do people speak :)


Desi Gossip Girl?

I do watch Gossip Girl and consider it as good drama, as me and my sister do enjoy it.
Recently I get crazy idea to remake this series into Indian movie, riddiculous, I know but let's have some fun this beat is sick :D
And I do know my fake post is terrible made :P

I don't want to hurt anyone, I'm sure such remake is impossible and I don't want to abuse any of the star mentioned below.
Pictures were taken with 100% permission.

SRIDEVIPALOOZA - Mr India picspam AKA 100 shades of Sri

As the movie was defenitely absorbing, after half and hour I realised that maybe I would wrote a review focused on Sridevi in celebrations of her b'day.
Later I decided to skip writing totally and... welcome picspam! 2 images with her overall look and one with my favorite scene.

Still I think the movies needs at least few sentences. Those are: Mogambo kush hua :D Ahmed Khan, one of my favest choreographers is a child artist here! Anil lolz.
I'm done with the movie, enjoy Sri which skills and beauty bugs me nowadays :)


The point in being outsider

Each time
somebody new, I mean who have no idea who I am and what's my passion, in 90% the first reaction is "OMG, you are from Poland and you watch Indian movies!!". (or they suppose you are fake, just another diehard fan who pretend that his hero has fans all around the world ;D)
I'm quite used to it, but it's annoying. Especially when it's 5th suprised person this month and it's 3rd only.
There are few drawbacks, as well advantages of being non-Indian who watches Indian movies.

I don't mean to hurt anyone by this "article". If you feel so, I'm sorry. And if it's a serious issue, don't leave angry comments but contact me on twitter/mail/facebook or anything else.
It's based on what I experienced (or my friend s or some forummates or something) for past 2 years.
Am harsh, I know that but man needs to be cruel and kind in right measure. Frankness makes life beautiful.

By outsider I mean non-Indian person who watch with passion Indian movies.

Newest releases, bunch of mini reviews

I wanted to write about each separately but my strange block is back in action, that's why I decided to write this one.

Aisha - chick flick with probably the best Sonam Kapoor performance so far while Abhay is n times better than she is. And he makes the movie, along with music.
I didn't liked the way Aisha character was picturarised, I feel some lackness.

Baana Kaathadi - only for Samantha. Hmm, I have no idea that Prasanna's screen presence can work for me so much :D Climax is again depressing but I think I was just too used to some tamil commercial stuff where everything ends well.

Samantha was average, matter of character.
And the debut hero could be better, simply - it's Prasanna who steals the show.

Maryada Ramanna - I think it was way better than sophisticated Magadheera. I've observed funny thing - two videos are very similar to some tamil songs like Vechikava and Neethane.
I always knew that Sunil is very versatile and he's able to do a fill-fledged lead performance but I don't support his decision about leaving comedy department completely.
Saloni is a highlight, I know her from the Siddhu multiheroinestarrer, there he hasn't got much to do but here she was really good. Probably the best Rajamouli leading heroin so far (Mamta Mohandas was second heroine, she would win then :P).

Sye Aata - Charmi feats. She was amazing, even if the story was drag and complicated. I liked Ajay so much, his performance was an extension of what he gave us in Aarya 2 but who cares? In both he was mindblowing.
Love music. Naa Pere Malliswari video is totally mind blowing ^^
BTW here's also my fave, Rao Ramesh :D

Naan Mahaan Alla - nothing bad, nothing pathbreaking. Read some good reviews, I was bit dissapointed though. Nothing can make me start liking Kajal, I think...
Karthi can overshadow his bro but I wish he won't :D I just prefer Surya as he's more experienced and Karthi is just four flicks old (and three of them released this year:P:P).
I don't understand second half, why Kajal vanished? I thought maybe she was killed or sth but I don't remember such scene.

Panchakshari - Anushka can make the worst crap a entertaining watch :D I want to meet her hair dresser, Honey hair style is mindblowing and I am glad she's sporting it in Khaleja also^^
Back to the movie, it was supposed to be scary and it was scary. Nothing much than this was important, the "lover" of Honey and fugly wig in Anushka's traditional avatar irritated me.

