Everything but end - Pappu (2010)

I saw it for Krishnudu, who's doing just great nowadays, and Subbaraju, one of the most underrated "background" artists in T'wood.

It's about a fatso, who's causing more troubles than he weights.
Finally, he manage to get a job. But even there everybody are rather laughing than respecting him.
But he felt in love with his boss daughter, and...

I liked second half more than first, as it has much more Subbaraju :D I'm so exited about him doing Duniya remake.


Bitter-sweet tale - Avakai Biryani (2008)

Honestly? It's not a bad movie, it's adroble, cute and sweet, whatever you call it. For me it's just too passable.
I haven't seen anything new in it.
And once again I didn't liked the eding, in my case it happens rarely, I'm used to accept anything.
But here... [SPOILERS]Father of our heroine, that hate muslims from the bottom of his heart, by chance hears speech of his almost-son-in-law an sudenly his hatered to muslims dissapers? No way, I don;t belive this.[END OF SPOILERS] Sorry.

Bid goodbay to Mahesh - Vamsi (2000)

I didn't wanted to watch it, really, but since Khaleja release is sure to happend soon, I decided to go with a flow.
You know me, I'm quite actor-friendly, I like may people for different qualities, although it's always starnge to me when I manage to finish watching actor's filmographies, it's like a "WOW, I saw my first flick not that long ago!". Mahesh is my first South crush (two years old), no doubts he would always be a special guy for me.
Let's hope his next won't take him that much time as Khaleja did ;)

Vamsi has first half ripped from DDLJ, second was superbly... boring for me.


My most favorite geek t-shirts from Indian movies - the rank

Khaleja music review

We had to wait three years for this album. Was it worth?
Let me judge.

The album, composed by Mani Sharma (dunno which time he scores Mahesh flick), opens with memorable Sada Siva. Ramesh Vinayagam and Karunya are credited but I can hear Ranjith, Hemachandra and Rita as well.
It's a terrific, memorable song, I never heard such composition from Mani garu, kudos. It's made in a different way and manage to be special till the very last second.
Lyrics are in perfect sync with melody. Maybe only the English lines are disspointing, but overally they aren't that bad, if you would focus on addictive beat.

Boom Shakana has Ranjith's and Shravana Bhargavi's voices. The latter was a suprise for me, I like her her a lot in songs like AMAV's O Baby or Ride's Mahive. If my ears are working well, I think it's Suchitra who sunged adittional vocals :)
The intro can mistake us, but quickly we realise that's a typical modern song with guitars and massive beat. The best think about the song is chorus. The hindi word or two sounds good. I like how one classic instrument tune is blended into beat melody of chorus.
But honestly? This song can appear boring.

Pileche is a song that feature versatile Hemachandra and soulful voice of Swetha, brand name in Tamil and Malayalam movies.
The song can remind us tunes like Hrudhayam or other slow tacks but there are things that makes this one special. Firstly, it's the beginning. Secondly, the beats. Lastly, a nice mix of temple-alike sounds and voice of lead singers.
I like it, lyrics match the sound. Adorable track :) Ending is the best it could be.

Makatikha is the second western song. Singers - Karthik & Saindavi. It's a mystery for me, as I always thought that Saindavi is a name that Malavika uses in Kollywood... Whatever.
I don't see anything new in this one. It also has Suchitra's backing, catchy tune and typical lyrics.

Sunday Monday is my fave. Sunged by hit duo, Hemachandra and Malavika.
It's western again, but it's not tha repetable one. Intro has nice tune. Maybe it can remind you Ek Niranjan, but not that much. And do I hear Suchitra? :)
The first line is terrific one, catchy like nothing else! 'Sunday, Monday etc everyday roju roju kavali veede (...) Give me, give me more...' I think my parents would ban me from singing those lines in next five days :D At the end, the lines about x or privacy are so hillarious :)
It's good.

The last one, that is supposed to be the intro song, is Taxi. The only solo song here, it has Ranjith as the only (credited) singer, but I acn hear two other singers as well.
I like the blend of traffic sonds, referain is superb! Tatatataxi... I bet it was somewhat inspired by Rahman's tamil chartbuster, Taxi taxi ;)
I don't like - extended English lines about 1:55 (Geetha Madhuri? I can hear Hemachandra too). They aren't that bad literally, but honestly? The song would be better without them or with them but in Telugu. Too much of words in the lyrics are in English, that just doesn't sound well.
I like the "north" intrumental before last lines.
Another catchy tune.

