Chiranjeevi's own... Family. A week part... the most special one.

Family tree!
Pardon mistakes and not-fine-tuning.
I've done my best and put lot of effort not to miss/confuse anyone, hope here aren't much mistakes.
I had few problems, like lack of info about Chiru's sisters, for example.
I've done few researches, found good bios, and I want to thank people from Bollywood.pl, they partly inspired me & I've based somethings on their trees.

Red color means someone who works (worked) in cinema field.
I've had problems with pics, pardon :)

So... Enjoy the most special part of my very special Chiru week, Konidela/Allu family tree!


  1. i think this is first family tree of chiru i have come across.thanks for doing

  2. krish mohan, first? I saw few. But on Polish boards. That's the first one with photos and complete info (as best as it was possible, Allu Sirish refused to check it, &#%$%* [:P]).
    Anyways - welcome!


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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