Don Seenu - Ravi Teja routine. I don't understand the huge success of this flick, there was hardly something engaging, though music was an asset, defenitely.
Shriya? Haritha does full circle with her dubbing, she started her voice career with Shriya's Chatrapathi voice. I don't think it was a good choice, she sounds like 12 yo girl... And her clothes...
Anjana was so unecessary that it hurts.
Srihari, oh Srihari! Thanks to him I managed to finish watching in just one go ;)

Agathiyan - in love with the interval! And Ranjith song. Charmi was really nice though it was more Dileep-Sathyaraj oriented stuff. I liked ending, it was proper and the "one year later" thing was great.
Overall, it was a good choice for comeback, Charmi :)

Police Police / Kutrappirivu - since telugu version sanked without trace, I managed to grab tamil one. Hmm, it wasn't bad, great either. I liked Kamalini part, relatively short, Sanjana has maybe 3 scenes and terrible, terrible dubbing.
Prithvi? It was probably my ecounter with cruel Prithivraj, good impression :) Srikanth was OK too.
One song was nice, that one with Kamalini and Srikanth.

New episode of the Adventures of Siddharth's Harem

Especially for you I've translated what I wrote in Polish for my fellow Siddharth psychofans on Bollywood.pl :)

Read previous episodes before starting this one, otherwise you won't get the happenings!

(Remember it's very Polish, in terms of stuff appearing and sense of humour :))


Ram Charan Teja in Maa Stars - scans

This shoot is way better than the one for South Scope - different light, set, clothers etc and for me photographer is what matter the most.
Shoot for South Scope is done by Avinash Gowariker, I knew him mostly from terrible Allu Arjun-Tamanna cover feature (scans soon!). Maa Stars one is done by G Venket Ram, whom maybe I don't like much because he use Photoshop a lot, but trough lens he's able to give the pictures some life, Avinash ones gaves us focus on RCT bad skin and his lack of modeling skills, that's all.
Said it few times before, gonna repeat - even I find him hot on these pics!

Enjoy (and please, do credit when use!):

Top 25 Telugu action movies chosen by Maa Stars - scans and my comment

As their top 25 of love stories was pretty crappy, this one is better in terms of design, overall content. But still I have doubts.

Do Simha deserve to be in top 5? While Okkadu is twenty? And there's not much Venky flicks, I would add Ganesh for sure. But if Desamuduru is eight while Indra eleven, I think that flicks equal to Bunny starrer like Lakshmi or Tulasi with Venkatesh could be in top 10, as some NBK flicks are right in the top :P
I don't know if Magadheera was a 100% action flick, it's was so masaled that it's just too confused.
Agree with Pokiri's forst place, but... There's no place for Ashok but, yeah, Adhi is present. And I thought Mass would be here for sure. But Jagadam? Man, the comment makes it sound just hillarious, it's nothing else than script what fails there. Rather Ranam or anything from Gopi qualificate.
One mistake - Athadu wasn't Trivikram's debut but Nuvve Nuvve, movie way different than what he makes now.

Anways, I have better scare than in previous rank, I saw 14 movies, actually can say 15, as Tagore is faithful remake of Ramana. 4 in top 5, but the one remaining I got to watch since weeks. I heven't heard only about 5, honestly.

Enjoy the scans and do share your thoughts! :)
And remember one thing - it's not my pick but Maa Stars editors.


Ileana in South Scope - HQ scans

Is she pretty? Hm, I see plenty of girls like her on the streets of Poland, they are about being tomboyish wile confused in their womanhood. Average beauty though some of them are very nice, and that's what matters to me the most.
For sure, she's not a great actress. I don't think she's even an actress, she does more of "good-looking" than "acting".
But, I'm here to give you the HQ (huge ones!) scans of her apperance in South Scope, enjoy karega:

The biggest secret of Tamil Nadu revealed


Mahesh Babu rates his movies made in 2009 and 2008 out of ten.

No for bribes, with a purpose - Ramana (2002)

I saw it for Simran and also because I wanted to see Tagore but you know I prefer to wathc original versions than remakes, another thing is my latest discovery that I would finish Murugadoss fimography with this one.

Mystery - 15 people vanish, after 3 days 14 are found while one is killed. Who's doing that? Why?