So? To sum up, I would say the album turned to be bit diffirent than other Mani's works, but not much to call it a miracle, it's not another Pokiri.
Not bad album filled with a north-south-west-east-classic-modern mix.
Anyway - good job, Mani garu :)


Where are speedbreakers? - Ride (2009)

God, I've waited so long to watch it, even if I knew it won't be good.
And it wasn't.

There are two guys. Both obssesed with bikes.
Day by day, they met, why?

Arghhh. It's partly ripped from Polladhavan, that even has it's telugu remake, Kurradu. But the remake released after Ride and as the former was a hit, the remake was a flop, sadly. Why? Cause it's a nice movie after all, much better than Ride.


Two girls, one guy, some love - Krishna (2007)

I was worried how the movie will be, as it's a remake of some old-school Surya starrer. Luckily - the remake turned to be much different than the original and I'm not sure if it's still a remake.

Our hero Krishna (Ganesh) have his own TV show, there he takes care about purity of Kannada lang. With purity he means lack of English words. The show is based on viewers phoning anchor.
Apart of his job, Krishna stays with a friend in a rented flat. Owners daughter isn't a nice girl.
One day, suddenly, Krishna have a call from some lady that is speaking in different way and adds an 'I love you'... Who's that?

Kanchivaram (2009)

What a movie! Wah!


Cho brainless - Sakkarakatti (2008)

What a stupid movie. Ages since I saw something that awful.
It's about a guy who falls in love with a hot chick, but then there's some sort of his relative, female, who's in love with him.
He manage to succeed in wooing his dream girl but she sees him with his cousin so she brokes up. Slowly, thay made up. But then, again, she sees him with the cousin. That's why later they met on some b'day party. There the guy tells his dream girl he loves him, previously he rejected or sort of sloved the problem. So he tells the dream girl he loves her and asks her an question (hillarious moment), that is "will you be mine?".
So he have happy ending and Lou that's angry - she just wasted time.

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4 Nitin starrers + Hare Ram (2008)

I decided to watch some of Nitin's flicks, as maybe 90% of his movies are flops, he has some good heroines and some other pros, like Mumaith Khan or Ramya Krishna.
That was Victory (eww?), Aatadista (Mumaith!), Hero (logo ripped from tamil Billa & Ramya Krishnan, along with Nagendra) and Seetharamula Kalyanam Lankalo (they say it killed Varudu BO chances :P). With Mamta Mohandas, Kajal, Bhavanaa and Hansika, respectively.
Each one? Maybe even bir gripping, but so repeatable. I don't understand ths guy, hopeless. I would rather retire than keep on doing such crap.
Like the 'kiss' song in SRKL... Or the yahoo song in Hero...

Hare Ram has Kalyan Ram, NTR step brother. I saw it beacuse it was average grosser and Mickey J Meyer music for this one charmed me long ago.
After I saw it, I'm not sure if I understood the movie right. Firstly, it's a mix of Manmathan and Ghajini.
Secondly, it has strong difference between both of protagonists - one is a policeman, second a criminal.
Also, there's a mystery and a flashback.
All of these makes an interesting attempt to give us good thriller, maybe director succeded only in parts, but I still this the movie is worth a watch.

Those ladies were naive - Naan avan illai

The movie is about a man accused of cheating four woman under false identites. All of them thinks this is the man who married them and left with nothing.
Is the man standing in court guilty?

This was an gripping flick, I liked the psycho side of the plot.
And general conclusion, I know it's not politically correct but still true - all of the ladies were damn stupid and naive. That's why I like Namitha's character which had no regrets.

Bid goodbye to Prabhas - Adavi Ramudu (2004)

I wanted to see this movie before Darling but somehow I didn't wanted to do it, as I haven't read anything good about this one.
With this one, I saw everything what Prabhas has to offer. Feels strange and it seems I'm going to wait for his Mr Perfect even eagerly.
Next to finish - Mahesh Babu and Vamsi. Another rather drag "youth" chitram.

What can I say about this one? Hmm. The movie isn't anything new because it wasn't meat to be innovative. Childhood love turns college love turns elope love turns hie-in-some-jungle love turns happilly-ever-after love.


Happy 600th Indian movie to me!

I can't remember it was Krishna (kannada movie) or Kanchivaram...
Who cares, both were great :)

I have only one wish - to see much more and to every movie to be good and if not, let it be enjoyable :)

And to update this list quickly, I feel guilty that I do that only once a hundred.

previous centuries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Intermission junkie - memories


Chaala thanks!

