Argh, second half - Mass (2003)

I pity Charmi and I loathe Jyothika's peroformance. Nag? Nag looks good :) And villains are vrilliant.
I saw firstly first hour, which is great. Then something went wrong and I had to wait to see the rest. And the rest was disspointing.
After so many tamil movies I watched recently, I tough Jyothika died but, I'll spoil you the fun, she didn't. And her gangsta bro wasn't much gangsta because he would gave her security or something but she was roaming around some weddings.

Ech, all Nag's huge hits doesn't work for me. The only movie with him in lead I've instantly liked was Geethanjali.
Well, I think I got to forget about drawbacks and focuse on aerobic song AKA La la lahirey :P

Rate - 3
VM - 75%

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