Speachless... - Tashan (2008)

But I'm speachless not in the good way.
The movie starts to be better than terrible only after Akki's arrival. I got an idea - how it could look without songs? And with cuted beginning?
Because I find Saif terrible in beginning here, none can be so naive. Bebo and size zero? Biggest turn off. Akki and his Chuck Norris acts? Biggest turn on.
Anil Kapoor performance is a feast, I never though Kajre in Hinglish can sound that good.
Plot is like wanna-be Transformenrs remake with Quick Gun Murugun in lead and Vijay/NBK stunts with videos from DDLJ/K3G and flashback like Darling.
I don't find songs bad, they are good, maybe Dil Haara is boring, but they could change the whole perception.
What-to-say? The movie could be better. It's not good. It's pretty bad in parts but some scenes are more than OK.
And last thing - how come could Saif/Kareena fall in love with Kareena/Saif on sets of such movie? LOL, WTF. They are so woody in Dil Haara together! Akki is the soul of the movie, without him it could be unbearable.

Rate - I just can't decide.
VM - 75%

Meet my ladies - Autograph (2004)

I liked it. How the life was showcased was quite good, with some weak points.

Senthil takes us for a jorney into the world of his memories. What it would be like? You got to experience it yourself.

Quite innovative - Devathayai Kanden (2004)

About a guy who takes his lady love to court because he thinks she cheated him. Guy can cheat a girl and be punished, why girl aren't punished for cheating boys?

Intermission junkie - white


Movie was made 20 years ago, problem is recent one - Dasharatham (1989)

I had this movie for months, I just hasn't got the want to watch it.

Spoiled brat spends some time with kids which belongs to his friend on holiday. Before he was selfis, now he wants to adopt a child.
He meets a family where pregnant wife is going to be a widow soon because of her husband's serious illness. They are ready to give the child away. Really?

One in it's kind - Trisha in South Scope scans

Well, I don't like either Trisha and this pics. She maybe looks good for some, but denenitly not for me. The ones where she wears the black jaquet are terrible, she looks like some scarecrow.
Anyways, enjoy huuge scans!

The finger has spoken

Another Rajni superpower - where there are no word left, there are fingers.

Lovely flick about realising things - Namastey London (2007)

Suprise, I didn't expected that I would like it so much :)
Akki charmed me, with his calm performance without anything "special". He was a normal guy who knows what he wants - kudos.


Une admiration beate

Deepavali - Pogadhe

Composer - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cast - Bhavana & Jayam Ravi

Aww, isn't it a super beutiful song? Finally I get used to Yuvan's voice, no more goosebumps ;)
But I still find his version of Oru Kal unbearable.

One of the best Telugu flicks I've ever seen, sci-fi works in AP - Aditya 369 (1991)

I think it's genius. Without going over the top, director gave us a intelligent entertainer. I loved it and even NBK presence can't change my mind.
Young boy (Tarun) is goes to hospital, he was rescued by a man (NBK). Boy knows the truth about a mystery happening in museum. What's this?
Also, our hero meets a girl. They fall in love and he gets to know her dad, crazy scientist who works on time machine.
How is mysterious villain (Amish Puri) connected to them?



Mini reviews, mixed.

Pazhassi Raja - epic. Padmapriya appears in 12 scenes but I saw it mostly for her :P The movie is sooo long that I can't made up my mind. Mammootty is just too good, along with Manoj, Sarath and Suman.

Kalavaani - village romance in less depresing way. Must-see! I liked it a lot. Need to watch it again.

Kalavar king - Nikhil should find his own style rather than copying Ravi Teja. Sweta, ye?? Comeback to flicks like KBL, leave all that Rides!

Minnale - puppy love than bad romance. Without seeing this one can't understand VTV properly, trust me.

Happy husbands - hmm, I don't like mallu comedies at all. Some of them are good but not majority. I find Reema somehow male. I think it's in her face. Indrajith has amazing comedy timing and he looks dashing wothout moustache.

Company - RGV in his best. I love Manisha here, she was both amazing and gorgeous.

Mayaavi - Jo plays herself while Surya is a village hustler. I finf it hillarious, though it drags a little, music is just medicore.

Goopi Bagha Phirey Elo & Hirok Rajar Deshe - both arejust great. I find HRD better, GBPE is more complicated though it doesn't have a "message" like HRD. Songs are wonderful, sheer brillaince. Kudos, Satyajit Ray.