Few words of an appreciation mean lot to me... I was chacking my stats and suddenly I've founds few pakka telugu boards that mentioned me... I'm humbled! Naa gurinchi that bagundi mata!
And this line made my day:
Louella ane lady dhi blog,intersting ga vundhi.PIB goru, can we expect a talk show with her?
Also recently I've read so much compliments on twitter. HERE

You may don't know that recently I'm suffering from strange kind of block, it's hard for me to write and also truly enjoy a movie...

Thanks a lot :)

Stop being tensed and be awesome like Prabhas instead

Still waiting for Darling DVD release.

Oh, I wish I were this mascot!


Mixed and not-that-small set of mini reviews

Pardon (haha, BEB :D) me, I'm not able to write anything more than just few sentences about any of those movies.

Boss Engira Baskaran - pardon? Hahaha :D I just can't wait for this director next, SMS and BEB were just too good. And it's sad that Nayan retires when she at her best.
Arya was terrific, and Jeeva's SA was much better than Arya's in SMS, I loved when he said "Arya, sorry, Bhaskar!".
Liked videos but the music is far away from Yuvan's best.

Bale Pandiya - Happy, both song and it's video - masterpiece. I saw for Vishnu Vishal, who seemed promising in his debut and Piaa, whom I liked in Goa very much.
Liked all the songs, thank God videos done the justice to them! :)
Plot maybe has holes and script isn't the best, but the movie is bit like 99 or others similar, don't care, here's fun.

Moscovin Kaveri - average, some kind of dark plot was damn confused. Like Samantha here, especially the scene with Ash-inspired sari :P
Songs were same, sadly, so were videos. And why Gore gore appeared as BGM? It was way too strange.

Lahore - I need to write long review about this one, terrific movie. OK, it had few drawbacks but pros are more important for me :) And Shraddha Das fo the first time had chance to make a mark, even in Maro Charitra she was rather in background.

Ladies Talior - defenitly my fave from Vamsi :)

Kadhal - outstanding.

Manorama - it's like AoK sequel. Of course, this one isn't that good, as the script is drag but some moments (aww, end!) are well done. Sunitha dubbing for Charmi is outstanding.
I didn't like much the lead guy, he was just too woody sometimes.
The money plot was great. Music - average, cinematography - good.

Sholay - finally, my resolution for 2009 was to watch it :D I love Dharmendra's character, Big B hasn't suited me

Dharma Chakram - Venky the lawyer. I liked it, suprise, though it's pathetic and confused at parts (edit: son vs dad plot isn't that bad though I don't find such plots appealing in general). Ramya was great and with Venky... Ahh. Loved his look and acting. And I had no idea about Prema here, she was also, suprisingly, good :)
The interview song - lolz.

Andaz Andaz Apna - so much fun!

Bindaas - not tolly movie, I saw it months ago, but kannada flick :) Not only the title but one of the songs, in kannada title one and in telugu the one titles Spirit of Bindaas are same, only lang and singer change, lyrics and the rest is ripped.

Bombaat - Ganesh goes Vijay. Who paired him with Ramya? Terrible match.

Jodi - it's a tamil movie but somehow my copy was with telugu dubbing :P Overally, it was OK. I saw it mostly for Simran (she was good as usual), Trisha's small role and Isha Koppikar cameo. If the movie had less "drama", I would like it.
And Who made Prashanth shave his moustache? Ugh.

Keemat - so fun! Loved Sonali.

Narasimha Naidu - Lux Papa made my mind about the movie :P Kidding, it wasn't that bad, but I prefer Samarasimha Reddy than this one.

Samarasimha Reddy - liked it a lot! Though I don't support ending and drag second half. I loathe when hero need to chose between what's good for him and what's good for the society/faily/land. Simran can turn any movie into must-see ;)

Tere Bin Laden - hillarious, thank God anyone can make a funny movie about an serious matter.

Swatimuthyam - masterpiece.

Udaan - I had no idea about what is this one, heard the praise and decided to watch it. Wah! Long time since I saw father-son relationship presented in a vivacious and realistic way.

Lakshyam - one of the best Telugu flicks I've ever saw. I felt pity for Jagapathy, but's the end made me felt it was worth it. The only thing I didn't liked? The first song, with sunflower train.

Bhageeratha - you won't belive the reason why I saw it - only because there was something about Sonali Bendre. (:P) And, yes, Shriya is one of my faves :)
It turned out to be not bad yet far away from being superb.

Michael Madhana Kamarajan - I don't understand why Kamal keep on trying multiple roles, one character is enough to be memorable :)
Aah, Urvasi^^

Major Saab - I don't belive how someone can use army to get the bride... (Bald Sonali!)

Duniya - tough. Different than Junglee, the edning is touching. And it's great to see Kishore in his "mother industry". Yogesh was good but I still don't want to see anything with him as hero :P

Gulabi Talkies - defenitly one of the best kannada flicks ever, the lead woman won well-deserved National Award.
It's good to know that there are still directors who can connect history with lives of random people.

Donga Mogudu - though I finished Chiru week, I'm still keen to watch his best flicks. I loved Radhika so much here, superb performance, I love this kind of female characters ;)


Four-legged letdown - Komaram Puli (2010)

I was waiting for this movie since year, I mean since I finished Jalsa and then rest of Power flicks.
Honestly? Everything I expected was a movie better than Trivikram's one. And?
I can't say that it was awful and meaningless as I didn't cared about message or any kind of message as I used something necessary for such movies, that is...
Created by my good friend, Askay. It's a something that helps you survive WTFness of Varudu or take Vijay's mass flicks as comedies. Helps, trust me, makes life easier. The worst dud turns paisa vasool ;)

I used it while watching Puli, I don't want even to rate this flick. It's second time (after Ore Kadal) while in a single long review I'm not rating the reviewed movie.


Chiranjeevi's own... A week part... the end!

In total, I saw 11 Chiru flicks made before 2000 and known as classics, before I saw about 5 movies released after 2000.
I know the amount is little as Mega Star made 150 movies in his long career, I still hasn't seen much.

Am open for any other recommendations :)

Thank you for reading the posts and surviving Mega week!

Posts index:
- trailer
- trailer 2
- Magadheera ramblings
- 1 - James Pond
- 2 - break
- 3 - challenge
- 4 - multiple personality disorder
- 5 - gang
- 6 - justice
- guess the movie
- 7 - Yama
- 8 - mother-in-law
- 9 - thief
- 10 - marriage
- une admiration beate
- family tree
- 11 - solution
- intermission junkie

Intermission junkie - headache

Chiranjeevi's own... solution! A week part 11.

It was an experiment if after old classics am able to stand Chiru flicks made when he was older, I mean movies released after 1995. I don't know why, but I need lots of "furtherance" (Rajni's filter etc) to like the movie. And the best "furtherance" I know is Sonali Bendre, I liked both of her telugu movies where she starred with Chiranjeevi. What a pair!

I saw the movie partly because it's directed by Jayanth C Paranjee, his filmography is interesting, he made Takkari Donga, Prince cowboy tribute to dad, blockbuster remake of Munna Bhai MBBS, Shankar Dada MBBS, or Preminchukundam raa.
I saw about half from it, and I'm pretty exited about Kushiga, LAK remake with Pawan Kalyan and (booo!) Ileana. Who's the second girl here - it's confused, some sources tell name of the woody Richa from Leader, other are sure about Kirti, who debuted with Boni.

Bavagaru Bagunnara?is a movie from 1998, it was a big hit when it relesed and it has bolly remake with Govinda in lead.


Chiranjeevi's own... Family. A week part... the most special one.

Family tree!
Pardon mistakes and not-fine-tuning.
I've done my best and put lot of effort not to miss/confuse anyone, hope here aren't much mistakes.
I had few problems, like lack of info about Chiru's sisters, for example.
I've done few researches, found good bios, and I want to thank people from Bollywood.pl, they partly inspired me & I've based somethings on their trees.

Red color means someone who works (worked) in cinema field.
I've had problems with pics, pardon :)

So... Enjoy the most special part of my very special Chiru week, Konidela/Allu family tree!

Chiranjeevi's own... thief who used to dance Thriller! A week part 9.

Kondaveeti Donga released in 1990. You know something? It's always strange to me, watching movies which are few years older than I am. Well, it's easy to get such ones as I'm still able to sing Ippatikinka without lying ;)

Coming back to the point, the movie is by many claimed as one of the best Telugu flicks ever made (no, I don't know it from Wiki Auntie only :P).
Huge hit, quite universal as it's not a total class movie but we can't label it as mass movie too. I like such ones ;)

It's a Robin Hood-themed movie. I don't want to reval more, as I grew watching hillarious comedy version of Sherwood thief adventures, Robin Hood and men in thights, but not only because of it I liked Kondaveeti Donga a lot.