Aha naa pellanta - laugh riot with style. I need to watch it again, it was great too :)

Deepavali - mind problems and love. Average though I love one song - Pogadhe.

Two tales about bikes - Pollaadhavan (2007) and Kurradu (2009)

Second one happens to  be a remake of first one.

heroDhanush was good, but I have a doubt - in every his movie I saw, he's used to play uneducated guy who's rather no successful in life. I think it would be challenging if he could play a proffesor or something, leave usual attitude and sport new body lang and maybe look too (once he could be handsome :P).
I liked him here, though I think sixpack he have is unbeliveable if you think about his character.
Probably the best Varun performance till date.
Huge relief after Maro Charitra. And nice attempt to break his lover-boy tag, much better than Evaraina Eppudaina where he's mostly confused and his doubts are restricted to 'to beat or to love'?
heroineAverage, both are bubbly etc but they hasn't got much to do, for me Neha suits the role more than Divya do.
comedyKarunas just rocks. Ask me! and broken English. LOL xDWell, same as in Tamil, whole comedy is placed around hero friends, maybe as a group they works better in Telugu than Tamil, because in original only Karunas is more than average in comedy. In remake guys aren't good as single comediants but as group they rock even more/
villainsKishore is damn versatile, he can be a pure villain like in Silambattam or somebody like Kabir Khan in Venila Kabadi Kuzhu. Here he was OK, the best scenes he had before he met out hero, I mean the hand smash on road for example.Sai Kiran is versatile too, I still can't belive that same person was the villain in Vettaikaran and head of family involved in politics in Prasthanam. He was as good as Kishore.
Two other guys repeated their performances (if I correctly recognized them), and in both they gave equal performances. The long haired villain was scary. And his fatamorganas were defenitly odd.
parentsBhanupriya in one of her last apperances, Murali - both were good.Tanikella with unknown from many reasons lady. Again - good.
item numberWho let Brinda in??
She and her dance is just terrible. Song is loud, set poor.
Anyone know the name of lady from Raja Na Raja? She was way better and she done justice to foottapping number sunged by Suchitra. Aww, her outfit is beautiful.
PlotThey are mostly same, I enjoyed equally, only things like performances and songs makes differences. I like the ending but I don't understand hero bike craze. Really, he almost died because of something made from steel, painted and which have two wheels.
overallTough I loathe remakes, Kurradu is more appealing to me. It's less dark, there is no that much of open sensuality as in Pollaadhavan.
Also cinematography is better in Tolly version.
musicOK, variety.
My favorite is the rap, party song. Also the one "sexy" is catchy.
Not bad, OK, maybe too loud, but in original songs aren't calm too.
Best? Sarle vadiley, Raja na raja, Emmantave and, lessly, Rock on.

Suhasini Maniratnam diary in South Scope and (!) Sathyam Cinemas -scans

Suhasini Maniratnam wrote 20 pieces for Satyam Cinemas Magazine, she skipped period of time since July 2008 till January 2010, than she was back.
For South Scope, she's there since March 2010.
How suprised was I when, while casual read of another free emag, discovered that her "dairy" for South Scope was previously published in Satyam Cinemas!
I don't mind it now, though my first reaction was loud WTF in my head. I've read most of them briefly and? I admire Suhasini even more when I know she adore KieĊ›lowski as much as I do :)

Enjoy the scans!


No speadbreakers! - Golmaal Returns (2008)

If I could took movies only from one genre into lone island, I would pick comedies.
I haven't seen first part, I don't know if I want to :P These one was a great laugh riot, I want 3rd part.

Ajay is good, Kareena too, Arshad is OK, Amrita - not bad, Celina is fine, Anjana also while Shreyas and Tusshar rocks :D Nothing can be better than Shreyas singing Ah ante Amalapuram and Tusshar "only video, not audio" :D
I can't help finding stupid comedies damn entertaining.

Highly enjoyable - Singh is Kinng (2008)

I liked it, really. I saw it partly because nowadays I'm under Akki's charm but also because I  still have the ambition to watch blockbusters :P

Happy comes to Egypt, he promised to came back along with his brother, which is an underworld King. Will he succed or create mess instead?

I hasn't got any expectations. That's why movie worked for me :)

Love and voilence - Junglee (2009)

I saw it mostly because it was one of few hits in 2009 in Katarnaka, also I admire one song, Hale Paatre Hale Kabbina, my fave Sowmya Rao is on vocals along with mindblowing Kailash Kher!