Une admiration beate

Shankar Dada MBBS - Chila Chila

Composer - Devi Sri Prasad

Cast - Chiranjeevi, Sharvanand, Sonali Bendre & Anjala Zaveri

Defenitely my favest mega song, way better than the original for Munnabhai, Chirjeevi advices rocks :D

Chiranjeevi's own... marriage! A week part 10.

Subhalekha was my second movie in K Viswanath direction, I have Swathi Muthyam but I doesn't have the time to finish watching it.
And I want to watch two other flicks in his direction, with Chiru once again. Seem too good.

It's about Narasimha Murthi (Chiranjeevi) who gives his helping hand to a woman, Sujatha (Sumalatha), who impressed him by her stand up when on a proposal groom family wants to get too much profit from the marriage.

I liked the theme, though one, shown in a clear, objective way.


Chiranjeevi's own... mother-in-law! A week part 8.

Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu released in 1989. Another huge hit, curious question - anyone know Chiru's success rate in percents?

It's about mother-in-law which is totally against her son-in-law. That sums up the story, trust me.

Chiranjeevi's own... Yama! A week part 7.

I adore all the tales about Yama, saw only three so far. Need to watch Yamaleela and Yamagola, is there any other movie with Yama?

In Yamudiki Mogudu, released in 1988, Chiranjeevi plays dual role.

Story begins when Kaali (Chiranjeevi), who felt in love with daughter of his boss rival, Radha (Radha), and they plan how to marry, is killed in accident.
He comes to hell and then he claims it's a mistake. He manages to catch Chitragupta on cheating and he's sent back on Earth.
There he realises his body is already burnt.
Kay karoon!


Guess the movie!

Chiranjeevi's own... justice! A week part 6.

Abhilasha released in 1983. It's an law-oriented one, as it shows the cons of IPC Section 302.

Chiranjeevi (Chiranjeevi) father's died because of death sentence for adultery which he didn't commit. That's why his son, apiring lawyer, wants to remove it.
Byt mistake, Viswanatham (Rao Gopal Rao) invitation goes to Chiranjeevi. Viswanatham is used to throw a parties for best criminal lawyers in town.
Our hero gets a chance to express his ideas about IPC Section 302. They gets an idea to get dead body and make Chiru a killer, gave him death sentence and rescue him to show how stupid is the section.
But, unfortunately, final hour is near and rescue doesn't come...

What a movie!

Chiranjeevi's own... gang! The week part 5.

Where's the gang? Just kidding :)

Gang Leader released in 1991. Another ever-green Chiru movie.
Honestly, I had idea to watch all Chiru-Vijayashanti starrers, as they are awesome together, but later I gave up this idea, as the number in 26 or something. Too much! And for sure there are some flops included so i don't want to risk.

It's about three brothers, Ragupathi, Raghava and Rajaram. Only one of them have a job, while the youngest is a jobeless youth and middle one wants to study.
One day, the eldest brother dies. Nobody knows why and how.

Defenitly it's one of the best Telugu movies I've ever seen, not only when it comes to Chiru starrers.


Chiranjeevi's own... multiple personality disorder. A week part 4.

3*Chiru, 3*heroine (multi-heroine-starrers are my weakness).

I wanted to saw it ever since I've read in some of Mega Star bio that this his only triple performance. And Ramya Krishnan in the cast totally made me see it.
Movie was made in 1994.

Plot is chliched as for movie with multi-performance. It's about triplets, one's a goon, other's a policeman and third one is a classical dancer. Circumstances made them grow up in different places, one day everyone are in Hyd at the same time and some mess is going to happen soon.


Chiranjeevi's own... challenge! A week part 3.

The movie was recommended to me right when I asked for five Chiru flicks, everything great pre 2000 and not Gharana Mogudu / Chantabbai, because those two were on my must-see lists since long time.

Challenge was made after Khaidi, a movie which is Chiru's fave, as it gave him his most important break.
To be precise, it released in 1984, in the same year as my brother was born.

The beginning is strange, we see our hero (Chiranjeevi, who else?) running. He gets medicines for his mom. But when he's back in the hospital, he finds out his mom is dead.
He needs money to bury her... He plays a trick on rich daughter of bussines tycoon and gets rs500. But other guy stoles it.
Finally, after facing other problems, he buries her and roams without any cause.
He meets a girl (Suhasini), which gives him shelter.
One day, he finds job ad in newspaper, it's an offer from none other that dad of the girl which he impressed once.
Our hero knows that something is wrong with the ad and after tiff they sign an agrement - our hero will marry tycoon daughter only if he earns 50 lakhs in 5 years.
will he suceed?

Chiranjeevi's own... break! A week part 2.

Khaidi means prisoner. The movie was a sleeper hit once it released, as Chiru was labeled then as 'flop hero' and word of mouth worked, not distributors or publicity.
Maga Star himself claims this one as his favorite movie with him in lead.

We met a man walking, then police is chasing him. Finally, he enters Dr. Sujatha flat and there he finds shelter.
What happend? That's the crux.

In Poland we use to say that something was strong (originally mocne) and that means
it was brilliant/great/touching/memorable. And this movie was such. Auch.


Chiranjeevi's own... James Pond! A week part 1.

 Thank you for watching all the "trailers". I expect better responce for the posts in general, I hope you people won't dissapoint me and so will I :)

So since today till Sunday if you don't like Chiru, stay away. I'm going to post only stuff only Mega Star related.
Chantabbai is a  from 1986. Known as classic comedy, it's "inspired" by A Shot in the Dark.
I wanted to watch since... Year? Thanks to Mariola's review(s). But somehow I never managed to do so, only recently I grabbed it and saw in a row with other Chiru classics.

Magadheera - second (OK, third) inning

I fulfilled my promise - I went for the screening and shouted MEGA STAR. Mogambo kush hua ;)

I know now here I have Chiru week now, but I didn't posted an opening note yet and it's still Chiru-related, kada? :)

My first take on Magadheera, optimistic yet confused only because I didn't made up my mind clearly then and just posted few ramblings.

Big hug to my friend Suzy (not Sita-ji ;)) and Grus which managed to stand my behaviour, that is not only the MEGA shout but also I overcomed my shyness and managed to sing Bangaru Kodi Petta, Jorsey and Dheera along with the movie (:D:D). I think I could try to sing rest of the song too, but I just don't like them that much, though I know the lyrics too. Grus only told me that I enjoyed songs more than the movie. I agree, am like this only. Patha ante pranam, chitram? Release ayyi... pOyaayi. Most of them, there are just too many great OSTs for crappy flicks.


Rewatch magic (a pic spam) feat. VTV and Geethanjali

Probably one of the World's best Love Stories EVER made.

I adore both of the movies, listing them as director's top work and my all-time filmi favorites, not only in terms of love stories.
I promised picspams long, long ago and only recently I managed to do them.
Enjoy eight pics and screencap hungama on them :)


Jeeva impressive once again - Raam (2005)

What a movie! Ameer never fails to give his best, I'm waiting for his next with the gorgeous Mamta and guy who need a break from remakes, Jayam Ravi himself. I hope he would once again be more a male than youth ;)

Caming back to Raam, it's about mother sentiment, mental illness, difficult love and, most importantly, pain.

Jeeva is one of my favest, after all those flicks I saw with him I still can't belive he hasn't got any academic diploma in acting but yet he's able to give us such intensity... WOW. I want more and just can't wait for his next with double act.

Vikram, his break and my struggle - Sethu (1999)

What a movie! For me the best Bala, OK, along with Pithamagan. BTW, with this one I finished Bala's filmography and just can't wait for Avan Ivan, which is promised to be different, "jolly", as the director himself claims.

Am gald I survived. The movie is really though. And Vikram is mindblowing. Man, how they could not notice him all the years he was present as supporting actor?
The girl, Abitha, was good, though I think she could fare bit better than this.
Sivakumar was good, but the one with is totally mindblowing is Tayla.


Second trailer for Chiranjeevi's own.. A Week!

Better than than the previous promo :)

Just talk to each other - Pirivom Santhippom (2008)

The movie itself wasn't bad though in the second half I had a feeling that it's impossible for a husband to be that blind and to wife to do not express her feelings.
First half was adorable but anyone would see something strange in the way Sala was baheaving.
Cheran was OK, I think throwing Kamalini out of the project wasn't the best choice.
Of course, Sneha wasn't bad, but for me all her awards wasn't that well-deserved as single Filmfare for Parvathi and her mindblowing character in Poo.

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