It's about a guy, defenitly not saint one, who spends time on some criminal things with his friend. Also, he falls in love with college girl (Andritha Ray).

Well it's a good movie, climax is strong though bit inspired (Pattiyal!), I think.
I can say the movie is dak but then how is Duniya then? I heard it's even darker.


Vikram for masses - Saamy (2003)

The movie was amazing. Kota was a fest, though debbed and Trisha wasn't bad.
Vikram? For me one of his best, for me, I can just sit and stare on him ;)
Vivek is probably the only comedian who can teach along with making us laugh.
And Manorama is defenitly the best mom/grandmom around whole TN.
Songs? Finally I know the title of song which Surya has on ringtone in Ayan! It's my favorite track from this flick :)
Plot is good, maybe in second half I was bit confused. What happedt to Saamy's dad was so sad... But true.
Overall, it's a superb movie from Hari. I liked it a lot!

Because being a youth isn't a bed of roses - Josh (2009) [kannada movie]

I wanted to see it ever since I saw one video and read praises. Movie fullfiled my expectations.

It starts with a sequence where a young boy plays football with himself. He struggle to get a goal, having images of two girls in his head. What happend?

Guys, this movie is just great. I admire the concept, how plots were developed. Maybe ending is problematic but for sure it's something new (I've heard about tolly remake!) though it takes from flicks like KBL, Classmates (mallu), Happy Days or Boys.

For 2,5h I was thinking about something else - Siddhu from Srikakulam (2008)

Trust me, I don't care how bad the movies I'm going to see are, because mostly I do watch movies from cast and curiousity, but sometimes even I am hopeless after something creepy.

I think it would be nice if somebody could tell me the plot.

Rich into poor, add heart ache - Arrasu (2007)

Nowadays I'm experiencing great run when it comes to Sandalwood, I wonder when it would change ;)

Shivaraj Arras (Punnet) is the only heir to huge fortune. He's careless, he's living a great life without duties. He's having a blast everyday and he don't give a damn about money. Fun is all he need.
His worker needs to meet him once a month in India to keep property in good condition. On his first visit, he meets beautiful girl (Divya). She happens to be his worker daugther so he ask him if he can marry her. She refuse, saying he doesn't know anything about life and keeps on waisting time and money. She plays a bet on Shivu - if he can survive a month with a job with salary 5000Rs, without luxuries, she would marry her.
She thinks he won't take her serious but he do. He meets another girl, Aishu (Meera Jasmine), which helps him in finding job and she gives him a shelter.
Will he won? Will they marry?


Sentimental - Tajmahal (2008)

Katarnaka strikes again.

Young boy, Ajay, is carless, stubborn but always ready to fall in love. So he meets the right girl. But? but she has her phone-pale.

I loved the twist! That was genius. Kudos. Pity that I didn't liked much than this.

Depression + radio + love = Mussanjemaatu (2008)

I've tweeted recently that I've found great source for kannada flicks and I just make use of it. Expect about 10 new kannda reviews soon!

Popular radio jockey falls in love from the very fist sight when he sees a girl with whom he travels in train. She hasn't seen his face but she's in love in the song he sings... But she's not the most happy person in the world.

First kannda movie with interval!!


Argh, second half - Mass (2003)

I pity Charmi and I loathe Jyothika's peroformance. Nag? Nag looks good :) And villains are vrilliant.
I saw firstly first hour, which is great. Then something went wrong and I had to wait to see the rest. And the rest was disspointing.
After so many tamil movies I watched recently, I tough Jyothika died but, I'll spoil you the fun, she didn't. And her gangsta bro wasn't much gangsta because he would gave her security or something but she was roaming around some weddings.

Yes Boss, it's a remake - Guru en aalu (2009)

Only for Mamta, my aim is to finish her filmography sooner than she would get National Award. It seems I have some time :D

It's a Yess Boss remake, no need of plot, I think most of you have seen it.

I am completely OK with Maddy, he not my type and I don't loathe him. Guess I haven't seen anyhting that smashing to start liking him more than just accepting him on
screen. Here he was just hillarious most of the time, it's great that he hasn't copied SRK's performance but he tried to give to the character something "personal".

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